Jack Franks Deceitful Sign Strategy Reaches Fox River Grove


This an old Jack Franks yard sign found in Woodstock this year. ┬áIt does not have the words “Tax Fighter” on the bottom.

Now, we have reports from three McHenry County towns that Jack Franks minions are putting up yard signs without people’s permissions.

The latest news came from Fox River Grove.

The person who brought me the letter you see below did received a robo-phone call from Franks, but it ended up on his answering machine.

The letter from Jack Franks you see here was left at a home in Fox River Grove.

The letter from Jack Franks you see here was left at a home in Fox River Grove.

The homeowner did not give permission for a yard sign to be placed in front of his home.

In my first post on this “without permission” sign placement strategy, I pointed out that it reminded me of something attorney Dan Walker did while working at Montgomery Ward before running for Governor as a populist.

At that point I had reports of such activity in Marengo and Woodstock.

Monday, I told of another homeowner in Woodstock. I published the letter which was found in the bushes after the yard sign was tossed in the trash.


Jack Franks Deceitful Sign Strategy Reaches Fox River Grove — 8 Comments

  1. Well that’s the way of the politician.

    Do things first, ask if they can do it later.

    What do they have to lose?

    If they are not challenged on their wrongdoings they win by default.

    If they are challenged, they might win.

    If they are challenged and don’t win — big deal. They don’t get in trouble and they got away with it at least for some time.

    It’s really kind of sad.

  2. Joe, could charges of unwanted graffiti be brought to them? If we painted their yard, I think they would file a police report and charges would be brought

  3. Jack Franks, sign spammer.

    Jeffery Lichte, a Democrat Jack Franks supporter who files to run and does run as a Republican candidate in the 2016 primary election for th same 63rd State Representative District in which Jack Franks runs unopposed.

    Jack Franks, who does not explain to voters that legislative unfunded and underfunded mandates passed by State Representatives and Senators and aporoved by Governors, hike property taxes.

    Jack Franks, who runs for County Board Chair on a platform to cut property taxes by 10% for every property taxing district in the county, but refuses to reveal his plan until after the election.

    Can you see Jack Franks using the County Bord Chair “bully pulpit” (as he called it) to convince McHenry County School Boards to lower their property taxes by 10%?

    Or will Jack Franks’ plan to cut school district property taxes by 10% require a constitutiobal amendment to convert the flat Illinois income taxe rate to a progressive income tax?

    How many strings in the Jack Franks plan to cut property taxes by 10% in every property taxing district in the county?

    What is the time frame for Jack Franks to cut property taxes 10% in every property taxing district in the county?

    No property taxing district in the county has said they can reduce prooerty taxws by 10%.

    The only known person to endorse Jack Franks plan to reduce property taxes b 10% in every property taxing district in the county is John Bartman, the person the McHenry County Democrat party choseto replace Jack Franks on the November 8, 2016 ballot as candidate for 63rd District State Representative.

    John Bartman has a job as a prevailing wage monitor in McHenry County for IUOE Local 150 union affiliated IIIFFC, an organization which checks to be sure state mandated prevailing (union) wages are paid on taxpayer funded construction projects.

    John Bartman was the fourth person listed on the ranked and prioritized letter from Jack Franks dated February 23, 2003 to Margaret Houlihan, whom was an aide to Governor Rod Blagojevich in 2003, requesting that Mr Bartman be considered for a job in IDOT in the Blagojevich administration.

    Mr. Bartman was hired by IDOT in 2003.

    The subject of the letter was request for jobs in the Blagojevich Administration.

    At at that time Mr. Bartman was the chair of the McHenry County Democrat party.

    Several Democrat party county chairs were hired by the Blagojevich dfministration, according to a newspaper article by Bernard Schoenburg of the Peoria Journal Star.

    Jus a few Jack Franks connections this election cycle.

  4. I don’t know about graffiti.

    Trespassing comes to mind.

    Littering maybe?

    Seems strange that you can just go on someone’s property, put things in their yard, and leave a sign saying

    “we can take this down if you don’t want it here.”

    You Jack Franks workers should think twice before you do that.

    If you cross an attorney, you might be facing more problems than being reprimanded on a blog.

  5. Call the police.

    Start filing reports of criminal trespass.

    See how far this goon will go.

  6. Ya’ll do what ever floats your boat, but step unto my property and put up you socialistic signs; then run like hell, cause lead is coming your way.

  7. 720 ILCS 5/7 sets out justifiable use of force.

    If you shoot a trespasser putting a sign on your lawn, you should be charged with a felony.

    Anonymous blog threat-bragging might be fun, but actually shooting someone has consequences more serious than the effort required to throw an unwanted sign in the trash.

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