County Board Candidates’ Night Tonight at MCC

The McHenry County League of Women Voters offers citizens the opportunity to hear the candidates for McHenry County Board tonight at 7 at McHenry County College.

District 1, 2 and 3 candidates will be on the stage.

Bring your questions and write them down on a three by five inch note card that League members will provide.


County Board Candidates’ Night Tonight at MCC — 10 Comments

  1. During the forum Barber was actually whispering to Potter on how to answer the questions!
    Incredible they seem to share a brain and between the two of them couldn’t finesse a small room of kindergarteners!

    At the end, Potter lost train of her practically idle thought! Talk about ill-prepared!

    And Schmidt kept saying we need to elect Dems. ONLY IF YOU WANT YOUR TAXES TO RISE!

  2. I was not whispering answers to her. I was making small jokes and once, I didn’t hear the question so asked her.

    When polled, nearly 75% of people would rather a personal calamity than get on stage and speak in public. It is difficult for many people. Preparing a speech is easy, memorizing that speech is easier. At the forum, you do not know what the questions will be in advance and have one minute to answer them, no matter how complex the answer. That is the challenge in this context.

    Keep in mind, the forum is not a place for substantive ideas because of the time constraints, but more of an introduction to the candidates themselves. Each has a website or social media page where voters can explore their ideas and make a decision from that information. That is what should happen in any race.

  3. Barber was so vague on her answers, she didn’t remember responding to the question “besides wanting to reduce taxes, what are your priorities”

    I was certainly unimpressed with many of the candidates’ answers. The questions asked at the forum last night were cookie-cutter questions that the candidates have been asked numerous times already, yet many faltered.

  4. Well Ms Barber, that didn’t bode well for you and Potter as it looked like you were sharing a brain.

    Would you be ‘joking’ while on the board if sitting next to each other?

    I guess you would.

    No thanks, we already have that with ditz Schofield and her girlfriend.

    You lost me as soon as you said you wanted to keep the Valley Hi tax going when their surplus is astounding, and you want to keep the county running the nursing home so you could borrow against it to spend more money if you won the election.


  5. Again, only elect a DEM to these positions if you want to see a RISE in your taxes.

    They’re all tax & spend candidates.

    Borrow and add liability candidates.

    And Schmidt had nothing except “elect Dems so we have different voices on the board”.

    LAMO CRAZY CAT LADY with nothing to offer.

    And she has a real hard on for Walkup simply because he’s a lawyer who found a loophole to the referendum,

    She also contradicted herself on the ‘consolidate the number of board members’ issue.

  6. I thought Chris Kristen Christiansen sounded overzealous, repetitive and haughty.

    It is exactly that kind of attitude that is preventing McHenry County from moving forward.

    The county needs new voices, progressive opinions and decision makers that have the best interest of ALL residents at heart.

    If you want to keep the 25-45 demographic and young families in your county, board members that think about the future of its residents are needed.

    Not board members that have the best interest of their own wallets and interests at heart.

    Times are changing.

    Out with the OLD boys club.

  7. Concerned Citizen,

    Until the 25-45 year olds start showing up at forums and at the polls, the same ole will happen.

    I believe there were less than 5 people there under the age of 40 last night.

    As for the “future of its residents”–what is that supposed to mean?

    You act as if the ex-Berners have ideas–last night’s forum proved the opposite.

  8. How about developing the downtown areas of the towns?

    Let’s involve the chamber of commerce involved with livening up the cultural attractions and entertainment districts of the cities within McHenry County.

    A great advantage we have is being close to the Metra line and train tracks.

    Look at downtown Palatine and Arlington Heights.

    Their booming restaurant, bar and entertainment features have changed the face of the villages and are a great way to bring in visitors, new residents and tax money from a different channel than property taxes.

    There are young families and younger people looking to move from Chicago/Cook County to purchase property in McHenry county.

    How are our REPUBLICAN board members going to help encourage this potential growth?

    Based on the conversation last night, it seems to me that the REPUBLICAN candidates are in favor of damaging our schools by skimming money off the top to line their pockets and take away resources from the senior citizens at Valley Hi.

    McHenry County republicans simply do not care about the residents.

  9. @Concerned

    The Republican Party is mostly the County Board (and some are questionable if Republican) and the State Reps.

    The municipalities, school boards, townships and other governing bodies are mostly Democrats.

    The citizens have the wool over their eyes if they think otherwise!

    So for anyone to say vote more Democratic is irrational!

    There are more Dems running around this county then ever before!

    The Republican Party as a whole has to start eradicating those boards one at a time.

    Start with the school boards and city councils!

    We have to start coming together as a party no matter if Franks wins or not.

    But that starts with the Party and the State Reps to pull this together.

    If they don’t I’m not sure who will.

  10. @Concerned

    As far as building those downtowns up is a idea but not much of one.

    Those downtowns are as built as they are going to be.

    Palitine and Arlington Heights have a much bigger downtown area.

    And it is not the responsibility of the County to do that anyways!

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