At Least 17 Question Poll Thursday Night

Answering my phone Thursday night, I received a poll from a Springfield number which had seventeen questions I jotted down.

The first asked about party identification.

The second about whether I was a liberal, moderate or conservative.

The third about who I was going to vote for in the Presidential election.

The fourth concerned my choice for U.S. Senate.

The fifth asked my choice for State Comptroller.

The sixth asked my gender.

The seventh my age.

The eighth whether I or anyone in my family spoke Spanish.

The ninth inquired of my ethnicity, but strangely did not include a Latino or Hispanic option.

Then came a series of questions about whether I felt favorably or unfavorably about

  • Donald Trump
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bruce Rauner
  • Mike Rauner
  • Pam Althoff

The next question asked who was to blame for the budget problems, Bruce Rauner or Mike Madigan.

Then there was a long question asking which problem I considered most pressing:

  • Jobs
  • Budget
  • Education
  • Property Taxes
  • Corruption
  • Pensions
  • Social Issues

The final question asked whether I voted for Romney or Obama in 2012.


At Least 17 Question Poll Thursday Night — 5 Comments

  1. Franks knows he’s cooked if he can’t convince the kooky/na├»ve/unsuspecting/brainwashed soccer moms who voted for Obama to vote for his lying posterior.

    That’s why, even with his nearly two decades o’ agitprop, he’ll still lose to Walkup by 8% or so.

    Walkup’s best bet:

    Tie the little (well, now he’s actually pretty portly since he’s been porkin’ it up in Springpatch for so long on Madigan’s succulent treats) Liar to Witch Killary, which shouldn’t be too hard since he WAS one of her delegates.

    But Fatty Arbuckle Franks L O S T to Bernie delegates almost every pct in McHenry County!

  2. Not only was Lying Jack Franks a Hillary delegate, but he’s a signer of the Democratic Party Platform which includes massive tax increases and support for the thugs of the ‘Black lies Matter’ gang.

    Old Lying Jack is a piece of work!

    Keep tabs on him at :

  3. Police and Fire Pensions are a huge problem for the larger cities, villages, and fire protection districts in McHenry County and the whole state.

    The unfunded liability (taxpayer IOU to the pension fund) keeps growing.

    The boards of the cities, villages, and fire protection districts have not been able to find a way to keep the IOU from growing.

    More taxpayer money to pay down the unfunded liability means less money for other services.

    The unfunded liability is for services already rendered.

    That is a big problem for attracting new businesses.

    Likely a reason why business ask for taxpayer financial incentives.

    Which means taxpayers receive less of a benefit from the new businesses in terms of the new businesses shouldering their fair share of the tax burden.

  4. A vote for Hillary Clinton and/or Jack Franks are votes for taxpayers death wish!

  5. How did this become a post about Jack Franks, when the poll didn’t even ask a question about Franks?

    Political polls don’t work that way…

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