More of Patrick Kenneally’s Plan to Save Money in the State’s Attorney’s Office

A press release from Republican McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally:

Commitment to Tax Payers Part 4, Patrick Kenneally to Cut State’s Attorney Budget 10% By the End of First Term”

Patrick Kenneally

Patrick Kenneally

Patrick Kenneally in his ongoing effort to review the budget and fulfill his commitment to cutting the budget 10% by the end of his first term has announced that he will eliminate the use of outside counsel to handle the County’s labor related legal work.

Currently the office spends nearly $200,000 paying outside firms to handle labor law work.

This work consists of negotiating with public unions on behalf of the County and defending the County and County officials against labor complaints and grievances,

“We have and will continue to hire highly qualified and experience attorneys capable of handling any and all legal issues facing the County,” said Kenneally.

“We can bring all labor matters in-house and provide first-class legal representation at a fraction of the price.”


More of Patrick Kenneally’s Plan to Save Money in the State’s Attorney’s Office — 1 Comment

  1. Am I alone in wanting a State’s Attorney whose message is “Tough on Crime” instead of “Nickel and Dime”..?

    Ultimately, the ONLY way you cut costs in a State’s Attorney’s office is by cutting back on prosecuting criminal cases, and by only prosecuting those that are slam-dunks for the office.

    And amidst Kenneally’s bean-counter mentality, we get headlines like THIS:

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