Poll Puts Trump Behind Only 6 Points in Illinois

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump supporters haven’t had a lot to be optimistic about in Illinois.

So, here’s something that might buck them up.

Emerson College in Boston polled Illinois and found a spread of 45% to 39% last week.  The margin of error was 3.5%.  700 “very likely” voters were polled.

“In Illinois, only 53 percent of Sanders voters said they would vote for Clinton,” reports PolliZette of the Emerson College poll.

Clinton was ahead in a Loras Collage survey by 13 points.

There was a similar margin in Wisconsin (45-38).

Trump was in Wisconsin yesterday giving a speech to the public in Waukesha.

Yesterday, however, he was in Illinois, but just to raise money.

This is the same survey that saw Republican Mark Kirk ahead of Democrat Tammy Duckworth by only 2 percentage points.


Poll Puts Trump Behind Only 6 Points in Illinois — 9 Comments

  1. I have been commenting on FB to many articles.

    Help Save Illinois, Vote Trump.

    Illinois does need help, home of Obama and Hillary.

  2. Pray for Field McConnell, David Hawkins, Trey Gowdy and Donald Trump to be successful.

    Things are about to break big time on a lot of lies and corruption that will spin your head like a lathe.

    This is coming to a head after ten years; so you probably won’t be able to follow it completely, but…. before the internet goes down to ICANN (funny name for an Obummer betrayal) listen to this:


    God bless the good guys!

  3. Gasser your have no clue what’s going on.

    You are typical Trump supporter, no education, order a six pack of Beer and a pizza for dinner.

    You are clueless as to what’s going on.

  4. Michael

    You are clueless about Andrew.

    When you make such statements, you let the world see your ignorance.

    Before you blast someone with idiotic statements, you might want to do a little homework.

    At least pretend you are not stupid

  5. Great way to start the weekend off with a great laugh…

    Trump and his supporters live in a reality that just isn’t there.

  6. A lot of Democrats are not happy with Hillary Clinton for President or Jack Franks for McHenry County Board Chair.

    Bernie Sanders won the primaty election in McHenry County, not Hillary Clinton.

    A lot of Democrats are not happy that Jack Franks supports Cook County Democrats like Kim Foxx but McHenry County Democrats.

    And Democrat John Bartman for State Representative does not even explain to the press or on his website that his current job is a prevailing wage monitor for IUOE Local 150 union affiliated IIIFFC.

    IIIFFC checks that state mandated prevailing wages are paid to contracor employees working on state funded construction projects.

  7. Typo.

    A lot of Democrats are not happy that Jack Franks supports Cook County Democrats such as Kim Foxx, but not McHenry County Democrats.

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