Lisa Madigan in CL for Hillary Clinton

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan will be in Crystal Lake today at Park Place at noon.

Presumably local Clinton National Convention Delegate Jack Franks will be attending.

Here are the details:

Details for Lisa Madigan's appearance on Hillary Clinton's behalf in Crystal Lake.

Details for Lisa Madigan’s appearance on Hillary Clinton’s behalf in Crystal Lake.


Lisa Madigan in CL for Hillary Clinton — 39 Comments

  1. Sick.

    Very sick!

    The unelectable sociopathic “woman” is in jail.

    Wake up people, they are pulling one over on you.

    Aren’t we all sick of the lies?

  2. I presume she will outline her plan for the State, to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.


  3. How long will it take to get the smell of corruption out or the restaurant?

    Better plan on not eating there until at least after the election.

  4. I’m with Allen.

    He speaks the bold truth!

    Chaffetz and Gowdy are going ater the federal shadow government.

    It’s time for Illinois to go after their own shadow government.

  5. Surrogate?

    So it was originally lunch with Hillary Clinton, but she was replaced with Lisa Madigan?

    Maybe Jack Franks wants to get County Board leadership experience in case he decides to run for Governor.

    Before Michael Madigan retires which may prompt his daughter Lisa Madigan to run for Governor.

    Jack Franks would have no chance of defeating Lisa Madigan.

  6. Allen,

    Are you now trying to sound like Trump?

    You are such a me-too little boy.

    In your feeble little mind you have forgotten that there is the Constitution that gleefully prevents people from “getting locked up” when they have been found guilty of nothing.

    In your mind. if it’s said enough, it must be true.

    Silly no nothing little man.

  7. Tom?

    Keep marching on that line of thinking right up until your death from these crooks.

    If you are so stupid that you think they have done nothing illegal, we cannot help you.

  8. I am just fine Cindy, but thanks anyway.

    I can assure you that I am not stupid for believing in our Constitution, but you just keep on doing what you need to do.

  9. Allen was just making a comment
    Of general disgust.

    “Constitution that gleefully prevents
    People from getting locked up”
    Goofy response.

  10. Like I said, watchdog, Allen just trying to be like Trump.

    Allen just being Allen.

  11. Just what part of the Constitution is YOUR government following, that you are believing in Tom?

  12. Oh, and Tom?

    If you think you are just fine while they are trying to kill you with the food, the water, and the air being poisoned, then you go ahead and stand on your Constitution that doesn’t exist for the corporate world that is killing us.

  13. Oh, Allen.

    Do tell what Lisa Madigan should be locked up for.

    This should be fun…

  14. I mean, seriously, Allen.

    Do you really think it’s appropriate for anyone, and especially an elected official running for higher office, to assert that someone should be locked up?

    Unless, of course, you have some evidence that Lisa has committed a crime that you want to share with us?

    Of course, you don’t have any evidence that Hillary should be locked up either, unless you know more than the Republican-appointed Director of the FBI that you’d like to share with us?

    We really don’t need someone falsely assuming people of crimes holding elected office.

  15. When I hear folks say how “American” they are and condemn those that speak against their beliefs and even say that they should “locked up” without proven evidence or convictions, it smells of a person who would give away our Constitutional system to get to their end game.

    It happens all the time in other countries and history.

    Political want to be’s like Allen who can’t resist being a part of the new agenda are unfortunately becoming too much of the norm.

    Allen is weak minded, but energetic and driven by his selfish needs.

    He has no place in our government with his me to attitude.

    Leadership requires a reflective thought process.

  16. Allen is spot on.

    If it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck and has a bill (no pun intended) like a duck.

    It’s a duck.

    Hilary is one giant quacker.

    Lock her up!

  17. Tom?

    You are seriously not paying attention to the real world.

    Your emotional knee jerk reaction belies your altruism.

    Get a clue.

    The world is NOT what you thought it was.

    Hillary is a killer responsible for many many lives lost.

    This country is run by so many sociopaths it boggles the mind. Your sentiments are nice.

    Too bad it doesn’t match up with the war they are waging on the lowly hoi poloi.

  18. Hey where’s “moderate’s” (Jacko Franks’?) defense of this ?

  19. Jacko Franco has his own 2 websites
    & facebook page his minions go to
    Worship at.

  20. The woman is dead or in prison.

    Why would anyone run a scam on supporting her?

    (The latest grrenscreen faux pas in North Carolina proves this. )

    Allen is right on the money here, lock her up.

  21. Cindy – I’m confused.

    If she’s already dead or in prison, how can she be locked up?

    Without my tinfoil hat it’s hard to kee your conspiracies straight.

    Allen – I’m only hearing crickets.

    Any response to why Lisa should be locked up?

  22. It is so in your face with the lies; you can’t make this chit up.

    Hitlery’s CGI actually takes the stage to “I Feel Good” sung by another dead person, James Brown.

    It is very scary that some fools just cannot see through the shenanigans they are using to enslave and kill us all.

    We have maybe two weeks to get the truth spread far and wide before this is all shut down by Oblah Oblah’s illegal action that gave away the one last place we had for truth.

  23. Don’t really care about Hillary.

    Wish people focused on Mike Madigan’s antics instead.

  24. Dick?

    You should care about Hitlery.

    Because if she gets “elected” all bets for everything are OFF!

  25. Allen Skillicorn: *crickets*

    Allen, you’re really going to make the assertion that Lisa Madigan should be locked up, but you’re not going to back it up?


  26. **aiding and abetting**

    Thanks Cindy, insightful as always.

    But I’m pretty sure that those words don’t mean what you think they mean.

  27. That’s ok, alabama.

    I’m pretty sure you have no idea what anything at all means.


  28. Another good reason to vote for Walkup.

    Franks is a Hillary backer.

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