Problems with Voting Machines in LITH

voting-boothsFrom a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

Just thought you would like to know that early voting took 35 minutes this afternoon.

Two of the five machines were not working and one of the two workers was on the phone and not processing voters for at least 10 minutes of that time.


Problems with Voting Machines in LITH — 11 Comments

  1. What a 24 hours it has been! You read the Herald today?

    Is Cal going to redact his post about Franks coordinating with a PAC to deliberately mislead the local GOP in another step to further hijack our local party?

    Is Walkup, who reads this blog and is silently condoning the racially charged comments from a Lake County Republican operative operating a laughable hit-blog, going to continue to accept financial support from Cal Skinner and share his posts on Facebook despite being patently false?

    This isn’t leadership.

  2. Moderate: Have you been consuming adult beverages or do you toke / snort?

    Take prescription drugs?

  3. I will agree with Moderate that Cal and his team need to redact his post regarding the mailer because of the new information from the PAC.

    Cal needs to be a man and admit he put up a knee jerk post driven by an obsession.

  4. I have put a correction in the cut line, plus an apology to the Illinois Democratic Party.

  5. You don’t even know what you are talking about I voted at LAke in the Hills and there was not a problem with voting machines.

    Most of these judges are elederly and trying very hard with long lines 35 minutes is nothing to wait to vote.

    You should be glad there is a line that means people are voting.

    A lot of misinformation from anonymous people nothing to support these calims.

    – a lot of stuff about nothing

  6. Guess you didn’t read the interview of the woman from Huntley who had to make four tries to get her voted counted for Trump, rather than Clinton.

  7. Cal?

    You are arguing with disinfo agents of the DNC communist party.

    The coup will be complete if they could only get their way.

    Too bad the good citizens are on to their their game of switching votes.

    The liars are being exposed by the Lord God, Almighty.


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