CL Police Starts Automated Reporting System for Minor Crimes, Seek Patterns

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Crystal Lake Police Department’s Online Self-Reporting system is available for victims of minor criminal incidents

CL Police Patch 2Currently available, victims of minor criminal incidents that occur within the corporate limits of Crystal Lake have the option of using a self-reporting system instead of filing a report in person with a police officer.

In many instances, victims of a minor crime elect not to report the matter to police, whether they do not have the time to do so, may be reluctant to have an officer come to their home, or for other reasons.

These types of incidents are important to report, even if perceived as petty, or the solvability is believed unlikely.

Patterns of criminal behavior can be critical in developing predictive patrols, and crime prevention, which enhance the safety and security of all who live, work, visit and pass through our community.

Access to the self-reporting system is available through the police department website at .

By following the simple instructions, a victim of a minor crime, such as; a gas drive-off (theft), theft of lost or mislaid property, criminal damage to property, or criminal damage to a vehicle. Incidents in which offender information is known are not eligible for self-reporting.

Completed reports will be assigned an individual number, and may be printed for the reporting person’s records, or for insurance claims.

Persons reporting criminal incidents are cautioned that filing of a false report is a crime in Illinois.

All incident reports will be reviewed, and if follow-up investigation is to be conducted, an officer will contact the reporting person.

The system is designed for non-emergency, not in progress incidents only. In the event of an emergency, or to report a crime in progress, the typical means of contacting police by calling 911 (emergency) or 815 356-3620 (non-emergency) remains appropriate.

Officers remain available to meet with reporting persons. This system merely supplements this, and provides another option.

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