Jack Franks Breaks Transparency, Accountability Pledges at Town Hall Meetings

Woke up this morning reflecting on Jack Franks’ reported refusal to engage in public debate tonight at McHenry County College with his Republican opponent for the McHenry County Board Chairmanship with Mike Walkup.  (All the other county candidates for contested office will be there–6 for Meet and Greet, 7 for stage talk.)

“There will be total transparency,” Franks claimed at his Crystal lake Town Hall Meeting.

The fishbowl from which Jack Franks draws questions.

The fishbowl from which Jack Franks draws questions did not allow the audience to know whether all questions were asked…and they were not.

Well, despite the imagery of the clear fishbowl from which Franks drew cards with questions, there was not total transparency at his Town Hall meetings.

I have already written extensively about Franks’ refusal to answer a question about his position on the current County Health Department’s refusal to dispense birth control drugs and devices to those under eighteen without parental permission.

It’s a legitimate issue that the very, very Pro-Choice Franks (endorsed by the very pro-abortion Personal PAC in the past) refused to answer.


The Question Jack Franks Would Not Answer at His Woodstock Town Hall Meeting

At the Algonquin Town Hall Meeting, I submitted two questions

One asked whether Franks favored zeroing out the Valley Hi property tax levy.

Having attacked Valley Hi’s bank surplus of four years’ expenditures, he answered that one with a “probably.”


Franks Almost Agrees with Walkup that Valley Hi Tax Should Be Abolished

The other asked whether Franks would debate Walkup.

Jack Franks at his Algonquin Town Hall Meeting at the Eastgate Library building. One of the men there to provide private security is seen in the background.

Jack Franks at his Algonquin Town Hall Meeting at the Eastgate Library building. One of the men there to provide private security is seen in the background.

Franks went through all of the cards.

He didn’t answer all of them, however.

“That’s another question about seniors,” he would say.

Then he would lay the card down.

“I’ve already answered a question about transportation.”

Then he would lay the card down.

It does not take a genius to figure out that was his technique to avoid answering a question he did nor like.

So, even before taking office, Jack Franks has demonstrated that he will not be transparent.

Rather reminds me of President Barack Obama, who promised, but did not deliver on his promise to be the most transparent President in American history.

But, my headline talks of Franks’ lack of accountability, as well as his lack of transparency.


It is very difficult for a governmental official to hold himself accountable.

Recognizing that is a prime innovation of the United States Constitution.

That document recognizes that one cannot trust any government official to police himself.

Checks and balances are built into America’s three-branch government.

And, fortunately, they are built into McHenry County government as well.

The Town Hall audiences thought Franks was answering every question

But he wasn’t.

There was no way for anyone, but a person who asked a question that was not answered, to know Franks was deceiving people by making them think he was answering every question posed.

Franks reminds me of the Presidential candidate he endorsed and was a Democratic Party National Convention Delegate for in 2008 and this year–Hillary Clinton.

She doesn’t like to answer hard questions either.


Jack Franks Breaks Transparency, Accountability Pledges at Town Hall Meetings — 10 Comments

  1. Another dark jacket standing behind Jack Franksin the photo.

    Union operative?

  2. Don’t forget the pleaded khaki’s Mark.

    Those are typically indicative of a truly nefarious nature.

    This jack booted thug even has an American Flag pin.

    Obviously he’s a communist because a real American patriot wouldn’t have to project Freedom on his lapel, rather he would simply live it.

    Notice the rings, clearly they are used in instance of fisticuffs.

    Case in point?

    He is a verifiable union thug.

    Well done on pointing this out.

  3. Most people look for integrity,
    Tangible accomplishments, a touch
    Of humility, abiltity to be self deprecating
    & being a team member alongside leadership skills in a REAL candidate.

    Accepting feedback in areas of weakness,
    Processing that & making conscious adjustments in behaviour are hallmarks of a mature intelligent person.

    Our politicians will probably always
    Evade accountability & transparency
    Because it can be perceived as weakness.

    However, people/voters are more perceptive than the politicians realize
    & DO NOTICE when the person elected
    Tackles the biggest problems, making
    Changes with grace & intelligence.

    Actions & integrity will aways stand
    Out above appearance & hollow words.

  4. Sorry Cindy – I put as much time into my satire as Cal does into bringing up valid criticisms of Franks.

    Clearly the sediment is lost on you

  5. Hey you two broke my serious
    Mood posting.
    Do we detect a glimmer of humor
    ModerateNOT ? 🙂

    Whew, it’s about time.

    Keep using that keyboard for more
    Of that ‘spraying of sediment’ .

    Is that a union operative term ?

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