Polling in Reick-Bartman State Rep. Race

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

John Bartman

John Bartman

From a friend of McHenry County Blog at 4:53 Friday afternoon:

“Just partook in a phone survey that had numerous questions about Bartman and Reick.”

If other readers were polled, please share the questions.


Polling in Reick-Bartman State Rep. Race — 4 Comments

  1. Are you a Republican, Democrat or independent?

    Will you be voting for Trump, Clinton, Johnson or Stein?

    Will you vote for Kirk, Duckworth or undecided?

    Will you vote for Munger, Mendoza or undecided for Comptroller?

    Do you consider yourself a conservative, moderate or liberal?

    Is your view Rauner as positive or negative?

    Who will you vote for State Rep- Bartman, Reick or undecided?

    Do you feel Bartman is conservative moderate or liberal?

    Do you feel Reick is conservative, moderate or liberal?

  2. I have received such a poll, it sounded like a “push poll.”

    If you are not familiar with a “push poll” it is a poll used to push you to the selected candidate.

    I did have a series of questions on Mr. Reick that would push a voter towards Mr. Reick but little information on Bartman.

  3. What issues do you find most important?:

    Property Taxes
    Health care
    Lower Taxes in general

    This question was asked twice.

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