Message of the Day – A Truck

Eating lunch at Colonial Cafe, my table mates undoubtedly thought I was nuts when I grabbed my camera and headed out the door.

Moving van on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

Moving van on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

I had spotted a moving van tooling down Route 14.

Another family leaving McHenry County, I thought.


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  1. An entire post consisting of a single blindly speculative thought.

    Of course, the reason I’ll be forced to Illinois is because of parasites such as yourself.

    There will be no change to the state’s constitution until parasites such as yourself have a profound change in worldview- or those of us who don’t suck Illinois’ cash cock all just move out of Illinois, and you can die a slow miserable death in your miserable empty home in a miserable empty town.

    A fitting end for you.

  2. The story above this one explains it all.

    As the Great Exodus from Illinois continues ….

  3. ANd exactly how do you not know they aren’t moving in?

    Home sales are up dramatically in McHenry county- which means people are moving in.

  4. But you’ll be able to play the slot machines at your local bar.

  5. Illinois News Network

    Opinion: Another Family Takes Flight

    By Austin Berg, INN Contributor

    July 21, 2016

    “Every five minutes, Illinois loses a resident to another state.

    Adults in their prime working years, age 24 to 54, are leaving Illinois in droves.

    The Land of Lincoln suffered a net loss of 290,000 prime working age adults due to outmigration alone over the last decade, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.”

  6. Northwest Herald

    Out-migration from Illinois hits six digits: State population loss leads nation

    – Number of people fleeing state each year hits six digits

    January 22, 2016

    by Kevin P. Craver

    “Separate U.S. Census data has shown that McHenry County has lost population, as well.

    The county in 2014 had an estimated net loss of 1,477 residents, which was the second straight year that the population dipped.

    In both years, the other collar counties of Lake, DuPage, Kane and will showed population increases.”

  7. I too saw one in my neighborhood leaving as well , another one ! smart very smart.

  8. When my youngest graduate’s High School, that moving truck will be parked in front of my home.

  9. It would also help out if certain people paid their fair share instead of getting breaks and pushing their tax burden onto the rest of us!

    EXAMPLE: How does Jack Franks’ 40 Acres qualify as Farm Land? I see no crop. Why was this granted as (severely reduced) Farm Land by the Coral Township Assessor?

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