NWH Letter Writer Says Lying Jack Franks Not Trustworthy

Harvard’s Bill Matteson has written a letter to the Northwest Herald which he has given permission to be published here:

Candidate we can trust

To the Editor:

Republican Michael Walkup is the candidate we can trust to represent residents as McHenry County Board chairman.

Democrat Jack Franks has repeatedly stated he will introduce his “Cut 10 Plan” on his first day as chairman.

Why must voters wait until after the election to learn the details and merits of this so-called plan?

Franks also published in a statement that he would take full advantage of the consolidation legislation that was signed into law this past August. In what ways will Franks utilize consolidation?

Again, we have to wait until after the election.

Franks is also promoting an advisory referendum on the November ballot which would freeze the county’s ability to raise taxes without voter approval.

The glaring problem with Franks’ advisory referendum?

There is no such referendum on the ballot.

Do not gamble on Franks.

Vote Walkup for County Board chairman.

Bill Matteson, Harvard

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More on Jack Franks’ deceptions at LyingJackFranks.com.


NWH Letter Writer Says Lying Jack Franks Not Trustworthy — 4 Comments

  1. A union backed candidate cannot lead an effort to cut property taxes 10% in every property taxing district in the county, unless he goes against union friendly policy that has hiked property taxes, which Jack Franks is not going to do, or unless some other taxes are hiked, such as income taxes, taxes on services, etc.

    Cut 10 lacks everything a plan should have.

    – No plan is presented.

    – No time frame is presented.

    – Lack of support from key stakeholders, that being elected leaders in property taxing districts in McHenry County.

    – The Republican mayors that support Jack Franks have not publicly supported Cut 10, and it is a central part of the Jack Franks campaign.


    No one has publicly supported it other than John Bartman and he provides no plan or timeframe either (if there are other public supporters please name them).


    Bill Matteson is Republican Precinct Committeeman for Chemung 2 which is in Harvard.

    Chemung Township, Precinct 2.


    A major flaw with Jack Franks is he does not discuss the impact that unfunded mandates have on hiking taxes.

    Unfunded mandates are new state laws which are not funded.

    The worst of those unfunded mandates is pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes, as one sentence added to the state constitution has been interpreted by the Illinois State Supreme court to mean the benefits are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired.

    Since the hiked benefits accrue year after year for decades and are paid until the employee and their surviving spouses pass away, that results in hiked costs for decades.

    If a pension or retiree healthcare benefit his hiked for a 21 year old worker, and that person lives to 85, the payouts do not begin until the worker retires at say 55 (50 in the case of most police and fire), which is 35 years (30 years in case of police and fire) into the future.

    Then the payouts last 30 years (35 years in the case of police and fire).

    To make matters worse, funding has been diverted from pensions to salaries.

    The hiked salaries, hike the pension payout.

    To make matters worse, consideration of pension funding and retiree healthcare funding is not a mandated bargaining item during collective bargaining negotiations.

    So once again, pensions and retiree healthcare is underfunded, oh well, hike salaries anyway, which worsens the underfunding.


  2. So why is this not front page news every day if it is a disaster?

    Watch the Project Veritas Action videos, Rigging the Election.

    Meaning, SPIN.

    Constant, 24 x 7 x 365 spin for the last 46 years.

    365 x 46 = 16,425 days of spin.

    It never stops.

  3. So many steeple following this guy because he hands out ice cream at the city concerts?

    Dean paid for it, not Franks.

    Don’t now what his appeal is.

    He always says he’s ‘working on it’ but never gets ‘it’ done!

    Never lowered taxes and always sides with Madigan and we KNOW what that gets us!

    Higher taxes!

  4. It is very easy to decide whether to vote yes or no for any referendums this year, be they advisory or binding referendums.

    Vote no for all of them.

    Force these taxing districts to become more transparent.

    If you are not quite sure the pros and cons, vote no.

    Why allow the government to do something you don’t fully understand.


    There is an advisory referendum on the ballot this year to reduce the number of county board members, allegedly to “save” money.

    It’s a ruse.

    It is a Power Grab.


    As an analogy.

    There was state constitutional amendment that was passed in 1980 to reduce the number of State Representatives.

    The alleged reason was to “save” taxpayers money, as less legislators meaning lower payroll.

    It was a ruse.

    Illinois legislators are now among the best paid in the nation, and the leaders receive stipends (extra pay) for certain duties.

    But the real reason for the amendment was to allow Michael Madigan to obtain more power.

    The combination of fewer State Representatives and the ability to draw maps has made Michael Madigan a very powerful politician.

    Another Democrat, Jack Franks, has powerful aspirations.

    Remember, Jack Franks wanted to change the McHenry County form of government to county executive.

    That was shot down in large part due to a debate Jack Franks had with Republican Michael Tryon (the video is on YouTube).

    Then Jack Franks went for Plan B, voter elected County Chair (rather than the current method of the county board electing one of their own to be Chair).

    After that passed on March 18, 2014, Jack Franks while a State Representative lobbied for:

    – Plan C (16 county board districts with 1 member per district), and

    – Plan D (No property tax hike if EAV falls).

    On June 6, 2014, while lobbying for Plan C and Plan D, Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald reported the following:

    “Franks made clear that he is not pushing for County Board changes as an effort to run for the chairman’s seat in two years, following the footsteps of former state senators Chris Lauzen and Dan Cronin, now chairman of the Kane and DuPage county boards.

    ‘What I’m trying to do is reduce our property taxes in McHenry County and make it livable so people don’t leave,’ Franks said.

    ‘I can promise you I am not running for county chairman in 2016.

    This has nothing to do with me.

    This is about good government.'”


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