NWH Letter Writer Focuses on Jack Franks’ “Falsehoods”

The following letter to the Northwest Herald is published with permission of its author, Bill Matteson of Harvard:

Franks promotes falsehoods

Jack franks is a career politician that has been continually and knowingly deceiving residents to win an election.

Franks has promised to cut our property tax bills by 10%, which has zero chance of success given the complete lack of authority granted to the County Board Chairman.

Franks has also guaranteed to cut McHenry County’s portion of our tax bills by 10% his first day in office.

Unwitting voters, the fact is, the county board will have already voted and approved the 2017 budget prior to the November elections.

Representative Franks, how can you even promote these falsehoods? Is that the true reasoning behind your skipping the League of Women Voters forum?

lyingjackfranks-comIt is hard to profess inaccuracies when your opponent is sitting next to you and can refute your campaign promises (lies.)

Voters should choose the straightforward and sensible Michael Walkup for County Board Chair on November 8th.

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See also LyingJackFranks.com


NWH Letter Writer Focuses on Jack Franks’ “Falsehoods” — 4 Comments

  1. We got another pice of mail from him with even more lies!

    He’s definitely part of the problem in Springfield-why would we want this in McHenry County?

    Just like Trump said to Hillary:

    “You’ve been at this for how long? And you’re just thinking about this now? With a plan that you cannot implement!’
    Typical politician, say what looks good, sounds good but it cannot be done. More Lies!”

    Gong this blooper into oblivion!

  2. Would you please send me a copy?

    275 Meridian St., Crystal Lake, IL 60014

  3. Democrat Jack Franks v Republican Mike Walkup for McHenry County Board Chair.

    Election November 8, 2016.


    Jack Franks is current 63rd District State Representative.

    Mike Walkup is current District 4 McHenry County Board member (there are 4 county board members in each of the six county board districts).


    Mike Walkup is also running for re-election as McHenry County Board member.

    Why is Jack Franks not also running for election as a county board member?

    How interested is Jack Franks in McHenry County government?

    Is he more interested in running for a state office in two years, such as Governor?

    After all, Jack Franks has over $500,000 in his PAC, far more than is required to run for County Board Chair, much of that money contributed by himself and family members.

    Other primary contributors to the Jack Franks PAC are trial lawyers and unions.

    That could be a reason Jack Franks called Governor Bruce Rauner a union buster.

    The Governor Rauner administration’s Turnaround Agenda attempts to address legislation that has hiked taxpayer costs while benefiting unions.

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