Thursday Phone Call from Jack Franks Seeking Supporters

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

An automated phone call Wednesday night asked if one was likely to vote for “Democrat Jack Franks” or “Republican Mike Walkup.”

When a Friend of McHenry County Blog indicated a vote for Walkup, Jack Franks’ voice came on thanking him very much for participating and ending the call.

This is an obvious attempt to identify voters so every effort can be made to get their votes for Jack Franks.


Thursday Phone Call from Jack Franks Seeking Supporters — 3 Comments

  1. Absolutely right on target observation.

    That’s why the cheating has already started.

    But the Demo base is dispirited enough by the Witch Killary, they aren’t going to be so enthusiastic for Fatty Franks.

    Is he going to send out his winged monkey-goons with revolvers to force people to the early-voting booths?

    Sorry Jacko, all of your Daddy Warbucks’, union-hacks’ and Madigan-squeezed Third Party mystery donorscant put a Franks’ Humpty Dumpty Victory back together again.

    Hey, Mr. Franks: What about all the foreigners’ contributions to your cam-pains… is that even legal??????

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