Fibbery from Jack Franks’ Campaign

One of Jack Franks’ cat paws, Ron Eck of Woodstock, managed to get a letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald falsely claiming that Mike Walkup’s biggest contributor was from Cook County.

The top of Carperter's Union Official Ron Eck's letter to the Northwest Herald.

The top of Carperter’s Union Official Ron Eck’s letter to the Northwest Herald.

McHenry County Blog first reported the large contribution from Vince Foglila and his wife here.

How timely is this headline from yesterday's Chicago Tribune.

How timely is this headline from yesterday’s Chicago Tribune.

Foglia lives in North Barrington, which is in Lake, not Cook County.

He is one of the main moving forces behind long-time Crystal Lake and Cary company, Sage Products.

The YMCA is named in his company’s honor and his family’s photo is right inside the entrance.

So, another untruth from the Jack Franks for County Board Chairman campaign.


Fibbery from Jack Franks’ Campaign — 35 Comments

  1. Lying Jack Franks is hosting a fundraiser in Oak Brook at $1000 a plate and more.

    One of his brain dead minions is throwing shit into the fan in hopes to divert attention from the fact that Lying Jack Franks has always raised the bulk of his money from Chicago and nearby environs.

    When he wasn’t getting it from Mommy and Daddy.

  2. AGAIN , I will say SAGE products is in

    Interesting that the UNION Carpenter
    Ron Eck, Carpenter Union 2087 ,
    LISLE Illinois writes this letter that is
    So inaccurate.

    No comparison between Oakbrook
    (Dupage County) fatcats, Michael Madigan
    Lifelong Cook County resident & Vince Foglia,
    Philanthropist, North Barrington Lake County.

    Again . . . CONTRIBUTION ENVY .

  3. Look at the Foglia’s contributions Watchdog,
    they’ve given PLENTY to Franks.

  4. Ah a comment from the
    HYPOCRITE Gallery !

    Cal or Mark please look up
    Contributions from Foglia.

    I will later when I get time.

    That would make a nice letter
    To the editor of the NWH.


    Franco hasn’t gotten money from
    Vince Foglia since 1-24-14, over
    2 1/2 years ago.

  6. Ron Eck Jr is a Business Representative (union organizer) with Carpenters Local 2087.

    The territory of local 2087 consists of McHenry County exclusively.

    He is an officer in the union local, as Recording Secretary in Carpenters Local 2087.

    Carpenters Local 2087 is affiliated with the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, which is an umbrella organization (consisting of 37 Carpenters locals in 72 counties in Illinois and eastern Iowa) that performs several functions:

    – lobbies for public sector construction projects (which by state law must pay prevailing aka union wage).

    – Has a pension fund, which as of June 30, 2014 had $2,831,100,000 ($2.8 Billion) in assets and 33,328 participants, which was listed as endangered status (under 80% funded as defined by the Pension Protection Act of 2006) for financial health; this all from the the February 2016 Inventory of Construction Industry Pension Plans report by Mechanical Contractors Association of America & Horizon Actuarial Services.

    Under PPA a plan that is less than 65 – 80% funded is listed in endangered status, and less than 65% is listed in critical status.

    – Has a Health & Welfare fund

    – Has an Apprenticeship and Trainee fund

    – Those are multi-employer funds (multiple employers contribute to the same fund).

    Multi-employer funds (many employers participate in the same fund) are common for private sector construction industry workers since many employees move from employer to employer, following the work.


    Union Facts lists the following for Ron Eck for 2013:

    – Gross Salary $98,735

    – Benefits and Other Compensation $6,572

    – Total $105,307


    The data source for Union Facts is LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards.

    This information is a public record, which can also be found on, which is a government-run website.


    Ron Eck

    Year – Gross Salary – Total Compensation

    2012 – $90,228 – $98,819

    2011 – $89,817 – $97,566

    2010 – $16,483 – $18,588


    Carpenters Local 2087 is asking that members whom are interested in assisting Jack Franks with canvassing for the County Board Chair election (which is to be held November 8, 2016) to call the Franks campaign office.


