NWH Herald Endorses Franks…as Predicted

The Northwest Herald has been covering Jack Franks’ back for as long as I can remember.

Now it is no surprise that the paper has endorsed him for the McHenry County Board Chairmanship.

Here's a bigger view of the logo being used in Jack Franks' campaign.

Here’s a view of the logo being used in Jack Franks’ campaign.  Why doesn’t it say, “Cut Property Taxes 1%,” if that’s what he really intends to do?

While his Republican opponent has actually cut last year’s $79 million county property tax levy by $3 million–3.6%–to $76 million, the paper of record endorses a man who only promises to cut next year’s tax levy by 10%.

Instead the NWH takes Franks’ sanitized I’m only talking about the county’s budget.

Cutting it 10% would only lower a homeowner’s tax bill by 1%.

So, if that’s what he has really been talking about with his “Cut 10” campaign, why didn’t he call a “Cut 1%” campaign.

We all know that answer, even the Northwest Herald’s Editorial Board members, don’t we?


NWH Herald Endorses Franks…as Predicted — 6 Comments

  1. The County is about 10% of a property tax bill of a property within a municipality.

    Cutting property taxes of such a parcel thus results in a savings of 10% of 10%, which is 1%.


    Next, the County portion of a McHenry County property tax bill consists of 3 line items:

    – McHenry County

    – McHenry County Pension

    – McHenry County Consv (McHenry County Conservation District)


    Any line item on a property tax bill in Illinois stating “pension” refers to the IMRF pension fund.

    IMRF = Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

    As a side note, police, fire, and teacher / administrator pensions (TRS) are not included in the pension line items on property tax bills.


    Since they didn’t say otherwise, presumably the Pension line items on property tax bills are included in the Cut 10 commitment from Jack Franks and John Bartman.

    Is there a way to cut pension contributions from property taxing districts to IMRF?

    There is, if IMRF agrees.

    It happened after the mortgage meltdown crisis of 2007 – 2008.

    IMRF offered taxing districts an option to contribute less.

    But, would Jack Franks and John Bartman advocate such a practice?


    Their union supporters and contributors probably would not support such a measure.

    So other items would have to be cut to compensate for pensions which are not cut.


    Cut 10 is an election gimmick.

    It exceeds the scope of the County Board Chair, the County Board, and the County.

    Nowhere does it explicitly say, or is it implied, that the scope of the County is to influence other taxing districts.

    That would require a change to County Board policy.

    Is Jack Franks going to propose such a policy.

    Even if he did, the County Board Members would have to vote on such a policy.

    How likely is it the 24 County Board Members would vote yes for such a policy?

    An elected official should have enough to keep busy with the matters of their own taxing district, much less the matters of other taxing districts.

    Nothing was said by Jack Franks, John Bartman, or anyone else leading up to, or after (until the current election cycle) the March 18, 2014 referendum which created the County Board Chair position, that the County Board Chair position should be involved in influencing policy on every single property taxing district in McHenry County.

    Jack Franks was a major proponent of the March 18, 2014 County Board Chair referendum.


    Bait and Switch.

    Jack Franks baited voters into creating the County Board Chair position on March 18, 2014.

    Jack Franks did not say at that time he thought the County Board Chair position should be used as a bully pulpit.

    The Northwest Herald reported on June 6, 2014, that Jack Franks said, he would not run for County Board Chair in 2016 (at the time Jack Franks was recommending the County place two advisory referendums on the November 4, 2014 ballot).

    Now, the County Board Chair position has been created, Jack Franks is running for the position, and advocating that the County Board Chair position be used as a bully pulpit.


    Who are the members of the Northwest Herald editorial board?

    Members of the editorial board are editors, and not reporters.

    But which editors?

    All editors?

    Some editors?

    Here are the Northwest Herald Editors:

    Dan McCaleb – Executive Editor

    Kevin Lyons – News Editor

    Scott Helmchen – Managing Editor for Production and Design

    H Rick Bamman – Photo Editor

    Jon Styf – Sports Editor

    Nicole Franz – Web Editor

    Valerie Katzenstein – Features Editor

    Jami Kunzer Entertainment Editor

    Susan Kane-Parker – Neighbors Editor

    Barb Grant – Editorial Assistant / Calendar Editor


    It seems unlikely all those editors endorse political candidates.

    So exactly who at the Northwest Herald endorses the political candidates?

    Dan McCaleb is definitely one.

    Kevin Lyons is almost certainly a second.

    Who else?

  2. We need to solicite conversations with those who support and blindly believe Franks!

    He’s blatantly lying to voters and has been for years!

    Several of The democrat candidates for county board learned the night of the forum that not even 10% of the our tax bill goes to the county !!!

    So even if they cut out 100% of their services it wouldn’t even make 10%! (So to even get close is Franks wanting the board members to stop Valley Hi Nursing home??

    Because several of the Dem candidates want to BORROW money against that facility for MORE Spending!!!

    Newsflash, the chairman of the board doesn’t even vote!

    So his promise is nothing more than a ruse even if he could vote and had every. Oars member.

    Opting to cut all county services!!!

    As soon as I posted that comment under the Herald’s endorsement, the commenting was disabled!


  3. One of the reasons given was that Franks was endorsed by many “republican” mayors.

    To quote Ray LaHood (referring to Peter Fitzgerald) “They need a primary opponent”.

    I would totally agree.

  4. Predicted or not, this is still DISGUSTING !
    😵 👎 😣 👎 😒

  5. Who is ready to run against them next time they are up?

    Shepley only spent $7200 for his last race.

    City of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley
    City of Harvard Mayor Jay Nolan
    City of McHenry Mayor Susan Low
    City of Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager
    Village of Algonquin President John Schmitt
    Village of Fox River Grove President Robert Nunamaker
    Village of Greenwood President John Ferris
    Village of Huntley President Charles Sass
    Village of Lakewood President Erin Smith
    Village of Lake in the Hills President Paul Mulcahy
    Village of McCullom Lake President Terry Counley
    Village of Oak Wood Hills President Paul Smith
    Village of Richmond President Peter Koenig
    Village of Spring Grove President Mark Eisenberg
    Village of Wonder Lake President Tony Topf

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