Mike Skala’s County Board Campaign Literature

Here is the literature that McHenry County Board member Mike Skala is passing out:

The front

The front echos Pam Althoff’s “Common Sense” theme. Mike Skala tells of being a business owner in both Huntley and Woodstock, the two main cities in his District 5. He says he is “a tireless advocate for taxpayers, saving them over $10 million in the last three years along.”

The bact

The back of Mike Skala’s palm card lists is positions on the McHenry County board.


Mike Skala’s County Board Campaign Literature — 4 Comments

  1. So adding up the tens of millions of dollars Mike has saved us, with the tens of millions of dollars Carolyn Schofield has saved us…

    And figuring in all the government Mike has reduced along with all the jobs Carolyn Schofield has created (that’s one of my personal favorites) one can more easily understand the skyrocketing property values and quality of life in MC, hence the massive influx of new residents..

    Perhaps, this progressive faction of Republicans may have something to it!

  2. REALLY, coming from a guy who
    VOTED FOR the Randall Road land
    Acquisition the beginning of July.

    All those voting for Randall Road

    Keep that list out for all those that
    Voted for the land aquisition send
    Them an email !

    Let an incumbent KNOW he DOESN’T
    Represent YOU when he votes for
    $100,000,000 + UNNECESSARY projects
    Like Randall Road.

  3. Mike is tragically unphotogenic.

    In person he doesn’t give off that creepy eunuch vibe.

  4. Is Mike real ….or some kinda android.

    Who’s got his wind up key?

    Cotton-eyed Joe Gottemoller???

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