Bob Miller Fundraiser Coming Up

Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller and his wife Anna May Miller have their annual wine and cheese fundraiser coming up.

Invitations have arrived for the event, which, this year, will be on October 6th.

The details are below:

Bob Miller's 2016 Wine and Cheese fundraiser invitation.

Bob Miller’s 2016 Wine and Cheese fundraiser invitation.

The Millers reported having $39,714.63 in the bank as of the end of June.

Bob Miller is up for re-election next spring.

Anna May Miller lost the Republican Primary Election for McHenry County Board in March.

$250 contributions were made to Joe Gottemoller and Dan Regna during the first quarter of the year.


Bob Miller Fundraiser Coming Up — 8 Comments

  1. Who are the Millers supporting for County Chair?

    If it’s Franks, I’d suggest a boycott.

    But of course it’s the unions putting money in their coffers so the regular resident doesn’t matter to the Millers.

  2. Should be called Whine & Cheesy People Party for a Real Hack!

    Please remind me not to go.

  3. Bob Miller doesn’t care if you go, just as long as ‘you send a check!’

    Most arrogant and biggest doofus at the same time!

    His wife Granny May still can’t get over the fact that she lost the primary!

    How dare her constituency get educated on their family’s taxpayer funded EMPIREand say ENOUGH!!!


  4. $40.00 for wine & cheese? What about the steak & lobster dinner they have for their employees all of us have heard about? Wife and son in laws have to go if Bob wants to keep his job. We are draining the swamp in Washington. We need to drain the swamp at the Algonquin Township.

  5. With my old eyes that invite looks like it says, “McHenry County Beard”.

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