Polling in Jack Franks District

John Bartman

John Bartman

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

Someone is trying to figure out who is going to vote how in the 63rd State Representative District that Jack Franks is abandoning.

Here’s what a Friend of McHenry County Blog emailed me:

I just got a robocall about the 63rd race (and presidential).

Just asked who I would vote for, if I would vote for Ds or Rs down the ticket or split my vote up.

Whether I viewed Bartman as favorable, unfavorable etc.

Same qustion for Reick


Polling in Jack Franks District — 4 Comments

  1. How much more of Madigan’s money should we expect to pour into the race?

  2. Government for the People independent expenditure PAC in the primary, supporting Democrat Jeffery Licthe who ran as a Republican, v Republican Steve Reick, expended $58,075.

    Expenditures in the smear campaign went to:

    Adelstein & Associates, 222 W Ontario Street, Chicago, IL – $23,000

    Jeff Waggoner Graphic Design, 4501 Kingston, Lisle, IL – $200

    Breaker Press, 2421 S Western Avenue, Chicago, IL – $34,704

    Alliance for Illinois Taxpayers at 233 S Wacker, Chicago, IL – $171


    The IEA teacher union PAC contribution of $12,500, reported March 8, 2016 one day after the Government for the People PAC was formed on March 7, 2016, was initially reported as going to the then home address of Shaw Decremer, whom the Chicago Tribune called Michael Madigan’s top campaign aide in a 2016 article.

    IPACE sent an address correction the next day to the address of John Biesk who was listed on the D-1 Statement of Organization form as the Chairman and Treasurer of the PAC.

    On line 9 of that form, the name is printed Bieck with a c not an s.

    On line 8 of the form, the name is printed Biesk with an s.

    Did Mr. Biesk forget how to print his name?

  3. Correction.

    It’s Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers.

    Not Alliance for Illinois Taxpayers.

    The PAC Chairman is James Weiss.

    The Illinois State Board of Elections Committee ID for the PAC is 24625.

  4. Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers PAC is an attack PAC (has sent negative mailers opposing a candidate), has funds available, and was associated with the negative mailer Government for the People PAC which supported the Democrat Jeffery Lichte running as a Republican in the 63rd District Republican Primary election March 15, 2016.

    As of today, Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers has reported receiving contributions of $302,107 while expending $94,741, resulting in a positive balance of $207,366.


    It was reported on the ISBE website that Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers contributed $600 to the Government for the People PAC on April 14, 2016, a month after the March 15, 2016 election.


    Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers PAC’s Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) committee ID is 24625.


    What are some of the other political campaigns in which Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers been involved?


    Daily Herald

    April 2, 2015

    Critical campaign mailings causing stir in Schaumburg

    by Eric Peterson

    – Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers opposed Village of Schaumburg trustee candidate Jim Moynihan.


    – Jim Moynihan lost to George S Dunham Jr (George Dunham), Tom Dailly, and Mark Madej.


    The following are from the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) Expenditures Search for Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers.


    – Opposed incumbent 5th District Democrat State Representative Kenneth Dunkin (Ken Dunkin) in the March 2016 primary.

    Michael Madigan and the Democrats were not happy with some of Ken Dunkin’s votes.

    Infamously, Ken Dunkin said he wanted off the reservation.

    Ken Dunkin was defeated by Juliana Stratton.

    The expenditures were:

    – $710 for mailers to Jeff Waggoner Graphic Design, 4501 Kingston Avenue, Lisle, IL.

    – $19,945 for mailers to Breaker Press, 2421 S Western Avenue, Chicago, IL.


    – Supported Grasiela Rodriguez in the March 15, 2016 Democrat 22nd District State Representative primary.

    Michael Madigan is the incumbent in that district.

    Ms. Rodrigueze was not a legitimate challenger.

    The expenditures were:

    – $350 for mailers to Jeff Waggoner Design, 4501 Kingston Avenue, Lisle, IL.

    – $2,216 for mailers to Breaker Press, 2421 S Western Avenue, Chicago, IL

    Just like Jeffery Lichte, Grasiela Rodriguez did not have a campaign website.

    Per the Chicago Tribune, Shaw Decremer was involved in the 22nd District State Representative District primary.

    Chicago Tribune

    Editorial: Michael Madigan vs. Somebody

    by Editorial Board

    January 15, 2016


    The legitimate challenger was Jason Rodriguez.

