Where Does Jack Franks Stand on the Crystal Lake Library Bond Referendum?

That’s a question that commenter Mark thinks Franks should answer.

Of course, Franks won’t say anything, any more than he did at the McHenry County League of Women Voters candidates’ night that he skipped.

Here is Mark’s commentary:

Will Jack Franks use his “Bully Pulpit” in Crystal Lake?

Jack Franks says he will "CUT Property Taxes NOW 10%."

Jack Franks says he will “CUT Property Taxes NOW 10%.”

Since Jack Franks wants to use the bully pulpit of the county board chair to lower property taxes in every property taxing district in the county.

Does the Jack Franks plan for Crystal Lake include a library or not?

How does Jack Franks plan for Crystal Lake taxpayers to come up with $44.6 Million for pensions, yet pay less in property taxes.

And if Jack Franks supports the Crystal Lake library advisory bond referendum, that would be another $30.1 Million.

$44.6 Million + $30.1 Million = $74.7 Million.

So if he supports the Crystal Lake Advisory Bond Referendum, what is the Jack Franks plan to fully fund pensions, pay for a new library, which is an additional $74.7 Million, yet Crystal Lake property taxpayers will pay 10% less in property taxes.

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I wonder if LyingJackFranks.com has anything new.


Where Does Jack Franks Stand on the Crystal Lake Library Bond Referendum? — 10 Comments

  1. Is jack franks such scum that when you take down his sign that you do not want he has them replaced?

    that is happening here. We would not vote for him for anything.


  2. Here is perfect opportunity for County board chair candidates to demonstrate their tough posture on the property tax rate crisis in McHenry County:
    WILL either candidate:

    DECLARE a Property Tax Rate State of Emergency in the County.

    Use the power of office to withhold County funds from taxing districts (municipalities and unincorporated districts) which refuse to submit a plan to lower tax rates below 3%.

    DEMAND taxing districts commit to no non-critical spending, or new projects which will RAISE property tax rate above 3%.

  3. A Public declaration of Crisis by an elected leader carries weight.

    It confers duty of compliance or source-cited rationale for non-compliance by all Board Members.

    It makes public the important point that elected officials are no longer allowed to be ignorant ( innocently or willfully) of the fact that this County has a crisis which threatens wellbeing of all non-publicly-employed ( with no defined benefit pensions+COLA /health care finance contracts) residents.

  4. 3% property tax rate is an inflection point.

    At $192,000 median home value and $76000 median household income McHenry County property tax rates above 3% of total home fair market value are wild outliers in America.

    This tax rate disqualifies or discourages at least half of American population from joining the pool of interested home buyers in this county.

    ( Rental property investor buyers will wait for foreclosure sales prices to be interested buyers).

    A County Leader should have no problem being very specific about goals, and means to achieve goals.

  5. Yes Taxes are WAY to high.

    Yes they are out of line with the rest of the Country.

    Yes they need to be first frozen then reduced.


    When you say

    “This tax rate disqualifies or discourages at least half of American population from joining the pool of interested home buyers in this county.”

    I’m not so sure that’s necessarily a bad thing.

    I can easily imagine about half of the population of this cesspool that our once fair land has become not being welcome next door to my home.

  6. A County Board Chairman has no power to withhold tax distributions.

    The County Treasurer sends the money directly to local governments.

    It is not funneled thought any other part of county government.

  7. County Board is allocating property tax dollars to Randall Road, deemed discretionary expenditure in the midst of crisis conditions.

    Grants from County funds may go to projects in taxing districts which choose to pursue more frugal policies rather than current grant guidelines (which look to me like patronage or political).

  8. Agree Susan, Randall Road is another project
    that is part of the overall picture that
    Will be adding to more taxes.

    All the county taxing bodies are only concerned
    with their own projects and don’t seem to care
    How their piece of the pie adds to the BURDEN of
    MC Taxpayers.

    Also agree this is a CRISIS !

    Jack Frank’s didn’t understand how voting
    For all the unions & teacher packs legislation
    Via pension funding etc. Added to the horrendous
    Debt of Illinois in the 18 years he was a state rep..

    His ‘Cut 10’ is a joke & a scam because he isn’t
    Capable of seeing a big picture and the cumulative
    Effect of BIG SPENDING coming from everywhere.

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