Rifle Association Meeting in Algonquin Tuesday

A notice about a Tuesday Illinois State Rifle Association Meeting in Algonquin:

Your Invited to the ISRA Northwest Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday, September 13th 2016

Illinois State Rifle Association members in Springfield.

Illinois State Rifle Association members in Springfield.

You are invited to the ISRA Northwest Town Hall Meeting this Tuesday between 7PM – 8PM in Algonquin, IL. Please click here to register or RSVP.

Come talk with fellow Second Amendment supporters and members of the ISRA! Meet and say hello to our Event Coordinator Gary Daugherty and ISRA Director Craig Celia.

We are very excited to announce a McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy will be joining us to talk about the topic of conceal carry from his point of view in law enforcement. Please email NWSuburbsTownhall@isra.org to suggest topics what you would like to hear about!

Please come a little early to dine at the restaurant and get a good seat! Each person is responsible for their own check. Each ISRA member who attends has a chance to win a firearm at the end of the calendar year!


Rifle Association Meeting in Algonquin Tuesday — 17 Comments

  1. No link to click for that RSVP, Cal.

    No clue where the event will be held either from this piece.

  2. This rates a big WTF from me, WHY would the ISRA schedule a meeting tonight When they know that tonight is one of the largest NRA dinners in the county
    put on by the friends of the NRA…

    was this does on purpose..

    whether it is or not I am going to consider it plain sabotage ………..

    I will pull all my support from the ISRA

  3. Hey Allen….

    I am not happy about your support for The ISRA tonight when the Friends of the NRA schedule a large dinner and Gun Raffle every year….

    I ask…

    Is there a problem here

  4. Get a clue, Bill.

    Real people don’t trust the NRA after all the shenanigans they have pulled lo these many years past.

  5. Wow Cindy thanks for the heads up…

    I went back through my records and am having a hard time finding the Shenanigans you are eluding to…so I checked with my real people list…and they don’t know either …

    I would be upset to find out that the NRA has been misleading me all these years.. so if you could be a little more specific on the type of shenanigans I would appreciate it….

  6. I’m not sure how much each group is aware of each other.

    The ISRA has a Townhall the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

    These Townhalls have been going on since last September.

    Bill, I’m glad you mentioned the dinner, even though I already bought ticket, they never sent out a reminder.

    There is also McHenry County Right 2 Carry too, but I don’t remember when they meet.

    With a few different groups, it’s easy to inadvertently step on each other’s toes.

  7. Bill?

    Look into how they let everyone down by promoting laws that are inefficient to the NRA, things like that is why they have fallen into disfavor with the old guard.

    Snowflakes and twinkies have compromised the orignal ideas behind NRA. Get my drift, now?

  8. **Hey, Bill? Here’s a bigger clue.**

    Wait… what?

    Did you even read that article, Cindy?

    Do you agree that NRA takes too extreme of positions?

    Do you think that ISRA takes less extreme positions?

  9. I have no idea who ISRA is.

    I just know that I am no longer willing to lifetime support the NRA.

    (Or just about anyone else these days. Trust no one.)

  10. Why aren’t you willing to “lifetime support the NRA” anymore?

  11. Oh, and you don’t know who ISRA is?

    Is the subject of this post.

    Its the group that you asked about how to RSVP for.

  12. The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) is a state affiliate of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

    The NRA has state affiliates in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico.

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