    There was another phony challenger in the 2016 State Representative 22nd District Democrat primary named Joe Barboza.


    – Contributed to Friends of Raymond A Lopez PAC in February 2015.

    PAC’s SBE committee ID 23079.

    Mr. Lopez was Chicago Alderman Candidate for Ward 15.

    Raymond Lopez won that election and is a current Chicago 15th Ward Alderman.

    He defeated Rafael Yanez.


    – Contributed $1,000 to Elmwood Park Voice Party on March 26, 2013.

    The consolidated election was April 9, 2013.

    PAC’s SBE Committee ID 24513.

    That PAC has been closed.

    The Chair of the PAC was Angela Ponzio.

    The Treasurer of the PAC was John Spina.

    The PAC supported the following candidates were for Elmwood Park Village Board: Joseph Ponzio, Diane Marchetti, Elvis Hernandez, Rocco Carrozza, and James Pape.

    In this election the candidates ran as a slate.

    The Elmwood Park Voice Party slate lost to the Peoples Choice Party slate.

    Incidentally, some residents of Chicago have an Elmwood Park zip code.


    – Contributed $1,000 on February 21, 2013 to Citizen Opinions Matter PAC, 3505 W Lake Street, Melrose Park, IL

    Citizen Opinions Matter PAC is now closed.

    PAC’s SBE committee ID 24595.

    The Chairman of the PAC was Jose Luis Suarez.

    The Treasurer of the PAC was Marco A Villagomez.

    The PAC was open October 5, 2012 thru June 26, 2013.

    The PAC supported:

    – Jose Luis Suarez for Mayor, Village of of Stone Park

    – Janet Chaparro for Village Clerk, Village of Stone Park

    – Sharon Healy for Trustee, Village of Stone Park

    – Irma Salgado for Trustee, Village of Stone Park

    – Marco A Villagomez (Marco Villagomez) for Trustee, Village Trustee of Stone Park.

    In this election candidates ran as a slate named Citizen Opinions Matter (COM), the same name as the PAC.

    The opposing slate was Neighbors in Action (NIA).

    COM was swept, losing all races.


    – Contributed $2,100 to Hispanic Democrats United PAC in Cicero in February 2013.

    PAC’s SBE committee ID is 23643.

    PAC’s officers are:

    – Jorge Rueda, Chairperson

    – Emilio Cundari, Treasurer

    – Alejandro Rueda, Secretary

    – Mary Lou Schvach, Data Entry


    How to tutorial

    Here is how to get Illinois State Board of Elections contribution and expenditure data into a spreadsheet.

    http://www.elections.il.gov > Search Options > Expenditures Search > by Committees > Committee ID 24625 > Search > Download this List > Tab Delimited Tex File > Save File > OK >

    Name the file and save it to a directory.

    Write down or remember the file name and directory.

    Open Excel.

    Go to that directory and file name.

    The file is saved as a txt file.

    For Excel to find the file, change Excel to see txt files.

    The process to do so probably varies by version of Excel.

    Go to the lower right hand corner of Excel and click on the down arrow next to All files.

    Click the down arrow and select:

    All Files (*.*)

    Click the .txt file. (.txt is the file extension).

    In the Text Import Wizzard pop up, choose wizzard.

    Choose next.

    Under Delimter, Choose Tab.

    Click Next.

    Under Column Data Format, choose General.

    Click Finish.

    Next, your file name in Excel is thus Receipts.txt (unless you changed the file name).

    That is not good.

    Change the file name in excel from a .txt extension to a .xls or .xlsx extension.

    .xlsx is the more modern of the two, assuming your version of excel supports .xlsx.

    Click File, Save As, and save it to the same file name and directory (hopefully you remember where the *.txt file is located.).

    In the lower right hand corner, under Save as Type, click the down arrow, and change from

    Text (Tab delimited)(*.txt)


    Excel Workbook (*.xlsx).

    Assuming that your version of Excel supports xlsx, if not, choose xls.


    Now that is ridiculous to go through all those steps.

    The Illinois State Board of Elections website should be updated so that one can simply download a spreadsheet containing the data.


    Another problem with the Illinois State Board of Elections website:

    It has recently changed so that Google searches are not picking up political contributions, expenditures, and such on the website.


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