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  1. It’s way past time that somebody outs this creepy crawling, slick talking, double dealing, SOCIALIST DEMONCRAT, Hillary supporting, Chicago financed piece of Donkey dung, for what he is.

    My hats off to Mike Walkup for kicking a little ass (pun intended)

    Get some Mike!

    You’ve gotta see this website

  2. The more I look at this site, I think Hillary was right ………

    It must be some vast Right Wing Conspiracy …….


    You just suck Jack !!

  3. That, is, literally, the most haphazardly constructed website I have seen since 1995.

    Is this a grade school web design project?

    And look, Ma- talking with pictures, so that shaved monkeys can understand.

    Ah, Lincoln, Grant, Eisenhower, Reagan- they must be quite impressed with the evolution of the party.

    It has mutated into a bunch of opioid addicted morons drooling in front of their televisions; who, if we were in a less developed nation, would be our suicide bombers du jour.

    But- with a diverted opioid prescription and 500 channels of shit to watch, they ate too lazy to do so, and, thankfully, you cannot buy suicide vests at Walmart, or have them delivered to your house via Amazon Prime.

  4. This garbage insults our intelligence.

    This kind of politicking makes Walkup look bad even if he isn’t involved.

    I hope he isn’t.

  5. Seriously, this is a drop in the bucket
    Of bad karma & juju Jack Franks DESERVES
    For the mailers & robocalls against Steve
    Reick in the 2014 election.

  6. Watchdog 2

    Trust me old friend; To steal a line from the old Bockman Tuner Overdrive song…….

    ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet”

    Girl Friends? ……..

    Pictures? ……..

    Who knows what we may learn about the next pretender DEMONCRATIC dictator of Mchenry County.

    Yes.. Lying Jack Franks has called down the wrath and it has come, and the good and honest people of McHenry County come with it.

  7. Thanks for the reminder, Watchdog!

    At first I thought this is kinda ‘in your face’ but now I remember:

    *The dirty smear he sent out on Steve Reick. All B.S.

    *The fake republican Jeff Lichte (a Dem) that he set up to run against Reick as a Republican in the primary.

    *Then he was trying to buy candidates with $10K for their campaigns if they’d run against Pam Althoff.

    When he’s not lying, he’s dirty politicking.

    Guess he just can’t run on his good record because he doesn’t have one!

  8. UH-OH The word is getting around !

    And what goes around comes around, Phat Jack.

  9. You guys are just asking for a law suit- this does nothing to advance the debate about what is good for this county. Sophomoric at best.

    And you wonder why people vote for Franks?

    When your best response is this juvenile BS.

  10. The bad press with the LAWSUIT
    worked out so well for Harrison
    Running for states attorney, right.

    Just a recent public life lesson for
    Anyone contemplating that.

    Just saying AGAIN, Jacko has
    Accumulated ALOT of bad karma
    & juju with all his dirty tricks etc..

  11. Nah, no precedent with Bianci,
    Moderate NOT.

    The dots can’t be connected.

    Just REMEMBER . . .
    State Rep. Jack Franks sponsored
    the Citizen Participation Act

    This act provides a defense for
    citizens who are exercising their
    First Amendment Rights.

    The quotes below are from a thread
    On the blog dated 8-12-16
    About Harrison’s case

    “One of the suits quoted was from
    a candidate for the Illinois Supreme
    Court in Southern Illinois.
    One of the findings at the appellate
    level follows:

    “When a person runs for public office,
    he puts his character in issue so far
    as it relates to his fitness and qualifications
    For office; therefore, his conduct and actions
    Are fair game for comment.”

  12. Hasn’t Franks made promises he didn’t keep?

    Those would be constituted as ‘lies’ would they not?

    Saying he’s ‘not going to do things and then doing them’ also constitutes as lies, don’t they?

    What would constitute a viable lawsuit, Inish?

    Or is this just a little frilly girl wish on your part?

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