Zettler Sends Out Mailing

Here is what I think is the first mailing from Nancy Zettler, the Democrat is running against Allen Skillicorn:

The address side of Nancy Zettler's mailing focuses on Republican opponent Allen Skillicorn.

The address side of Nancy Zettler’s mailing focuses on Republican opponent Allen Skillicorn.

The back of Nancy Zettler's piece shows a shot of her family.

The back of Nancy Zettler’s piece shows a shot of her family and emphasizes her support of abortion rights.


Zettler Sends Out Mailing — 13 Comments

  1. Another left wing kook running on the “unlimited baby killing platform”

  2. “Opposes a woman’s right to choose” to slice up her baby, she means?

  3. Nancy, McHenry County Democrats and their sympathizers;

    Please explain, in detail, how supporting local women’s health clinics, women’s health examinations, women’s education and women’s equality issues equates to ANY conservative denying women anything.

    Frankly, your simplistic formulaic attack on Allen is the same demeaning garbage the elitist Democrats have been hoping women are stupid enough to swallow for years now.

    This is the same type of idiotic statement as trying to say breaking up families and their budgets somehow is “for the children”.

    Do you, Nancy, actually believe women are so backwards and stupid they believe this idiocy?

    It is apparent you do or this piece wouldn’t have been produced.

    So how is it your belief women are stupid translates to you being a good representative for them?

    If you have no respect for your gender how are men supposed to believe you have any respect for them?

    If you have respect for men but not women what does this say about your mental fitness for any position of leadership or responsibility? 52% of the electorate are women.

    Do you think demeaning and attacking women is a good strategy for your candidacy?


    Please feel free to respond.

    Should you not be capable of responding please feel free to have any surrogate respond.

    Should your surrogates lack the ability to respond I invite anyone who would like to justify Nancy’s total lack of respect for women to do so.

    I anxiously await any response.

  4. Priest, I do not understand your paragraph.

    How do you equate the showing of how Allen Skillicorn’s negative votes on issues that are fundamental to women and their bodies displays a lack of respect for women by Nancy Zettler?

  5. Republican Allen Skillicorn v Democrat Nancy Zettler for 66th District State Representative.

    Election November 8, 2016.

    The incumbent Republican Michael Tryon is not running for re-election.


    Typical scare women Democrat mailer.


    What is this, a targeted mailer to women using NGP Van software?


    What exact funding does Ms. Zettler support that Mr. Skillicorn opposes?


    The law in Illinois is that women have the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion and no one is claiming that right is in jeopardy, except Democrats concerned about losing an election.


    None of these issues are on Nancy’s website.


    The biggest problem in the state of Illinois is pensions.

    What is her plan for pensions?

    Money going to pensions doesn’t go to rape kits, breast cancer screenings, prostate screenings, domestic violence victims, educator misconduct victims, etc.


    A vote for a Democrat State Representative is a vote to oppose the Republican Governor Bruce Rauner administration’s turnaround agenda.

    We need sustainable finances at reasonable taxes in this state.

    We have high property taxes and unsustainable finances in many government units right now, including the state government, many municipalities, and school districts.

    For school districts, factor in the state contribution to the TRS pension fund on behalf of the school district.

    More money to pensions means less money to schools.

    All of these government programs cost money, and we need sustainable government finances to deliver sustainable reasonably priced services.

    That postcard does nothing to explain how she would address the financial problems we are facing in this state.


    A major reason we are in this financial mess is to due to unfunded state legislative mandates which hiked state and local benefits and costs.

    The tax hikes didn’t match the benefit and cost hikes.

    If the tax hikes did match, people would be screaming 46 years ago about the ever higher taxes.

    Instead, the pensions were inadequately funded, and now we have a huge mess.


    If pension benefits are hiked without hiking taxes, that results in a taxpayer IOU called an unfunded liability.

    What is Nancy’s plan for that.

    Our biggest fiscal problem, what is Nancy’s plan.

    The Democrat leader of the State House of Representatives, Michael Madigan, has been part of that problem for that last 46 years.

  6. Wonderful piece for anyone that was undecided before they got this piece. Thanks, Nancy.

    You clinched it that this Skillicorn person is a true hero!

    (Why do the demonrats never see how truly evil they are?)

  7. Seriously that is what Nancy Settler sends out
    As a campaign mailer ! ? !

    She is COMPLETELY OUT of TOUCH & doesn’t seem to
    Realize the biggest issue in our county is the
    Insane amount of property taxes.

    Agree with Cindy, that mailer tells a lot, Zettler
    Will obviously be another clueless powderpuff

  8. Terri?

    Do you often back treasonous positions?

    from what I have seen you say in here on this blog, I think you may want to search your heart.

    This once great land is now under judgement for turning away from God and His infinite mercy.

    Nancy is clearly sticking her thumb in Gods’s eye and arrogantly claiming she knows better than to follow His rules.

    Is that what you are also about?

  9. Once again, the Democrats, party of the misogynist, racist, anti family, anti American interests cannot defend their own messaging.

    This should be a lesson to all conservatives. Face these liberals down.

    They have nothing to offer in the way of substance or values.

    It is incredibly easy to shut them down on the issues because they have no arguments.



    Wish there was one liberal with an argument or even backbone enough to try….

  10. Martha, it truly saddens me you think the liberals are Neanderthals who lack the capacity to understand or offer an argument.

    I think your statement is very pessimistic but let’s explore it together…

    The liberal doesn’t believe in this country, it’s founding values or its focus on the individual so they do not build a society, culture or follow tradition with others in their community.

    This does display a degree of inability to understand the need for community.

    The liberal pays families to remain apart and promotes governmental policy and law which denigrates the foundational unit of any society throughout history; the family.

    This does denote a selfishness which is anti social and anti cultural.

    The liberal believes brown people do jobs which white people do not wish to do and promotes policies which tear apart brown people’s self esteem, self worth and self image while claiming to be their friend.

    This denotes a disconnect between the real world and their fantasies which is called “insane” in our time but perhaps a Neanderthal would see this disconnect as part of mistrusting anything they couldn’t kill.

    Interesting thought.

    The liberal offers policies which try to kill brown people by killing their babies wholesale and telling them the sterilization which often happens due to this policy is ust an accident of nature.

    Perhaps Neanderthals would try to trick another tribe into thinking the murder of their babies was empowering but I’m certain all but the most brainwashed of the other tribe would know it’s an attempt to wipe them out through hurting their women.

    But there is something savage about hating certain women that much.


    You make an interesting point Martha.

    I’m not prepared to call a liberal “Neanderthal” for being without the ability to nation build, without the ability to understand the value of the family unit, without the ability to keep from hating those with more power, ability or melanin than them, or call them names for tearing down women whom they don’t like by trying to convince them their destruction is their salvation but, Martha, if you want to use the term “Neanderthal” to describe a liberal I’ll not stop you.

    I may suggest it is an affront to Neanderthals to do so but they don’t exist anymore so I suppose they won’t mind the bigotry.

    I’ll continue to hope for an intelligent liberal capable of formulating an intelligent defense of Nancy’s misogyny, or any liberal policy they wish to discuss.

  11. Priets? I think you mistook Martha’s comment. I think she was calling US the neanderthals and that we have not ‘evolved”.

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