What You Missed over the Weekend

Here are articles you may have missed over the Labor Day Weekend:

9-2-16 Truth Takes a Holiday at Jack Franks’ McHenry Town Hall Meeting

9-3-16 NWH Questions of County Board Members

9-3-16 Susan Handelsman Spearheads Woodstock School Tax Protest Suit

9-3-16 Skala Picks Up Tryon Fish Boil on Sept. 21st

9-3-16 Cost of County Employee Health Plan for Next Year

9-3-16 Encouragement for Candidate Steve Reick

9-3-16 Content of Poll in Reick-Bartman Race for State Representative

9-2-16 Polling in Reick-Bartman State Rep. Race (See comments.)

9-3-16 NWH Questions of County Board Members

9-3-16 Democrats Concentrate on Ray Flavin’s Campaign, Ignore Jack Franks in Second Parade

9-4-16 McHenry Mayor Sue Low Retiring

9-4-16 County Board IMRF Law Reverberates Around the State

9-4-16 Mike Skala’s County Board Campaign Literature

9-4-16 Republicans in the Lake in the Hills Parade

9-4-16 Reick Reports More Almost $11,000 More in House GOP Contributions

9-5-16 LITH Officials and Other Governmental Entities in Parade

9-5-16 Free Nunda Township GOP Picnic Next Saturday at Veterans Acres

9-5-16 Message of the Day – A Trump Sign

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