Skillicorn Promotes “No Budget, No Pay” for Legislators

A press release from State Rep. candidate Allen Skillicorn:

Skillifcorn No Budget, no Pay

EAST DUNDEE – Illinois legislators are the 5th highest paid in the nation and only meet half of the year. Republican candidate for State Representative, Allen Skillicorn proposes “No budget, no pay” legislation to ensure that the General Assembly and Governor pass an annual balanced budget, as required by the state’s Constitution.

Illinois’ Constitution requires a balanced budget be passed every year. If a Constitutionally required balanced budget is not passed the state’s Constitutional Officers and the 177 members of the General Assembly should not be paid their salary.

“In the private sector, we are expected to perform our jobs.

“If we do not, we should not be compensated. It’s time for politicians to start working for their constituents, not themselves.”

Skillicorn continued, “Warren Buffet once said on CNBC he could end the deficit in 5 minutes if he passed a law that said all members of congress are ineligible for reelection if the deficit was greater than 3% of the GDP.

“Now is the time to do something similar here in Illinois.

“I cannot make incumbents ineligible for reelection under our constitution, but I can pass a law that says vendors, nonprofits, hospitals, and schools should be paid before politicians that caused the mess are paid.

“Politicians should be at the back of the line, not the front!”

Currently state law demands that elected officials be paid, but vendors, nonprofits, hospitals, and schools are left in the lurch, waiting 90 days or longer to be paid by the state.

Allen Skillicorn is the Republican nominee for the 66th State House District. The 66th Legislative District represents areas in McHenry and Kane Counties, including Algonquin, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, East Dundee, Elgin, Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood, Sleepy Hollow, and West Dundee.


Skillicorn Promotes “No Budget, No Pay” for Legislators — 8 Comments

  1. Sounds both reasonable and fair.

    But watch your back, mikey m. and his goon squad aren’t gonna like this.

  2. This is Munger’s new platform and exact logo that she has been using.

    Probably should at least say he’s joining her efforts.

    Either way, its an agreeable solution to the problem.

  3. The problem is that the legislators believe that borrowing tons of money is the way to pay for their blotted programs.

    Borrowing has always been the way the budget has been “balanced” for the last few decades and this would do nothing to make the legislators actually make difficult decisions.

  4. More BS.

    We need to modify the Constitution relative to pensions, end prevailing wage, pass right to work legislation and quit funding illegal aliens!!

    This will not happen as long as the Dems control Springfield.

    We must vote Republican this fall and have more Republican candidates in 2018 to eliminate the Progressive stranglehold on Springfield.

    This also means getting rid of RINOs like the Althoff who continues to consort with Franks!

    Insofar as “only meet half of the year.”

    We need to change that to a maximum of ninety days.

    That would reduce time currently used to pass this kind of BS legislation and create other laws which are driving people and business out of this state.

    Remember the Jack Franks legislation?

    What time does the movie start?

  5. Woodie posted the same thought that I had when I read this “look-at-me” press release from Skillethead.

    A sound idea proposed by another; stolen by a guy with no ideas of his own.


  6. Not convinced withholding pay will motivate people to do much more than pass a budget.

    It won’t make anybody anymore concerned, anymore ethical, or less self serving.

  7. The concept of withholding pay has nothing to do with making Dem legislators more concerned, ethical or less self serving. It is focused solely on forcing them to pass a balanced budget. Many are already whining about the concept.

    It is absolutely the right thing to do to force a budget.

    Getting legislators who are more concerned, ethical and less self serving is the responsibility of the voters. Until the voters decide they will no longer tolerate the garbage that comes from Springfield, nothing along those lines will change.

    To think otherwise is not the real world.

  8. The correct question to ask is can such a law be passed without changing the state’s constitution?

    I could see a judge striking that sort of thing down, since the members of the legislature are actually constitutional officials, while vendors and hospitals might not be mentioned.

    Keep in mind that a judge ordered the state to make payments to state lawmakers despite former Governor Quinn trying to halt the checks, though I’m not familiar with the judge’s reasoning.

    It might be something relevant to look up.

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