Ersel Schuster’s Precinct Letter

Here is the letter sent by Ersel Schuster to Seneca Township 2 voters:

Each election period we hear the statement… “This is the most critical election ever.”

Having been a politically active citizen for over 35 years, it is beyond any doubt, this is the most critical election we will experience.  Our very country and way of life is at stake!  We can no longer sit back and let entrenched bureaucrats continue to wreak havoc to every element of our lives through their manipulation and self-centered use of our government.

Politicians, media, political parties are clearly supporting the status quo.  They are desperate to keep control.  That desperation is dangerous and we are witnessing the lengths to which they are willing to go to protect it.  Holding public servants accountable is our responsibility and our right through the ballot box.  We must do our due diligence and make our votes count.

A simple truth… the economy and our safety are heading in the wrong direction.

At the top of the list of candidates we will choose is that of the president.  While many believe these are the worst candidates ever, I am going to proudly stand with the businessman.  We’ve had politicians running the country for decades.  These people, on nearly all occasions, have no clue what it takes to build a business, make jobs for us, meet a payroll or deal with the heavy hand of government.

This election will determine whether we return this great country to us… or, if it will continue on the slippery-slope into socialism.

Enclosed is a sample ballot with the decisions I have made; and, a flier outlining the issues we will vote on.  I cannot stress strongly enough that you take the privilege of voting seriously and make that vote count for the future of the country.

Contact me at any time at 815-338-2207 or


Ersel C. Schuster



Ersel Schuster’s Precinct Letter — 31 Comments

  1. Great letter, Ersel.

    And it speaks plainly so that even a dem could understand it.

  2. Thank you Ersel for taking the time, effort and cost of putting out your letter.

  3. Ersel:

    Thank you and don’t think for a minute that we have forgotten all of your efforts through the years.

    May the good Lord speed your way back into the leadership of our County.

    Never surrender

  4. I think you could have shortened the whole thing to “if it is Republican” you should vote for it. I obviously use “it” in it’s perfect sense.

    You forgot to say that voters should not look beyond the Republican label, ever, or else.

    Other than that I think you nailed it.

    I am sure you are on the comeback trail with that letter. Two thumbs up!

  5. Ersel,

    I am sitting at my desk, contemplating whether or not you have possibly hacked into my computer!

    Your letter bears an uncanny resemblance to a rough draft Im crafting to go out!

    Thank You, Ersel!

  6. “Watching”, I have to vehemently disagree with you!

    There is far too much trash in every level of government with the word “Republican” on it’s packaging!

    Partisanship is a huge fallacy…

    It’s a division… A distraction…

    It serves only to cause complacency and blindness among the populace and encourage and promote filth and plunder within government…

    MeanWhile, both party’s leadership and the political class continue to propagate lies and further entrench, enrich and empower themselves..

    And you’ll find this in every level of government, from my village board, to our county board, right up to the state and federal levels.

    Speak for 5 minutes with leadership at almost any level GOP organization and you’ll very likey discover a Republican party led by those who haven’t a clue what Republicanism even is.(nor do they care)

    And do we really need to even mention the purported Republicans holding offices at every level of government?

    Who, at best, are absolutely clueless, themselves, as to the principles of Republicanism – and at worst, could not care less about upholding those principles because they are only there for the power, prestige and pecuniary benefits??

    This entire notion that all Republicans are equal is an absolute insult to the few good ones that exist. And the few good ones will tell you, they aren’t there to be “good Republicans”…

    They’re there to govern the way government was intended!

    These are people of public virtue.. people of integrity.. people of character… and there aren’t many of them!

    They don’t care how big the R by their name is, or how cool the elephant on their literature looks!

    And this adage that “even a “bad Republican” is better than a “good Democrat”” is simply obtuse!

    This type of thinking (which in reality is actually NOT thinking) is the very reason we have lost our state, are losing our country (and are probably on our way to losing our so-called “Republican led” county as well.)

    Partisanship promotes the notion that: “I don’t have to actually know the issues we face, or the candidates running for office, I just vote R (or D) and if my letter wins, all will be right in world…”

    Sounds a bit exaggerated as I state it there, but I challenge anyone, to demonstrate how that is not exactly what parties do!

