Jack Franks “No Permission Obtained” Sign Strategy

Jack Franks yard sign.

Jack Franks yard sign.

The first populist Democrat I remember was Dan Walker.

Before he got elected, after fawning coverage of his walking the length of Illinois, he was the main attorney for Montgomery Ward.

The company, with his blessing, sent out credit card applications which one had to opt out of not to get.

One who wishes to be his lineal descendant, State Rep. Jack Franks, is doing something similar in distributing his yard signs for his McHenry County Board Chairman campaign.

In Marengo and Woodstock, they showed in front yards.

At almost every house.

Notes were left saying that if people didn’t want them, they should call and the signs would be picked up.

Some people called, but there was no response.

Seems a lot of people just tossed them in the garbage.


Jack Franks “No Permission Obtained” Sign Strategy — 8 Comments

  1. He’s certainly not alone in that strategy but if they truly left a note, that would be a first.

    We have a good location and always have signs out in election periods.

    Others see this as permission to put signs out for people that we don’t support.

    I feel that I can’t remove the signs myself and then have the chore of hunting down someone to remove it.

    Please ask permission!!

  2. A sign you don’t ask for shows up on your private property and you are supposed to call to have it removed?

    Just throw it in the garbage.

  3. No one has the right to deface your property.

    This is the dem way to use trespass to gain access and then leave chit all over.

    Who gave them permission to go on those properties?

    Have them arrested!

  4. If Lying Jacko Franks ever told the Truth …… It would be by accident!

  5. In what alternate universe is Jack Franks a tax fighter? He is a legend in his own mind…

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