Patrick Collins’ Nunda 14 Precinct Letter

Nunda Township Precinct 14 Republican Precinct Committeeman Patrick Collins shares his letter to his constituents:

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Patrick Collins and I am the Republican Precinct Committeeman in our precinct, Nunda 14. I strongly believe in fiscal responsibility, limited government, local control, and transparency of government. Here are some things about myself I would like you to know:

I have lived in our neighborhood for 12 years. Before that I lived in West Dundee for 14 years. So I am familiar with our area and the challenges we face locally.

I greatly deplore the high taxes and red tape that plague us in Illinois and the nation. From national races to local elections – this election will be critical. Jack Franks will only make this worse, as he tries to turn us into Chicago-on-the-Fox.

We are looking for sign locations for candidates, so if you would like a sign please contact me. If you need an absentee ballot you can contact the county clerk or I can assist you.

Early voting starts September 29th thru October 21st from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m at the McHenry County Clerk’s Office. October 24th thru November 7th you may vote at 10 locations throughout the county.

The city hall of Crystal Lake has early voting, as does Nunda and Algonquin township offices. Election day is at the Fountains, 965 N Brighton Circle, Crystal Lake, off Rt 31 north of IL 176.

I will be supporting and I hope you also will support:

Mark Kirk for US Senate. A Naval Aviator, a past congressman and our current Senator. He is a strong, independent voice for Illinois. His opponent would just be a puppet for Chicago Democrats.
Pat Kenneally for State’s Attorney.
Mike Walkup for County Board Chairman. The only man who has REALLY lowered taxes in McHenry County. His opponent lied about only running 3 times for the state house, lied about not running for county chairman. I suspect he is lying AGAIN with his promises.

Additionally, we can elect two county board members from District 3. I will be supporting:

Mike Walkup (yes, you can and SHOULD vote for him for BOTH)
Chris Christensen. Chris is on the school board in Cary, and has helped them get their finances in control. We need his expertise on the county board!

I also plan to vote for Donald Trump for President. Here is why: He has identified the key area for our nation: A growing economy, build on lower taxes, new incentives for investment IN AMERICA. That would solve many of our current problems. His tax proposals would greatly benefit middle class families, like the ones in OUR neighborhood. Like the ones where OUR children will live, now and in the future. His plans will roll back out-of-control regulations, and unleash the American creative spirit. That is a force that built our nation, and can work again, when allowed to. This was how Kennedy created a 5% growth rate for almost 8 years in the 1960’s and how Reagan created a growth rate from 4-5% for almost 25 years.

Four more years of economic stagnation are too terrible to contemplate!

Please do feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have. (contact info omitted)


Patrick Collins’ Nunda 14 Precinct Letter — 13 Comments

  1. Patrick Collins,

    Care to explain how you could possibly characterize the abomination, Mark Kirk, as a “strong independent voice”?

    What did Kenneally and Walkup do to you, that you would disparage them, by categorizing them with Kirk?

  2. NO Kirk NO way…

    what a puss….

    Kirk is a Rino that never backed his party…

    He was to busy holding hands with Durbin…………..

    also I will not vote for a democrat…

    the Republicans screwed up big time by not fully endorsing Marter

  3. Thank you Partrick for taking the time and effort to get a letter out to your precinct before early voting.

    Regardless whether some are critical of your choices, you have done a great service to your local candidates.

  4. Simple.

    What is worse, Kirk, or giving Durban TWO votes?

    Easy answer for me.

  5. Cal,

    Could we have more discussion on the blog about the advisory referendums that will be on the ballot?

    PCM need to be educated and promote the conservative points on these important votes in their letters as well.

    I will be voting against the advisory referendum reducing the county board size.

    I will be voting against the binding “lockbox” amendment referendum.

    I will be voting yes on the anti corruption advisory referendum.

  6. I see your point about the referendum but if you want to keep it to one page there’s only so much you can have on there.

    And I felt it was important to highlight the most critical races and give strong reasons for why I feel people should vote that way.

  7. The constitution amendment to keep the General Assembly and governors from stealing highway money to pay for welfare (defined broadly), as has been done repeatedly since 2001, is the only referendum with meaning.

  8. Patrick,

    You letter and dedication are to be applauded.

    I appreciate any time people volunteer toward getting their candidates elected.

  9. I can certainly understand why some of you are angry with Sen. Kirk.

    However, the time to act on that anger was during the primary.

    Illinois Republicans, for better or for worse, overwhelmingly nominated Kirk over Marter.

    I too applaud Patrick on his letter.

    In a time where holding a majority is so important in the Senate — ESPECIALLY in the case that Clinton were to win the presidency — those in the Republican party who decide not to support the nominee seem to really be setting the cause back.

  10. I’m with Mr. Serwatka on his questions ? both not good candidates, for some of us…

  11. Problem is you only have two choices.

    Leaving iT blank is just a vote for Sen. Durbins second vote.

    That’s the unpleasant reality.

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