Huntley Area Tea Party Looking at Immigration Next Wednesday

An invitation to its next meeting from the Huntley Area Tea Party:

Huntley Area Tea Party General Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016

6:30 PM – Gathering       7:00 PM – Presentation

Bring guests who need to know this information!

Documentary:  Immigration by the Numbers

The key factor in immigration is the numbers, says author, journalist and congressional expert witness Roy Beck.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already viewed this celebrated demonstration of the magnitude of the numbers and urgency of reducing them.

Documentary:  How Quadrupled Immigration Numbers are Changing the American Quality of Life

This short documentary examines how quadrupled immigration number are driving urban sprawl, traffic congestion, school overcrowding, wage stagnation and widening inequality in the US.


American Legion Post 673
11712 Coral Street
Huntley, IL.  60142
North corner of the
Town Sq. & Gazebo


Huntley Area Tea Party Looking at Immigration Next Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. How many State TAX dollars go toward funding, feeding, providing medical services and a ‘free’ education in dual languages for illegal aliens AND their children?

    What is the impact on average wages resulting from the presence of millions illegal aliens in our country?

    Why has U.S. Visit never been implemented? – the tracking of those who enter legally for a fixed period of time but never leave

    Why is our government granting citizenship to illegal aliens who have actually been convicted a crimes?

  2. Regarding received Tea Party email from …

    CATHERINE @ Huntley, IL Tea Party …

    I seem unable to reply to the Radical Professors subject Tea Party.

    I was going to forward my below comment directly to you, but have lost your email address.

    Will you please see my suggestion gets to the proper party?

    When/if I get a last name first list I will email to all of my recipients.

    Catherine, please acknowledge receiving this. Thank you!

    … Hugh … [email protected] … (cell 847.638.6300

    1.5.17 …

    I respectfully suggest you put the professor list by last name first.

    It will be much easier to find a professor on which to add comment, or see if a professor is already on your list before submitting a name.

    I will keep the existing list in my Word file, and was going to email it to my about 50 recipients, but will await your updated last name first list.

    Please acknowledge this. Thank you!

    Hugh … [email protected] … Cell: 847.638.6300

  3. It seems I can’t Post/reply without my showing a Website below … which I as an individual do not have.

    I doubt I can send this but will sagain try.

  4. It seems ….McHenry Tea Party shown for what I thought was the Huntley, IL Tea Party.

    If so will you please Forward this to the Huntley, IL Tea party? … Thank you!

    The only below requested Website I can show is http://huntleyilteaparty … because I as an individual do not have a Website.

    Please let me know if my just sent fuller information response was received.

    Hugh at [email protected] … Cell: 847638.6300

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