Working CL Streets For and Against the $30.1 Million New Library Referendum

What the two pitches looked like when placed side by side.

What the two pitches looked like when placed side by side.

Out in my precinct this past week I saw the remnants of people having campaigned for and against the advisory referendum on a $31.2 million referendum to build a new library in Crystal Lake.

The Vote Yes folks had a long door hanger.

The Vote No people had an 8 1/2 by 11 inch yellow sheet of paper, printed on one side and attached to door handles with a rubber band.

I believe those opposed were passing out the same message that McHenry County Blog previously published.

In short, there was real money behind those favoring the referendum; minimum dollars behind the opposition.

There were lots of “Vote Yes” signs in the Crystal Lake portion of my subdivision–Country Club Additions.

Sunday a couple were driving around the neighborhood, perhaps jotting down the addresses of those with “Vote Yes” signs so their homeowners could be identified and encouraged to go to the polls.

Below are larger images of what both sides were passing out.


Here's what the Vote No folks passed out.

Here’s what the Vote No folks passed out.


Working CL Streets For and Against the $30.1 Million New Library Referendum — 10 Comments

  1. Just a cursory glance tells me the pro library funidng people are using pictures and the anti library funding are using actual words that one would have to read.


  2. Vote no for several reasons.

    1. Only year 1 cost has been revealed to the taxpayer.

    2. What are the costs for years 2, 3, 4, etc. until the bonds would be (paid off).

    3. What is the annual bond debt service schedule (Principal, interest, total) for the bond deal.

    That is the estimated annual payment from the city to the bondholders to repay the bonds.


    Year 1 – principal – interest – total

    Year 2 – principal – interest – total

    Year 3 – principal – interest – total



    That’s a good start.

    Email the proponents and demand answers.

    It’s year money.

    Why are they hiding pertinent information.

    Would you be dumb enough to buy a house without knowing the above?


    Then why would you be dumb enough to “buy” a library without knowing the above.


    Above is a reason property taxes are so high.

    Property taxpayers approved referendums without knowing the total costs, interest cost, complete payment schedule, etc.


    Referendums for Taxpayer Dummies

    Read above.

  3. I have asked some questions on the library’s facebook page but the only one that got a response from someone (and I don’t know if they worked for the library or not). I asked why our library had so many full and part time employees compared to other area libraries and the person who commented compared the library to Walmart and the time when they were building the new store and were hiring new employees, they said you have to prepare. I worked for the old and new stores during these times and to compare that is insane. They stared hiring after the new store was built not before it was even approved like the library. From what I have read they have about double the employees of other libraries and will most likely hire even more if this gets approved.

  4. I saw quite a lot of “Vote No” signs along the neighborhood by Central School smart people over there! sick of being taxed to death… I’m sure like the rest of us.

  5. Where can I find the “No to Library Referendum” signs??

    I need one.

    An new library will not increase users, it will only increase taxes!

  6. So after looking at alabamashake comment and following link, “Library Yes” is a committee composed of the Secretary of the Crystal Lake Library Board of Directors.

    So “concerned citizens” of supporters of Library are comprised of Library Board members.

    I really wonder about funding sources.

    My guess money for this committee is still somehow being funded by taxpayers.

    Thought I left this stuff behind when I moved away from Chicago.

    Also curious the cost to average taxpayer, doe it increase if/when census/population decreases in McHenry County

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