Zettler Scores Republican Supporters

A press release from Democratic Party candidate for State Representative to replace retiring Mike Tryon:

Nancy Zettler for State Representative announces Republicans for Nancy Zettler

We are proud to announce Republicans for Nancy Zettler, led by leaders in the community of the 66th District who want a true, independent representative sent to Springfield. The effort is being launched with a letter (attached) to thousands of Republican voters from the following Republican community leaders:

Ken Arndt

Ken Arndt

  • Sue Harney, Dundee Township Supervisor
  • Dr. Kenneth Arndt, Interim Superintendant, Elgin Area School District, U46
  • Dr. Cheryl Crates, Board Member, CFO, Friends of the Fox
  • Jack Festen, Trustee, West Dundee Firefighter’s Pension Board
  • Fred Heid, Superintendent, Community Unit School District 300
  • Craig Johnson, President, Lionize Delivery Solutions, Inc.

Nancy Zettler will be the bipartisan and independent leader that we need, and she has the record to prove it. Nancy has a long record of bipartisan work to make sure that our schools are funded. She has gone to Springfield, fought against the “machine”, and WON.

When Springfield wanted to take millions of our tax dollars from District 300 and give it to corporations, she helped lead a campaign to make sure that some of that money stayed in our public schools. And she did this by demonstrating her ability to work on both sides of the aisle, with Republicans AND Democrats, in order to benefit the residents of our district.

We don’t need another bomb thrower in Springfield. We need someone who can put her/his ego on the back burner, someone who can work with rank and file legislators legislative leadership and the Governor’s office. Only one candidate in this race has a track record of the bipartisan negotiation that we need, and that is Nancy Zettler.


Zettler Scores Republican Supporters — 22 Comments

  1. Ok. Let’s suspend our shocked disbelief and look at the facts.

    1. Sweet Nancy is a Democrat
    2. Democrats embrace transgendered washrooms
    3. Democrats embrace the scum of ‘Black lives matter’
    4. Democrats embrace massive tax increases.

    It’s in their party platform. if she wanted Republican support she should have run as a Republican.

    These creepy RINOs keep crawling out of the woodwork like roaches.

  2. Fred Heid …. he’s one of the worst libtards in Northern Illinois!

  3. ** if she wanted Republican support she should have run as a Republican.**

    I guess she didn’t need to run as a Republican to get Republican support.

  4. gee- Fierabras- if you are the knight, I guess that makes Cal Charlemagne.

    I am not concerned with your bathroom habits but do worry about disgusting attitudes towards women written off as locker room talk.

    I think all lives matter- even those who don’t look like me.

    I look at how my government spends my money- like on mileage payments to my county board or the gaming of the system like the Valley Hi slush fund that has been around for 8 years but finally NOW these rocket scientist can find it given it is $40 million.

    Not all Republicans are cockroaches but I agree- there are significantly more in the past three years.

  5. To get mass Republican support, she needed to run as a Republican.

    These are RINOs and they just helped their own re-election campaigns into the toilet.

    Reminds me of the Libtard McHenry County Republican Mayors for Tax Raising, Madigan tushy licking, Lying Jack Franks.

  6. Both parties are horribly flawed.

    Voters will go beyond party lines in all races and this will only bother those that call others RINOs.

    It turns off voters who are able to decide for themselves.

    It isn’t a career ending move to support someone across the aisle.

    If you think it is you’re part of the problem.

  7. County Board member John Hammerand was the first one to blow the whistle to me on overlevying for Valley Hi.

  8. Related: Skillicorn has also promised to be the “first one” to speak up against Trump, but I guess bragging about sexually assaulting women doesn’t rise high enough in Allen’s priorities to call Trump out.

    If sexually assaulting women isn’t bad enough to call out Skillicorn’s presidential candidate, how can we expect Allen to be independent of anyone?


  9. How about teachers convicted of having sex with minors?

    Are you going to call the teachers out?

    Some of those teachers were convicted of criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual assault.

    Just do a Google search, you can find plenty of examples.

    Over 300 school personnel have been convicted of crimes in Illinois.

    The largest category: union public school teachers committing sex crimes against minors.

    A practice known as “Passing the Trash” was practiced in Illinois school districts.

    A teacher accused or suspected of such crimes was allowed to resign and was subsequently hired at another school district.

    We have seen story after story after story in the press about such incidents.

    So you are going to call out Trump for sexual assault?

    Did Trump go after minors?

    Was Trump convicted of sexual assault or sexual abuse against minors?

    Was Trump accused of sex against minors?

    Is Trump a saint?


    Is a teacher running for President?


    How about all the victims of the teachers criminal behavior.

    Were is your outrage.

