Franks Picks Up Another $1,000, This Time from Bellevue, Washington

Jack Franks yard sign.

Jack Franks yard sign.

T Mobile donated $1,000 to Jack Franks, he reported to the State Board of Elections on Saturday.

The check apparently came from Bellevue, Washington.

No doubt which candidate is going to win the money game for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Also saw the Jack Franks yard sign.

He’s a “Tax Fighter,” the sign says.


Franks Picks Up Another $1,000, This Time from Bellevue, Washington — 3 Comments

  1. now that is some funny #$%t, LOL….

    I wonder if its on a parkway?

    can be removed?


    Like the one of Altoff right off of Rt. 176’s parkway near intersection of walk up … interesting…

  2. Yes.

    He fights taxes.

    HIS OWN!

    That is why he has most of his property under forestry management to reduce HIS property tax!

    Nothing illegal, just sayin!.

  3. Jack Franks is not an effective or transparent tax fighter.

    A tax fighter would not vote for unfunded mandates.

    A tax fighter would make a major issue about unfunded mandates.

    He does not support the Rauner administrations turnaround agenda.

    Jack Franks tells the public what they want hear.

    Ask Jack Franks for his tax fighting plan.

    He refuses to produce it until after the election.

    Elect me then you can see the plan.

    Jack Franks does not support repealing prevailing wages.

    To see what Jack Franks is not telling you, read the Rauner administration Turnaround Agenda.

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