47% Want to Leave Illinois


Moving vans in front of the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach.

That’s what the Southern Illinois University’s Paul Simon Public Policy Institute discovered.

That’s just the registered voters.

Might be more if those not engaged in active citizenship were included.

A further finding is that 20%, specifically,

“The poll also showed 20 percent said it was extremely likely, somewhat likely or likely they would leave the state in the coming year.”


47% Want to Leave Illinois — 11 Comments

  1. Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

    Paul Simon Public Policy Institute

    October 10, 2016

    Illinois Voters Ask: Should I Stay or Should I Go

    – 9 pages

    The margin of error for the entire sample of 1,000 voters is minus 3.1 percentage points.

  2. Madigans and the rest of the Springfield rabbles strategy, tax them until they can’t even afford hiring a moving van.

    Should be pretty obvious to everyone by now.

    Bet he wished he could have nailed those 300 K tax returns and $15 B in AGI that already got away, with an Exit Tax.

  3. Re: “the rest of the Springfield rabbles”

    This would include EVERYONE (including the liar Franks) in the Illinois House during May of 2009 when they passed SB1918.

    Incredibly, 11 Senators voted No – Althoff was NOT one of the 11.

    That legislation has resulted in Illinois being the fourth heaviest taxing body relative to your wireless bill!!


    That ‘hidden’ tax is one of many that the liar Jack Franks has voted for!!

  4. Even with the candidates we have in some of these local races such as County Board, and state representatives, make me prefer to eat my own vomit then move out of Illinois.

  5. You can count me in as one of the 47%.

    Business is booming for Two Men And A Truck thanks to Madigan and his pirates.

  6. The 47% who want to leave Illinois should stop whining and move already.

  7. How would the bills get paid with a 47% drop in revenue.

    Double taxes for those remaining?

  8. voter…

    Then buy my house.

    It’s been in my family since it was built when my grandfather retired from farming in the 50’s.

    It has been lovingly cared for, has a great location, and is among the top-rated school districts.

    We’re about to get a spanking new library too.

    The taxes…

    Did I mention the great location?

    Seriously, do you know what it takes for someone with roots here to want to leave?

  9. I hope I can find a moving company that isn’t already booked solid.

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