    Ron Eck has contributed to the Federal PAC called Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners.


    Another union member who is part of the Jack Franks campaign is Tom McTavish, of IBEW Local 117 in Crystal Lake who has many roles:

    – Business Manager & Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 117

    – Treasurer of McHenry County Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC), an AFL-CIO umbrella organization of construction trades union locals that lobbies for union labor on construction projects and for more construction projects.

    – Chair of Jack D Franks PAC (political action committee)

    – CISCO Board of Directors member (union labor management organization that lobbies for public sector construction projects and union labor on private sector construction projects)

    – Office in NECA – IBEW union labor / union management cooperation committee (LMCC) called Northeastern ILlinois LMCC, which consists of IBEW Local 117, IBEW Local 150, and IBEW Local 461.


    The McHenry County Building and Construction Trades Council consists of:

    – Boilermakers Local 1 (IBB), Chicago

    – Brickleyers Local 21 (BAC), Elmhurst

    – Carpenters Local 1185 (UBC), Lisle

    – Carpenters Local 1693 millwrights (UBC), Hinsdale

    – Carpenters Local 2087 (UBC), Lisle (This is the local to which Ron Eck belongs, it’s territory is McHenry County)

    – Cement Masons Local 11 (OMCMIA), Woodstock

    – IBEW Local 117 (electricians), Crystal Lake (This is the local to which Tom McTavish belongs).

    – Elevator Constructors Local 2 (IUEC), Chicago Ridge

    – Glazier Local 27 (IUPAT), Lyons

    – Heat & Frost Insulators Local 17 (AWIU), Tinley Park

    – Ironworkers Local 1, structural (BSOIW), Forest Park

    – Ironworkers Local 63, architectural (BSOIW), Aurora

    – Ironworkers Local 136, machinery movers, riggers, and erectors (BSOIW), Broadview

    – IUOE Local 150, Lakemoor (main office in Countryside)

    – Plasterers Local 5 (OPCMIA), Alsip

    – Painters Local 154 (IUPAT), Elgin

    – Pipefitters Local 597 (UA), Chicago

    – Plumbers Local 130 (UA), Chicago

    – Roofers Local 11 (RWAW), Westchester

    – SMART 265 sheet metal (SMWIA), Carol Stream

    – Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 (UA), Alsip

    – Teamsters Local 301 (IBT), Waukegan



    AWIU = International Union of Heat and Frost Insulators & Asbestos Workers

    BAC = International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craft Workers

    BSOIW = International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers

    IBB = International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers, and Helpers

    IBT = International Brotherhood of Teamsters

    IUEC = International Union of Elevator Constructors

    IUOE = International Union of Operating Engineers

    IUPAT = International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

    OPCMIA = Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons International Association

    RWAW = United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers

    SMWIA = Sheet Metal Workers International Association

    UA = United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters

    UBC = United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America

  7. Remember where this guy learned all his tactics from …. Maddy gang….?

  8. Vince Foglia lives in North Barrington, which is in Lake County.

    His business, Sage Products, is now in Cary and was previously in Crystal Lake.

    He was the one honored at the dedication of the remodeled YMCA in Crystal Lake, which is named after his business.

  9. Yep Jacko has his dirty tricks bag
    Out & open wide, just like a good
    MADIGOON does in a national
    Election year.

  10. It appears Eck has evolved past letters where he broadbrushes the whole GOP based on the actions or words of one individual and is now using “facts” which happen to be wrong.

  11. Eck also made several bogus Board of Election complaints against me that were dismissed for want of prosecution when he didn’t show up for the meetings at the Board office in Chicago.

  12. Ron likes exaggerating a tad doesn’t he.

    Incredibly rich would be Gates, Buffet, Koch’s, Waltons, this guy is just richer than any 10 of use will ever earn, not 10,000 of us.

  13. The bigger story is Vincent & Patricia Foglia contributed $10,500 to Jack Franks in 2011 – 2014, but in 2016 have had a change of heart and contributed $20,800 to Mike Walkup and zero to Jack Franks.

