Walking My Precinct Seeking to Pay Taxes Under Protest

Almost fifty years ago, when I was McHenry County Treasurer, 20% of the tax bills and 20% of the property taxes were paid under protest.

At that time the taxes were withheld from schools and other tax districts until the lawsuit was settled.

Each property owner had to contract with an attorney (there was only one–Joe Connerty).

Now a new tax protest lawyer has come forth–Timothy Dwyer, who operates out of St. Charles and who used to be with the Zukowski law firm (now ZRFM).

While Dwyer will not accept homeowners individually, he will accept them if they are in a Property Owners Association.

Wanting to be able be part of the suit, I have been walking my precinct this week asking residents to contact those who will be on our Country Club Property Owners Association, if they would also like to have the opportunity to have a tax rebate a couple of years down the pike.

Below is what I am handing out about the issue:

Chance for a Property Tax Rebate

We have an opportunity to participate in a suit against local tax districts being filed by attorney Timothy Dwyer. Unfortunately, he won’t accept us as individuals. Our County Club Property Owners Association has to authorize our participation.

Running for the Board, for which ballots will be cast at this Saturday afternoon’s 3:30 Okotober Fest at Gate 21, are our neighbors Annette Petersen for President, Kipp Hendricks for VP, Andrew Rosulek for Treas., Britanee Foster for Secy, and for Trustees:, Nick Priegnitz, Amy Goze, Robert Hoover and Jaime Price.

I hope you will encourage them to allow us to have the opportunity to get a real estate tax rebate through Dwyer’s tax protest suit. (Dwyer’s fee would be 50% of any rebate.)

It will be based on tax districts having accumulated excessive balances in various funds. For example, last year’s lawsuit challenged the $3 million tax levy for McHenry County’s nursing home, Valley Hi. It had over $40 million in bank accounts while Valley Hi operates most years on a balanced budget of $10-$11 million. (This is the tax levy that GOP candidate for County Board Mike Walkup led the fight to zero out last year, so there was no tax for it this year since the planned $3 million levy was eliminated. That cut the county budget by 3.6% from $79 to $76 million. He is leading the fight to eliminate the Valley Hi tax,levy.)

I have talked to CCAPOA’s incoming and outgoing Presidents and both say our POA is just a social organization.

Wednesday night will be the next Board meeting.  I’m attending and will basically say,

“What have we got to lose?”

= = = = =

Here's the logo being used in Jack Franks' campaign. It's carries a promise that Lying Jack Franks cannot deliver.

Here’s the logo being used in Jack Franks’ campaign. It’s carries a promise that Lying Jack Franks cannot deliver.

I would contrast this effort to save taxes, one that actually has a plan, with that of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

He has but a slogan and a symbol.

He can declare himself as a “Tax Fighter” without being able to point to any McHenry County tax district where he has attempted to cut real estate taxes and use a totally misleading logo–repeatedly–that promises to cut our tax bills by 10%. That is the most misleading campaign promise that I have ever seen locally.

This afternoon from 3-5, CCAPOA will hold its annual Oktoberfest at Gate 21 Beach. That’s when election of officers will also occur.

Last year, it was a blast, although I wished had brought gloves.

This year the weather is predicted to be nice and, if it is not, CCAPOA has rented a heater.

= = = = =
Those who would like to take a similar proposal to their POA can shoot me an email and I’ll put them in touch with attorney Timothy Dwyer.


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  1. Oh, you rabble rouser, Cal!

    Your efforts may be just ahead of the pitch fork crowd that will soon gather.

    (And 20% could become miniscule.)

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