Tree Massacre on Broadway

The trees on Broadway, a border between Lakewood and Crystal Lake, are not semtretrical.

The north and south sides of trees on Broadway, a border between Lakewood and Crystal Lake, are not symmetrical.

Broadway is half Crystal Lake and half Lakewood down to Meridian Street.

Last year Crystal Lake paved its half of the street.

This year Lakewood is repaving.

There was no need to trim trees on the Crystal Lake side of the street before the asphalt pavers moved in.

But on the Lakewood side, limbs seems to have been cut off up to about twenty feet.

These limbs will never grow back.

Ironically, Lakewood is a Tree City USA.

It has been for fifteen years.


Tree Massacre on Broadway — 16 Comments

  1. It looks like the property lines where neighbors disagree.

    Beautiful trees and bushes are chopped freakishly because they “hang” over the survey line.

    You can drive around neighborhoods and see who the dolts are by their fence contortions.

    Not a tree hugger at all here.

    But why do men continually hack at beatiful things that only God can make?

  2. ROW’s are not good places for that type of tree.

    Pine tree out grow the area and the branches hang down into traffic causing damage.

    Pick a more logical tree in the first place.

    Shame, so many get trimmed up so high, but it’s all about location.

    Better to trim all the way around to the same drooping height.

    Looks better that way.

  3. The trees have been there for fifty years without causing any problems.

    Broadway is where I lived during my high school years.

  4. The trees you see are in the median between Broadway’s two lanes.

  5. The Nob?

    You sound like one of those morons that think they can improve on God’s creations.

    Hacking up God’s beauty must be once of your fortes.

  6. Cal, 50 years ago they planted the wrong type of tree in the ROW.

    Either the branches were in the way of maintenance or like many pines the lower branches died from the bottom up and are unsightly.

    Cindy you don’t read and comprehend real well.

    God didn’t put that pine there most likely, a man who didn’t understand urban design did.

    If you look at the picture again you’ll see a few dead branches still there.

    Those dead branches are liability problems for the gov, like it or not it is better to trim them off then let them hit somebody.

    In many of our down town areas they plant trees in little squares of land and expect to have to remove them in less then 20 years and start over with a new tree if the old one gets to big.

    City’s like Miami have crews that trim off Coconuts for the same reason.

  7. The Nob?

    Your reading comprehension has nothing to do with reality.

    God creates trees.

    What you do with them is your free will.

    You telling God that trees look better when you do what you do with your free will is nothing but stupid arrogance on your part.

    Do you even read what you write?

  8. Truly Cindy you are missing the point and God creating trees and how they are made up isn’t part of the deal.

    Planting God’s creation by a human in the wrong spot, that is the point.

    Once human error was introduced by picking a poor location for that type of tree, the poor tree had to suffer to keep other humans safe is the point.

    You seem to want to throw rocks after going on a tangent, God creating them, which had nothing to do with these actual trees, why?

    Would you rather the human’s suffer so the tree doesn’t have to?

  9. That may be your point, Nob.

    BUT it certainly WAS NOT mine!

    You are the one missing the point.

    You threw the rocks at me!

    Where did this article say that any humans were suffering?

    Did you not see where I spoke the phrase…”Not a tree hugger”…?

    You have no ability to read or understand anyone.

    You are very stuck in your own private universe where you know everything about everything.

    BTW There is no tangent here.

    God creating IS the whole deal.


  10. Your 9:26 was the first rocks tossed, my comment before was about Cal story.

    So you’re a God hugger, same mentality.

  11. Hypothetical question, humans aren’t suffering, the trees were hack up so they wouldn’t be.

  12. Now I see why you talk like a moron.

    (And that was NOT throwing rocks.)

    God has blinded you to truth because you have chosen to go against Him!

  13. God gave us free will, your words.

    If anybody is blind it’s you, confusing earthly and heavenly type actions.

    I didn’t trim the trees, and I didn’t plant them, or would I plant them where they can be harmed or harm humans.

    Invoking God or what you think God thinks is over the top on your part.

    Just for that reason, people who don’t believe, but don’t care if you do, fight you for evoking God into everything.
    Like all discussions on religion there are no absolute answers, as God doesn’t clarify his actions on a regular bases.

    Have a great day.

  14. No one is fighting me except Satan.

    No one is talking about religion.

    You are definitely a moron.

  15. Matthew 7:1, Judge not that ye be not judged.
    John 8:7
    Matthew 7:3
    1 Peter 2:15

  16. You are STILL an idiot.

    Jesus teaches us in the Bible that we HAVE to judge.

    It means to discern, you moron.

    You are smart enough to find your way in here.

    You are smart enough to put together a few words to communicate.

    You are smart enough to post Bible verses (albeit wrong); yet you still inists on being a moron.

    I am not throwing any rocks.

    I’m telling you that you are being a moron. (Nice verses, but you still don’t have a clue.) Matthew 7:6

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