NWH Endorses Kenneally and Tirio

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio

Patrick Kenneally

Patrick Kenneally

The Northwest Herald endorsed Republican Patrick Kenneally for McHenry County State’s Attorney and Republican Joe Tirio for Recorder of Deeds.

Anyone want to bet that the NWH won’t endorse Jack Franks for McHenry County Board Chairman?

If so, you need to give me large odds.


NWH Endorses Kenneally and Tirio — 8 Comments

  1. Joe Tirio and Patrick Kenneally clearly separated themselves from the other candidates at the recent McHenry County Candidate Forums.

    Their opponents by comparison were unprepared, under qualified and plainly not convincing to be worthy of a vote of confidence.

  2. Kenneally yes Tirio aka Chiwaka not so much alot talk no action good sound bite no substance

  3. Josey, aka Box of Rocks,

    Have you bothered to actually look at Joe`s plan?

    Obviously, not.

    Joe has an outstanding plan, and the experience to implement the kind of change he proposes.

    Both Patrick and Joe are, by far, the best candidates.

  4. JoseWhales is primary loser

    Joni Smith pushing the ‘anyone but Tirio’ idea in an attempt to save her (and each of her family members’) job at the Govt Admin. Building.

  5. Well I would hope so!

    Their opponents can’t be taken seriously!

    *Kenneally is second in command in the states atty’s office now and takes his job, and this campaign seriously. His opponent is a hippie DUI lawyer who asked the moderator to repeat the question 3x stating once that he ‘was daydreaming’.

    *The Herald said they think Tirio should run for a legislative position so obviously they have faith that he’s over qualified! His resume also proves that.

    His opponent is just a title searcher who wants to sit in office with no term limits, collect a pension, and has no plan.

    No indication of any chops that says she can do anything else!

    I want my Kenneally and Tirio yard signs!

    (And Snarski/Skala, Munger!)

  6. Leave Joni Smith out of this, she does not read or post on this blog.

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