Jack Franks – Labor Unions’ Million Dollar Man – Part 4 — 3 Comments

  1. Jack Franks PACs have received $4,150 from the Boilermarkers unions.


    The address for Boilermakers Local 1 is 2941 S Archer Blvd, Chicago, IL.


    Boilermakers Local 1 is an AFL-CIO affilated union.

    As such, it is affiliated with several AFL-CIO umbrella organizations.

    The following are AFL-CIO central labor councils (CLC) with which the Boilermakers Local 1 is affilated:

    – Chicago Federation of Labor (very powerful).

    – Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor (Lake & McHenry Counties).


    Boilermakers Local 1 is also a member of some AFL-CIO building and construction trade councils (BCTC):

    – McHenry County BCTC (located in the IBEW Local 117 offices at 765 Munshaw Lane, Crystal Lake, IL).

    – Chicago & Cook County BCTC

    – Fox Valley BCTC (Kane County, Kendall County)

    – DuPage County BCTC


    The Treasurer and former President of the AFL-CIO McHenry County BCTC is Tom McTavish, who is also the Chair of the Jack Franks PAC.

    Tom McTavish has six roles:

    – Chair of Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC

    – Union organizer (business manager) and financial secretary at IBEW Local 117 (Crystal Lake)

    – Treasurer and former President of the AFL-CIO McHenry County BCTC,

    – Board member of CISCO

    – Secretary of the NECA IBEW Local 117 JATC

    – Chairman of the Board of the NECA Northweastern Illinois – IBEW Local 117 / IBEW Local 150 / IBEW Local 461 LMCC.


    Boilermakers Local 1 is a member of an organized labor union / labor union contractor organization, otherwise known as a labor management cooperative committee (LMCC), named CISCO, which is the Construction Industry Service Corporation.

    CISCO promotes the use of union labor and union contractors on construction projects.

    Another member of CISCO is the Iowa Illinois Indiana Foundation for Fair Contracting (IIIFFC), a prevailing wage monitoring organization that is affiliated with IOUE Local 150 (which itself is another member of CISCO).

    John Bartman, Democrat candidate for 63rd District State Representative, is a prevailing wage monitor for IIIFFC.

    He does not disclose that on his campaign website and apparently did not disclose that to the Northwest Herald, whom has yet to report on the matter.

    Prevailing wage monitors check to see if state mandated prevailing wages (basically union wages) are paid on state funded construction projects.


    The Boilermakers Local 1 PAC is Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) committee ID 1065.

    The name of the PAC is, “Boilermakers-Blacksmith Local 1 PAC.”

    The PAC address is 2941 S Archer Blvd, Chicago, IL 60608.

    The Chairman on the PAC is John Benz.

    The Treasurer and Secretary of the PAC is John Skermont.

    Previous officers of the PAC are Anthony Panozzo, Eugene Forkin, and Robert McDonough.

  2. The full name of the Boilermakers union is the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, AFL-CIO/CLC.

    It’s abbreviation is IBB.

    AFL-CIO = American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

    CLC = Canadian Labour Congress

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