Operating Engineers-Related PAC Gives Franks $25,000, More from Others

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Jack Franks’ campaign for McHenry County Board Chairman just got a check for $25,000 from the Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC (see connection to Operating Engineers Local 150 here).

(Certainly is it just a coincidence that the McHenry County Board paid the Operating Engineers $25,000 in unitemized legal fees to settle that union’s Open Meetings’ complaint against the Board.)

The same group gave $1,000 last month.

In addition, another union, United Food and Commercial Worker Local 881 contributed $1,000.

The Realtor Political Action Committee gave $5,000.

Also reported received today was another gift from a lawyer.

In this case it came from David L. Schwartz, an attorney with Latham & Watkins LLP of Bethesda, Maryland.


Operating Engineers-Related PAC Gives Franks $25,000, More from Others — 7 Comments

  1. So DISGUSTING, when you think
    The rest of us just paid our
    2nd property tax installment
    This week ! X#/0*~\^ ¬° ! ! !

    Soooo many expletives I am
    Screaming out my back don’toor now !

  2. IUOE Local 150 was upset the County Board had approved a resolution supporting Governor Bruce Rauner Administration’s Turnaround Agenda.


    One cause of high property taxes is prevailing wages that are mandated by the state to be used on taxpayer funded construction projects, such as building schools, roads, etc.

    The Turnaround Agenda proposes to repeal the Illinois Prevailing Wage Law.

    The Illinois Prevailing Wage Law is an unfunded state mandate on local government.

    The Illinois Prevailing Wage Law prevent competitive bidding that is less than prevailing wage.


    IUOE Local 150 is not going to support Jack Franks advocating to repeal Prevailing Wage.

    So what is the Jack Franks proposal to cut costs in the County?

    He refuses to say until after the election.


    The Turnaround Agenda also includes voter approved local government empowerment zones.

    In the empowerment zone, workers could not be forced to pay the union fees as a mandatory condition of employment.

    Thus the empowerment zone would be a right to work zone, meaning right to work without being forced to pay fees to a union as a mandatory condition of employment.

    Examples of local units of government that could create an empowerment zone are counties, municipalities, and school districts.


    To read what Jack Franks will likely not support, read the Turnaround Agenda.

    The IUOE Local 150 is likely not going to support Jack Franks if they believe Jack Franks would support any aspect of the Turnaround Agenda.

  3. YOUR tax dollars at work!

    Remember the tax dollars, your so-called REPUBLICAN Board donated to Local 150?

    Put on your tin foil hat!

    That money was destined to go to Jack Franks from the get-go.

    If that money was not the result of settlement for a suit that was never filed, that money was the result of closed union shops and prevailing wage.

    Only one way to start to negate this type of activity, vote for Walkup.

    Next, start pushing the Nob’s idea to restrict political funding to personal donations only to candidates you can legally vote for.

  4. The amounts of money spent on political
    Campaigning are obscene !

    Such a SICK SYSTEM this has evolved in to
    In this Country.

    What is Jack Franks REALLY soliciting all
    This money for in this campaign cycle ?

    Ya sure don’t need all these BIG BUCKS
    For the County board chair race (a spot
    Which Franko would have NO VOTE ON) ?

    Transparency is good, but SO MUCH MORE
    Needs to done through legislation to set limits
    On amounts & entities that contribute.

    Just like the State budget, this is another
    System that is out of control & broken.

  5. All the more reason to Vote Walkup!

    Franks is a bought and paid for politician who does NOT have taxpayers best interest in mind.

    18 yrs in Springfield and NO accomplishments, just a lot of promises of ‘working on stuff’ but not getting anything done, unless you call being a super-delegate for Hillary Clinton and being tushy licker to Madigan’s Mafia, accomplishments?

  6. Operators Union 150 is also telling their members to vote for Hillary Clinton (the tax hiking/Union whore) so they’re only protecting their own self-interests.

    Vote ANYBODY but Franks!

    And ANYBODY but Clinton.

  7. **Franks is a bought and paid for politician who does NOT have taxpayers best interest in mind.**

    So I assume ya’ll also agree that Allen Skillicorn is also a bought and paid for politician, by Proft, Rauner, and Uhlein, right?

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