    In other words, instead of continuing to support Jack Franks, Mr. & Mrs. Foglia have chosen to support Mike Walkup.

    Mr. Walkup and Mr. Franks are opponents in the inaugural McHenry County Board Chair election on November 8, 2016 (previously the County Board elected one of its own as County Board Chair).

    The response by Jack Franks supporter, Carpenters union organizer and officer Ron Eck, who challenged the petitions of Mike Walkup, was to write a letter to editor of the Northwest Herald, portraying Mr. Foglia as an incredibly rich Cook County donor.

    But Mr. Foglia’s residence is in Lake County and business is in McHenry County, so he’s not a Cook County donor.

    Mr. Foglia did grow up in Cook County.

    But no one except apparently Mr. Eck chooses the County of one’s youth, over the county in which one currently resides or does business, when describing the county of the donor.


    Ron Eck did not portray Mr. Foglia as “incredibly rich”, a “millionaire”, “Cook County money”, or “dirty Chicago politics” when Jack Franks was receiving contributions from Mr. Foglia.

    But as soon as the money flowed to a Jack Franks competitor, out comes a negative portrayal of Mr. Foglia’s contributions, via a letter to the editor.

    “Seems really fishy.” said Mr. Eck in the letter to the editor.

    There’s nothing fishy, but there is a story behind the letter to the editor.

  14. Correction.

    Ron Eck challenged the nomination petitions of Steve Reick, not Mike Walkup, to get on the ballot for the March 15, 2016 primary for 63rd District State Representative.

    In addition to that, per Mike Walkup above:

    “Eck also made several bogus Board of Elections complaints against me that were dismissed for want of prosecution when he didn’t show up for the meetings at the Board office in Chicago.”

  15. Surprise surprise he lied!!

    Who said Ron’s complaint was bogus?

    Absolutely untrue?

    Guess what?!

    The state board recommended that Walkup amend his disclosures because he lied about the donations and failed to report expenditures.

  16. Hilarious, like ANYONE would believe
    The allegations coming from a PINOCCHIO minion.

    MADIGOON dirty tricks ! 🙁

  17. What could I possibly stand to gain by reporting that Walkup needs to amend his reports?

  18. Now that it’s been established:

    – donor Mr. Foglia lives in Lake County

    – the business at which Mr. Foglia works is in McHenry County

    – Carpenter union organizer and officer Ron Eck wrote a letter to editor claiming Mr. Foglia is a Cook County donor


    We shift to a commenter claiming the State Board of Elections (SBE) recommended that Walkup amend his disclosures because he lied (what was the lie) about the donations (what donations, the Foglia donations?) and failed to report expenditures (what expenditures).

    Where is the documentation to support the allegation?

    It’s conceivable someone could miss a SBE filing deadline or otherwise fail to follow SBE policy and procedures, but where is the documentation to support the allegations?

  19. Mark,

    You’re the guy with too much time on his hands – prove me wrong.

  20. Well Moderate, what YOU GAINED was
    TRYING to bring INNUENDO out about
    Mike Walkup, as did Ron Eck. :-[

    Got PROOF other than talk ?

  21. Hmm this may be more like opening
    Pandora’s Box.

    Methinks Jacko has made an issue of
    Something & perhaps could have something
    in his OWN career Madigoon EYE ?

  22. Well what a mountain was made out
    Of a MOLE HILL with Franco & Eck.

    Oh goodness, Mike Walkup made an
    Error filing a contribution .

    How is that lying ?

    And of course, Jacko has made errors
    TOO, which could be twisted & made into
    A mountain as well.

    Come on Jacko, put the dirty tricks bag away & try to act like a REAL Candidate, instead of a Madigoon.

    This is not Cook county & you aren’t
    Going to Sprinfield anymore.

  23. What a rambling, yet conciliatory post Watchdog.

    You get a bone for your repentance.

