Hultgren on Helping Children

A press release from Congressman Randy Hultgren:

Let’s Act to Help Displaced Children on International Day of Peace

Hultgren: Helping refugees rebuild amid war and poverty is difficult…but there is hope

Washington, DC — U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren (IL-14) on the International Day of Peace today called for global peace and praised Kids Around the World founder Denny Johnson and Melissa Fleming of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for their work on behalf of children and refugees displaced by conflict.

Ms. Fleming will appear at Rockford University forum tonight focused on how to rebuild after the devastation of war.

Following are Rep. Hultgren’s prepared remarks:

I rise on the International Day of Peace to applaud the efforts of Connect2Peace, the Peace Coalition of the Rock River Valley, to draw attention to the plight of children and refugees whose lives have been forever disrupted by war.

Tonight, Rockford University and Connect2Peace will host a conversation on “How to Help Refugees Rebuild Their World” featuring Melissa Fleming of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake packed 100,000 meals for the Rockford organization in August.

The First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake packed 100,000 meals for the Rockford organization in August.

As chief spokesperson, Ms. Fleming speaks around the world on behalf of the more than 65 million vulnerable and voiceless people—half of which are children—who are displaced from their homes by war, conflict and persecution.Helping refugees rebuild amid war and poverty is difficult and complicated.

But there is hope.

Groups like Kids Around the World in Rockford have stepped in to feed children and help them enjoy their disrupted childhoods through donated playground sets.

People like founder Denny Johnson and UNHCR’s Melissa Fleming work tirelessly to bring hope into seemingly hopeless situations.

As an executive committee member of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, today I urge us to pray and act for peace in our world.


Hultgren on Helping Children — 16 Comments

  1. I’m sorry, but no one connected to the UN deserves anything but possibly a jail sentence.

  2. In shocking news, Cindy finds a way to attack fighting human trafficking.

  3. Yes, Molly.

    And having a good man like Randy be associated with any of them is a blight on his good name.

    Wake the “f” up people.

    Your countries have been stolen.

    No one is safe from these demons.

    Pray against the spiritual wicked in high places. Ephesians 6:12

  4. I pray daily Cindy- you are often in my prayers.

    I just use less judgment and angst in my prayers.

  5. What will it take to make people understand that the UN is
    a criminal organization who’s primary goal is NWO through the redistribution
    of wealth from the more affluent countries, such as ours, to the
    countries run by the corrupt who are seeking to enrich themselves
    and their cohorts.

    Generally, the American public is so ill-educated and disinterested
    on matters such as the above described that it causes me to wonder how
    much longer we will continue to survive as the exceptional country that we are.

  6. Inish?

    You had better get real hard real fast.

    THe time for pandering to “nice language” is gone.

    You want to bring down the strongholds and be spared from the Hellfire that is imminent?

    Get real.

    Adn wake up everyone else as quickly as possible if you truly love others.

  7. And no, Abe.

    We were ONCE exceptional.

    No longer.

    The filth has seen to it that we threw that away.

    The time is much later than even you think.

  8. No surprise, Abe. It’s the religion of Satan.

    Pray against all powers of Satan. (The nation has already submitted to so much Satanic junk it is ridiculous to even discuss it.)

    Jesus gave us the power to bind Satan.

    People are too stupid to use it.

  9. Tell H.R.M. Hultgren to start worrying about AMERICAN children for a change!

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