Lying Jack Franks Modifies Web Site

Lying Jack Franks must be feeling the heat.

Look what commenter Mark found:


“Cut property taxes now 10%” has been the gorssly misleading slogan and logo of Jack Franks’ campaign for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Jack Franks has changed his campaign website for McHenry County Board Chair.

His campaign website used to include the Cut 10 campaign to cut property taxes in every property taxing district in McHenry County by 10%.

No more.

Now Jack Franks’ website only says his goal is to cut property taxes to the McHenry County taxing district by 10% (he does not include villages, cities, fire protection districts, park districts, etc.

He switched.

And there is no explanation on the website for the switch.


However, the website still exists, which redirects to

On that website Jack Franks is still claiming:

“I urge you to support an immediate 10% cut in property tax levied by EVERY government body in McHenry County.”

“I’m running for McHenry County Board Chairman to cut property taxes levy by 10% across the board.

“This means a 10% property tax levy reduction from EVERY government body in our County.”

“Join me in sending a message to McHenry County leaders in support of this 10% cut.

And know that I will introduce this plan on my first day as your McHenry County Board Chairman.

– Jack Franks”


Lying Jack Franks Modifies Web Site — 9 Comments

  1. OH BOY!!!

    Still doesn’t excuse Franks’ many past lies.

    So now he’s claiming he can reduce 10% of the 10% so that would equal 1%, but THE TRUTH IS, he won’t have the authority to do that either!

    Vote for Candidates with TAX FIGHTING HISTORY and VOTING RECORDS!

    WALKUP-like him, hate him Fact is, HE ACTUALLY CUT SPENDING which resulted in Lowering Taxes. he has the voting record to prove it! He hasn’t based his campaign on a lie.

    KENNEALLY-He’s got the managerial experience and the respect of the office currently! He’s got a great record for convictions and a great understanding of THE LAW. (his opponent is a DUI lawyer who’s never managed anyone and is not even to be taken seriously.

    TIRIO-He fights useless govt spending in his spare time! Has a published plan to how he’s going to reduce spending and improve service to the county! first by GETTING RID of the elected position he’s going for! That’s no pension-and is the ultimate in Term Limit guys. Managerial, Budgetary experience and was part of one of the largest mergers in U.S. History. He knows a few things about merging, technology, budgets, HR and detailed/timely reporting of documents. Retired Exec from Ameritech.

    WILBECK-Was a downright dynamo on the board of McHenry County College. He asked questions, did his own research, pushed for answers the administration would not give him! He championed transparency at MCC! A great reader of a situation at hand. Is retired financial professional and can devote the time needed to the County Board position and participating on committees!

    BARNES-Voting record is very good, asks questions, scrutinizes any spending before casting a vote. Was chosen by her peers to be Vice chair of the board. Doesn’t spout off about what she doesn’t know-but finds the right answers herself and speaks to her findings publicly at board meetings.

    SNARSKI-Has managerial experience, budgetary experience. He is also retired and can devote the time needed to the County Board position/committees! Is also retired and can devote the time needed to the County Board position!

    WILCOX-detail oriented, has run a great campaign, knows history, has done his homework, attends county board meetings, has ideas on cutting waste, participates in groups that are tax fighting! Retired military. Has time to devote to the county board position! Is no newbee to govt. and has a good read on the situation and will make great decisions regarding county spending.

    These are the Candidates that clearly have it, hands down over their opposition.

  2. He must not be ‘polling’ too well if he is changing his websites this late.

    Vote for Walkup!!

  3. Jacko needs to CUT the cut10 period.
    It doesn’t work either way you SLICE it.

    The fact that Jacko CAN’T DO MATH and has
    Started to realize it IS a BIG STEP for

    The TRUTH IS, he really WILL keep finding
    New ways to tax us all.

  4. Labor unions support Jack Franks who supports cutting property taxes.

    Does not make sense.

    But Jack Franks has been getting away with his pro union, anti tax hike agenda for 18 years.

    The result.

    Massive debt resulting from 46 years of underfunded and unfunded legislative pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes.

    Jack Franks, the Unfunded Mandate Cost Hiker.

    What happens if costs are hiked, but taxes are not hiked to pay for costs?


    Guess what we have a lot of in Illinois.


    Legislators playing Santa Claus with benefit hikes and just letting debt pile up.

    It is really something to run around claiming you never voted for a tax hike, and naive taxpayers don’t realize you have voted for cost hikes in the form of unfunded mandates, and those cost hikes became law, and were not properly funded, so now we have big debt problems.

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