Jack Franks – Labor Unions’ Million Dollar Man – Part 16 — 9 Comments

  1. The Cook County Teachers Union (CCTU) endorses Democrat Nancy Zettler for 66th District State Representative (portions of southern McHenry & northern Kane County) over Republican Allen Skillicorn.

  2. The Cook County College Teachers Union PAC has contributed $23,539 to Jack Franks PACs, from February 19, 1999 through September 23, 2014.

    Source: Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) Contributions Report on Jack Franks PACs.

    Jack Franks has two PACs.

    – Citizens for Jack D Franks, SBE committee ID 13681 (discontinued in 2006).

    – Supporters of Jack D Franks, SBE committee ID 19464 (initiated in 2006).


    The name of the Cook County College Teachers Union PAC on the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) website is:

    “Cook County College Teachers Union Comm on Political Education”

    The SBE committee ID is 1087.

    The PAC’s Chairman is Perry Buckley, and the Treasurer is Don Radtke.

    Previous PAC officers are Norman G Swenson (Norman Swenson), Richard A Fritz (Richard Fritz), and Jay Singelmann.

    An Expenditures Report on the Cook County Teachers Union (CCTU) PAC results in $2,997,478 expenditures from January 8, 1999 through September 16, 2016.

    $29,939 of that was attributed to Jack Franks.

    $23,539 was reported as having been received by Jack Franks PACs (as indicated above).

    In the series post on Chicago Teachers Union, there was also a discrepancy between expenditures reported by CTU and receipts reported by Jack Franks PACs.

    Each individual discrepancy is unique.

    Some discrepancies seem to have explanations, while others are a mystery.


    In addition to simply contributing money to the Jack Franks PACS, the following are included in the $29,939 figure:

    – $4,500 for “ticket purchase” (no explanation as to type of tickets) split between February 18, March 27, and November 24, 2008.

    – $50 expenditure directly to Jack Franks (not the PAC) on February 11, 2000.

    – $1,250 for postage on November 2, 2000

    – $2,639 for printing on November 11, 2000.

    – $100 to the City Club of Chicago on March 7, 2006 listing the Jack Franks PAC as the beneficiary

    – $300 directly to Jack Franks (not the PAC) on June 9, 2000 listing the Cook County College Teacher Union COPE as the beneficiary.

    – $200 directly to Jack Franks (not the PAC) on February 5, 1999 for campaign food, listing the Cook County College Teacher Union COPE as the beneficiary

  3. Cal:

    You are forgetting the millions of dollars in grants from the statefor local fire districts, park districts, and other taxing bodies that Jack has secured as a state rep.

    Schaeffer, Hughes, Klemm and Brown did nothing for the local taxpayers until Jack started showing them up.

  4. Labor affiliates of the Cook County College Teacher Union (CCCTU)


    CCCTU is AFT Local 1600.

    AFT = American Federation of Teachers


    CCCTU’s state affiliate is the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT).

    CCCTU’s national affiliate is the American Federation of Teachers.

    CCCTU is an umbrella Union Local which has several councils present in Cook County community colleges


    CCCTU (AFT Local 1600) has 3 bargaining units at the 7 Community Colleges of Chicago District 508, which are also known as the City Colleges of Chicago.


    – Faculty & Training Specialists

    – Professionals (full and part time), there are many titles including assistants, coordinators, directors, advisors, case workers, etc.

    – City Colleges Police Officers Association (CCPOA)


    – Daley College

    – Harold Washington College

    – Kennedy – King College

    – Malcom X College

    – Olive – Harvey College

    – Truman College

    – Wright College


    CCCTU represents various bargaining units at various Cook County suburban community colleges:

    Harper College (Palatine)

    – Faculty

    – Professional / Technical


    Moraine Valley College (Palos Hills)

    – Faculty

    – Adjunct Faculty

    – Support Staff


    Morton College

    – Faculty

    – Classified


    Oakton Community College (Des Plaines)

    – Classified Staff

    (Faculty are represented by an IEA bargaining unit)


    Prairie State College (Chicago Heights)

    – Support Staff

    (Faculty are represented by an IEA bargaining unit)


    South Suburban College (South Holland)

    – Faculty

    – Adjunct Faculty

    – Support Staff


    Triton College (River Grove)

    – Faculty

    – Classified

    – Mid Management


    Note referencing above bargaining units.

    Classified and Support Staff are basically synonyms.

  5. Jack Franks was certainly given much pork to distribute to solidify his position after he was elected in 1998.

    I remember at a Woodstock parade when Dick Locher, who drew Dick Tracy was the Parade Marshall, that Jack went up to the fire truck and basically said that the firemen had to support him because of the money he had gotten their Fire Protection District.

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