  24. Conciliatory & repentant, never.
    Just ANOTHER twisted delusion
    of yours, Moderate NOT.

  25. Looking at the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) website. > Search Options > Complaint Search > Respondent (contains): Walkup

    Ron Eck (Jack Franks supporter, Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters union organizer among other union roles) made 3 complaints against Mike Walkup (Republican candidate for McHenry County Board Chair).

    The summary of the 3 complaints follows.


    Case Number – 16 CD 113

    Respondent – Committee for Michael Walkup

    Date of Complaint – July 21, 2016

    Final Board Order Date – August 31, 2016

    Board Action – There was no appearance by the Complainant at the closed preliminary hearing. The complaint is dismissed for lack of prosecution and no further action is required.

    Alleged Section of Code Violated – 10 ILCS 5/9-1


    Case Number – 16 CD 112

    Respondent – Committee for Michael Walkup

    Date of Complaint – July 21, 2016

    Final Board Order Date – August 31, 2016

    Board Action – There was no appearance by the Complainant at the closed preliminary hearing. The complaint is dismissed for lack of prosecution and no further action is required.

    Alleged section of code violated – 10 ILCS 5/9-1


    Case Number – 16 CD 108

    Respondent – Michael Walkup, Michael Walkup as Chairman and Treasurer of Committee for Michael Walkup

    Date of Complaint – May 6, 2016

    Final Board Order Date – August 31, 2016

    Board Action – There was no appearance by the Complainant at the closed preliminary hearing, and May 9, 2016, the Resondent filed an amended March Quarterly report to correct any balance discrepancies. The complaint is dismissed for lack of prosecution and no further action is required.

    Alleged section of code violated – 10 ILCS 5/9-1


    Ronald Eck also challenged the nominating petitions of Republican Steve Reick in the 63rd District State Representative primary election that was held March 15, 2016.

    The challenge failed and Steve Reick went on to defeat Democrat Jeffery Lichte (who filed as a Republican) in that primary election.

    The Democrat candidate, Jack Franks, was unopposed in that election.


    Some historical perspective follows


    2003 – 2006

    John Bartman is Chair of McHenry County Democrat Party


    February 27, 2003

    State Representative Jack Franks memo to Governor Rod Blagojevich titled, “Positions with Gov. Rod Blagojevich Administration.”

    “The following are individuals who we had requested be considered for jobs with the Rod Blagojevich administration. They are prioritized as follows:”

    The first 4 on the list were, respectively,

    – Wife of Jack Franks

    – Father of Jack Franks

    – Brother of Jack Franks

    – “John Bartman, a position with IDOT”


    2003 – 2015

    John Bartman is employed by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)

    In an August 25, 2005 article titled, “Blagojevich Hires His Kind,” Bernard Schoenberg of the Peoria Journal Star reported –

    “During its first 2 1/2 years, the Blagojevich administration has hired more than a dozen of the state’s 102 Democratic county chairman for state jobs.”

    “Champaign County’s Tony Fabri of Champaign and McHenry County’s John Bartman of Marengo each began in 2003 as IDOT local community and safety liasons.

    IDOT spokesman Matt Vanover said those jobs include ‘work with the local community and do community outreach and safety education outreach.’

    Each made $43,800 annually, though Fabri left the job in early 2005.”

    On July 12, 2016, Stephanie Price of the Woodstock Independent reported –

    “Bartman is a farmer and previously worked for 12 years as a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Transportation.”


    March 15, 2016

    In the March 16, 2016 primary election, John Bartman is on the ballot as Democrat Precinct Committeemen for Seneca District 2.


    May 15, 2016:

    Jack Franks announced his candidacy for McHenry County Board Chair.

    Peter Gonigan of First Electric Newspaper reported –

    “Later, in a First Electric Newspaper interview, Franks qualified that saying he’d give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who’s both ‘electable’ and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.”


    July 9, 2016

    The Northwest Herald reported the Democratic Party of McHenry County elected John Bartman to replace Jack Franks as 63rd District State Representative.


    July 17, 2016:

    For the first time the Illinois State Board of Elections website indicated that Jack Franks had withdrawn as a candidate for Democrat 63rd District State Representative.

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