  10. Oh, Mark. Nice spin.

    **Did Trump go after minors?**

    Sure you want to go there?


    Also, if your best argument is, “Sure, Trump brags about sexually assaulting women, but others sexually assault people too!” then you probably need a new argument.

    I have absolutely no interest in defending any teacher that sexually assaults children.

    They shouldn’t be in the classroom.

    And your implication that I believe otherwise is absurd.

  11. Jeffery Lichte is a Democrat who ran as a Republican State Representative in the March 15, 2016 Republican Primary for the 63rd District, opposing Steve Reick.

    Jack Franks was unopposed as the Democrat Candidate.

    That was not bipartisan.

    Now a State Representative is claiming they are bipartisan in the November 8, 2016 election.

    Yet Michael Madigan remains Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    The Illinois Education Association teacher union PAC (IPACE) sent a contribution to the then home address of Shaw Decremer (whom the Chicago Tribune called Michael Madigan’s top campaign aid) in the name of Government for the People independent expenditure PAC supporting Jeffery Lichte and opposing Steve Reick.

    That was 1 day after the Government for the People PAC was formed.

    A day later IEA changed the address of the contribution.


    Democrat Nancy Zettler v Republican Allen Skillicorn for 66th District State Representative.

    Election November 8, 2016


    Dr. Kenneth Arndt, listed in the article as the current Interim Superintendent of Elgin School District U46, is the retired Superintendent of District 300.

    As a retired Superintendent he is receiving a $154,868 taxpayer funded TRS pension which receives an automatic 3% annual COLA hike.

    Those receiving a TRS pension are allowed to work x days per year.

    He began receiving the pension on July 1, 2011, after 10 years in District 300, an additional 6 years in the Decatur School District, and 19 years in Ohio schools.

    The Better Government Association lists his years of service as 28, so the entire 19 years from Ohio presumably were not transferred to TRS.

    Here is his most recent salary history.

    2011 – $232,344

    2010 – $224,135

    2009 – $217,800

    2008 – $211,649

    2007 – $211,196

    2006 – $202,383

    2005 – $188,034

    2004 – $188,051

    2003 – $189,473

    2002 – $180,069

    Not sure how much he has earned as an interim superintendent or any other temporary or consulting income he has earned while retired).


    On June 23, 2010, McHenry County blog reported that District 300 paid Dr. Arndt a post-election referendum bonus.



    TRS is the single larges fiscal problem in the state of Illinois.


    District 300 includes includes Dundee Crown High School in Carpentersville, Jacobs High School in Algonquin, Hampshire High School in Hampshire, and their elementary and middle school feeder districts.


    Which measures in the Rauner Administration’s Turnaround Agenda does bipartisan Nancy Zettler Support?

    How will she work in a bipartisan fashion to pass what components of the Turnaround Agenda?


    The list of Republican Nancy Zettler supporters includes a school district superintendent, an interim school district superintendent, and a trustee on a village fire department pension board:

    – Elgin School District 46

    – Village of West Dundee Firefighters Pension Board

    – Community Unit School District 300.


    Those three property taxing districts have severely underfunded pensions attributed to their operations.

    In the case of school districts, the state contribution to TRS is made on behalf of the school district, and more state funding to pensions, is that much less state funding that is available for General State Aid (the states primary funding to school districts) and state categorical grants to school districts (transportation special education, etc.).


    School Districts and Villages should prominently and clearly display their pension and and bond obligations to taxpayers, including the GASB 68 recommended state payment to TRS on behalf of the school district:

    – Total Unfunded Pension Liability

    – Estimated amount for a taxpayer to fund the unfunded liability.

    – Bond Debt Service Schedule, Itemizing Principal and Interest annually.

    – Estimated Payment Schedule for the amount of taxes per year on a $200,000 house (or whatever # they choose), annually, until the debt is retired.


    The details are in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) of the taxing districts, or if they don’t have a CAFR, in their annual report.

    Search on “net pension liability” to get started with pensions.

  12. 75% of the contributions to Democrat State Representative candidate Nancy Zettler’s PAC has come from unions.

    $16,250 of the $21,750 total came from unions.

    I.P.A.C.E. – $5,000
    Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor Management PAC $1,000
    Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters $1,000
    Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters $1,000
    LiUNA – Chicago Area Laborers $1,000
    McHenry County Building Trades Council $1,000
    Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor Management PAC $1,000
    Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters $1,000
    Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters $1,000
    LiUNA – Chicago Area Laborers $1,000
    McHenry County Building Trades Council $1,000
    Painters District Council No. 30 Political Action Account $500
    Pipefitters’ Assn. Local 597 $500
    Elgin Association of Fire Fighters $250


    IPACE is the IEA statewide teacher union PAC. One of the most influential PACs in Illinois politics, teacher unions are the top union contributors to the PACs of many politicians.

    Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor Management PAC is an IUOE Local 150 affiliated labor management cooperation committee (LMCC) which promotes union labor. IUOE Local 150 has union locals present in several Public Works Departments in McHenry County. Traditionally the union consists of heavy equipment operators.

    Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters is an umbrella organization of Carpenters Locals.

    LiUNA = Laborers. This contribution is likely from the Laborers District Council of Chicago, which is an umbrella organization of Laborers Locals.

    McHenry County Building Trades Council = AFL-CIO umbrella organization of building and construction trades unions present in McHenry County. The Chair of Jack Franks PAC, Tom McTavish, is the Treasurer and on the Board of Directors.

    Painters District Council is an umbrella organization of Painter’s Locals.

  13. Blew the whistle?


    It has been going on since 2008… lets not too excited that he can find an issue when it is $40 Million big.

    Hammerand has demonstrated several times over his tenure that he can’t read financials.

    Does he even know how the surplus happened?

  14. I can only tell me what he told me.

    And he was the first one to tell me.

    He said that the levy had been continued even thought the bonds had been paid off.

    If you can tell me when the bonds were paid off, I can tell you the approximate year he told me.

  15. They began running a surplus in 2007 ($13 mil) it was over $30 Million by 2011 and at $39 by 2014.

    Hammerand told you in 2012.

    5 Years of surplus by then. And invested poorly to boot.

  16. No one caught the tie-ins on those endorsements:

    District 300 – Nancy’s former stomping ground.

    Crates is the former D-300 CFO,

    Arndt is a former D-300 superintendent and

    Heid is the current D-300 superintendent.


  17. Dr. Cheryl M Crates was employed by Northern Illinois University and Community Unit School District (CUSD) 300.


    Salary / Compensation from Northern Illinois University (NIU) employement

    2012 – $06,126
    2011 – $09,999
    2010 – $07,875
    2009 – $09,825
    2008 – $10,500
    2007 – $04,375
    2006 – $07,000
    2005 – $09,625
    2004 – $13,125
    2003 – $21,000
    2002 – $01,750


    Salary / compensation from Community Unit School District 300 Employment

    2012 – $174,246
    2011 – $168,372
    2010 – $170,330
    2009 – $162,144
    2008 – $154,350
    2007 – $146,933
    2006 – $139,735
    2005 – $135,058
    2004 – $024,833
    Total – $1,276,001



    SURS Pension (NIU employment)

    TRS Pension (CUSD 300 employment)

    SURS = State University Retirement System

    TRS = Teachers Retirement System of the State of Illinois

    TRS Benefit Start Date – June 30, 2012

    SURS Benefit Start Date – July 1, 2012

    TRS = 8 years of service

    SURS = 5 years of service

    Total years of service = 13 years


    TRS / CUSD 300 – $31,843
    SURS / NIU —– $20,604
    Total ———- $52,447

    TRS / CUSD 300 – $30,915
    SURS / NIU —– $20,012
    Total ———- $50,927

    TRS / CUSD 300 – $30,015
    SURS / NIU —– $19,436
    Total ———- $49,451

    TRS / CUSD 300 – $28,716
    SURS / NIU —– $18,878
    Total ———- $47,594

  18. Frederick R Heid (Fred Heid)

    CUSD 300 Superintendent

    2015 – $111,572
    2014 – $062,346


    Chief Academic Officer, Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, Florida

    2014 – $134,504
    2013 – $131,880


    Bureau Chief School Improvement, Florida Department of Education

    2012 – $112,000
    2011 – $114,015


    Principal, Memorial Middle School, Orange County School Board

    2011 – $18,864

    2010 – $83,887

    2009 – $77,560

    2008 – $80,641

    2007 – $77,813

    2006 – $57,128

    2005 – $55,775

    2004 – $43,317


    Sarasota School Board

    2003 – $39,835

    2002 – $32,242

    2001 – $30,245

    2000 – $26,269


    Daily Herald

    May 16, 2014

    Fred Heid will be District 300’s first Latino superintendent

    by Lenore T Adkins

    “Days later, Heid signed a three-year contract with District 300, where he will make $210,000 a year.


  19. Dundee Township Supervisor

    Susan F Harney

    2015 – $47,000
    2014 – $47,000
    2013 – $44,750
    2012 – $41,000
    2011 – $41,000
    2010 – $41,000
    2009 – $38,127
    2008 – $32,216
    2007 – $31,716
    2006 – $31,216
    2005 – $30,716
    2004 – $30,107
    2003 – $29,288
    2002 – $28,494
    2001 – $18,650

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