Reick Urges Early Voting

Got mail from a Wonder Lake mailbox and found a letter from Republican State Rep. candidate Steve Reick.

It urged recipients to vote early.

In face, on the back, it said, “Important: ¬†Early Voting Information Inside.”

You can see it below:

Steve Reick urges people to vote early in this mailing.

Steve Reick urges people to vote early in this mailing.


Reick Urges Early Voting — 4 Comments

  1. Let me tell you something

    all you want to be lowering tax politicians

    If you Do Not Do something soon, all the baby boomers who will be retiring Very Soon are Outta Here,

    Its a Sad day in this country when you cannot even stay in your own home because your Tax Bill is higher than your mortgage monthly bill is!

    No one wants that burden when they are looking at retirement!

    Just Sickening.

    So I say enough jaw flapping and more Action needs to be taken and that is immediate Action!

    As more and more are purchasing out of State as it is.

  2. Are you willing to run for office next spring?

    The officials elected in April are the ones who levy most of the real estate taxes.

  3. I trust nothing but paper ballots ON voting day.

    Will never vote in that creepy early scam thing ever again.

    Never file a provisional ballot, either.

    They throw them away!

  4. Who’s responsible for that soporific letter?

    Dull Republican staffers???

    It does work better than Sominex!

    Some may acquire narcolepsy reading such tripe!

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