Democrat County Board Candidate Robert Rosenberg Going Door-to-Door in District 4

The candidate Democrats slated for McHenry County Board District 4 who hasn’t needed replacing, Robert Rosenberg, was observed knocking on doors west of the river north of Route 120.

Here’s what he was passing out:

On the front of

On the front of Robert Rosenberg’s palm card he calls for freezing property taxes and stopping wasteful spending by “incumbent board members.”  Unmentioned is that he is not running against incumbent county board members.

The back of attorney

The back of attorney Robert Rosenberg’s palm card talks about the county board’s having “responded to the financial crisis with painful inaction and short-sighted cuts.”  No specifics are given.

Maybe I didn’t look at his literature carefully enough, but I don’t see that he says that he is a lawyer.

Rosenberg and just slated Arne Waltmire are running against two Republicans who won the GOP Primary Election–Craig Wilcox and Kay Bates.


Democrat County Board Candidate Robert Rosenberg Going Door-to-Door in District 4 — 26 Comments

  1. Look at the picture ……. only an idiot would tramp around in a meadow near a creek in a business suit.

    or ………

    Maybe it’s a fake picture for a fake candidate.

    No wonder he’s with Lying Jack Franks

  2. A lawyer & environmentalist running
    For the board, NOT what Mchenry
    County needs now.

    We need tough, intelligent, mature
    Adults to STAVE OFF the BIG SPENDERS
    That aren’t up for reelection (examples
    Donna Kurtz, Jim Hiesler, etc).

    Love new blood, but not an
    Impressionable puppy dog,
    Wet behind the ears with naivete.

    Mr. Rosenberg would be a better
    Fit for joining the Mcchenry County

  3. You are quick to criticize this candidate but endorse Walkup- an environmentalist with no plan- .

    One who has run as a Democrat who is now a Republican who has a sloppy frontage that he claims is prairie grass?

    He fought to get chickens in the city- she he go to the Defenders too?

    How do you know he is “impressionable” without ever talking to him?

    You think that supporting someone who has spent his entire career in a government agency that has no budgeting or payroll responsibilities like a retired Air Force Colonel demonstrates the ability to understand the county?

    – How does being a retired Colonel make you prepared?

    And exactly what has Kay Bates done to demonstrate she will ” stave off big spenders’?

    I am not saying they are bad people- just equally unproven candidates.

    Fake Candidate?

    You need to look at the people you have on the board from District 4- How about a fake board member who calls in half the year and can’t show any evidence of his “small business”?

    You people are unbelievable.

  4. What does he do for a living?

    The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission reports that he does not carry malpractice insurance and lists a residence as his registered business address.

    The combination of both of those factors typically means that a licensed lawyer is not working as a lawyer.

  5. He has only ever worked in government as a top down planner.

    The belief he knows better than others how their lives should be led and government is the tool to make his wishes true are ingrained in his education, training and professional path. Nob has a great rant about balance but this candidate needs more experience earning a living rather than begging on the public dime.

    Carry some water sweetheart before telling us what we can do with it.

  6. At least he is running and using his name like you guys that criticize and DO NOthing.

  7. That’s right karma.

    I like to see an educated man under 40 running to improve the place he lives.

    It’s nice.

  8. stop with the personal attacks.

    rob is intelligent and well spoken.

    if you don’t agree with him talk about the issues.

    stop demeaning the process.

  9. This blog feeds on negativity and posion so asking to address the issues is futile

  10. Cal?

    I think Martha may have been talking about Robert and not Jack.

    I don’t really care, though.

    I wouldn’t vote for either one of then.

  11. “rob is intelligent and well spoken.”

    That’s the kind of compliment you pay someone for whom you harbor the soft bigotry of low expectations.

  12. Wsea is right.

    Personal attacks are swanky at best.

    Talk about the issues please.

  13. “Andrew Breen” commented on this blog a while ago.

    Breen was the candidate in district 4.

    “I also do want to be associated with Robert Rosenberg–a candidate who is as about as disingenuous as they come and openly admitted to being a fascist while younger and openly admits to being racist.”

    “I ask my supporters to support Kay Bates for county board D-4.

    “She’s a wonderful woman and we have worked closely together at the McHenry area Chamber of Commerce.

    “Good Luck, Kay!

    “You’ll have my vote.”

  14. Ah, his junior thesis was on “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” in McHenry County, people.

    This is AGENDA 21 in action.

  15. Well according to public records
    He is 35 years old, address is same
    As parents, & he does seem to have
    A day job at a law firm in Volo.

    Also, was a host for Bernie Sander’s
    Volunteers in Mchenry County.

    Like I said, background better suited
    For MC defenders for a few years &
    More life experience.

  16. Huh …. My photo link above went suddenly dead … here’s another try

    Funny Picture o’ the Future: c. March, 2019:

  17. Hey Outlaw JoseWales … You’ve got an odd Confederate hero name for being such a mewling libtard-loon.

    If this Blog offends your dainty sensibilities … go have tea with the Woodstock Mayor and quit wasting everybody’s time with your solecisms, gaucheries and hare-brained liberal vaporing.

    In short, go back to your job at Jack Franks’ soon-to-close constituent office.

  18. If living at home with your parents is an issue for you Watchdog2, you might want to rethink your support of Gasser.

    His district elected Pete Merkel- live long government employee.

    Robert Martens- Executive of a failed social service agency that left tax payers holding the debt and Salgado- who has a patronage job.

    Oh, lets not forget about Hammerand- the small business man who has no proof he ever was in business but does take extended vacation to Florida cuz he might catch a cold.

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