Campaign Kickoff Friday — 9 Comments

  1. Interesting that Republicans feature Donna Kurtz.

    Check out how she votes on the County Board.

    Has she ever voted against a wage increase for anyone?

    How about her filling the Board room when she wanted a re-vote on the Navigator subsidy for Obamacare?

    How about her support for Beaubien?

    As I said above, interesting.

  2. Yep she/Kurtz voted for the Randall
    Road land acquisition a few weeks
    Ago too.

    She’s definitely on my BIG SPENDER
    List to speak out against when I talk to people in her district.

  3. Kurtz is on the watch list for both Republicans and Progressives.

    She will be very vulnerable in 2 years.

  4. Couldn’t agree more.

    Give me a broken beer bottle, or perhaps a sweaty gym sock over Kurtz!

  5. So what about Trump?

    Will there be some support or just scared RINOs afraid to say the name and wear the button?

  6. No Donald Trump references anywhere to be seen?

    Guess we know who the RINOs in McHenry County are now…

  7. I can’t believe the Republican Party in McHenry County are not showing their support for Trump?

  8. Only that dumb dumb gas bag gasser is supporting trumpf.

    Donna Kurtz is the future of the party.

    Donna Kurtz is brillant.

    She got that idiot walkup on the ballot and is now supports Jack Franks.

    The silent majority agree with Franks and Kurtz. Both win in landslides.

    And gas bag gasser gets crushed by McClellan.

  9. A previous comment which accused Andrew Gasser of a crime has been removed.

    If it happens again, your access to McHenry County Blog will be history.

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