    “Stay out of the primaries, because they’re all R’s…” (as if they’re all equal, stand for the same principles and are willing to put forth the same fortitude.)

    “We all gotta come together and support our R in the General Election.” (Regardless of what they stand for and what their track record)

    And of course, let’s never forget the cardinal rule: “Never speak ill of a fellow R” (unless it’s Trump or Serwatka or Gasser, because those guys keep calling us to the carpet…

    They just won’t fall inline…

    They just won’t go with the program that’s always been in place…

    they won’t wait their turn…

    they challenge the status quo, so they’ve gotta go…)

    The truth that partisans either fail to see or just won’t admit is that R or D matters not!

    Until we get our heads out of this Rep/Dem paradigm and start dealing with the legitimate issues and begin judging and electing those who govern over us by what they truly stand for, and even more importantly, by WHAT THEY ARE WILLING TO DO ABOUT IT, then we have already lost!

  7. Wow, talking about hitting the nail on the head.

    Paul no truer words have ever been spoken.

  8. Paul: “R or D matters not!” I suggest to you that it does.

    The problem lies with the voters NOT voting for the candidate most likely to adhere to the PARTY platform and their failure to vote OUT the candidate who does NOT.

    Witness this year’s primary for Federal Senator in Illinois.

    Ignoring party affiliation has resulted in the consecutive re-elections of the liar currently running for County Board Chair.

  9. I suggest to you that unless we, the legal residents, of this country educate ourselves relative to how our votes are counted – or not – and get involved in the ‘audit’ of election results, Paul is correct in stating the R and D and G and L are meaningless.

    Go to this link to read about the Sanders / Clinton primaries:

  10. All $$$$ paid out by the State gov is paid at union scale if that type of work is mostly union controlled, not just for road maintenance only.

    The argument against that amendment is nonsense.
    Present state laws are being ignored by both D and R elected, maybe because no one is forcing the elected to follow the laws because they are overly partisan to their own side.

    Maybe with the amendment we would have a better chance to get proper enforcement.

    The law that says IL has to have balanced budgets, Mike M. and pals just ignore it, but just as bad our local state reps, mostly R, really don’t do anything about it.


    Partisan politics is killing this country from both sides of the isle.

  11. I’m not stating anything profound or revealing by stating that a good number of R”s, even right here in our county, both elected R’s and those within the R party leadership, stand in direct opposition to at least 5 items on the platform displayed here…

    How can this be?

    So, I read that platform, and vote for an R candidate including a good number running today and a good number that are currently in office and then watch as they support the exact opposite…

    (If I bought tickets to a Sox game, entered the park and took my seat and then the Cubs came out and started playing (or visa versa) I wouldn’t tolerate it.

    But, I should allow it constantly in less important things like selecting those who govern over our lives?)

    Essentially the R and the platform mean nothing!

    Next election comes and I vow to be more diligent.

    I go right to the top of leadership in the party, to find out which candidate I can really trust to uphold my “strong conservative values”…

    I am told “they are all fine Republicans”…

    Hmmm, something doesnt smell right here….

    So, I head to the local Tea Party where the “real conservatives” are…

    Only to find they, too, are promoting any friggin candidate who chooses to call themselves an R.

    Including some who are already in office and have proven to oppose many of the issues listed in that platform.

    Talk about insanity!

    And what’s most disturbing, is these people really believe they are making a difference… that they are doing good….
    They are oblivious to the fact that they, themselves, are perpetuating the problem.

    Or perhaps, deep down, they sort of know it to be true, but their years, or decades, of cognitive dissonance will not allow them to admit that all their mediocre efforts have allowed this bastardization to take place.

    When will you start playing like you mean to win?

  12. It is easier for special interest and lobbyist to buy off a smaller number of elected than a larger number, but our present system of 6 district with 4 each just isn’t what many of us really like.

    Steve Willson here and in the NWH comment section has called for single member districts, and many of us agree with that concept.

    There is no good reason that a computer program can’t make that happen without gerrymandering being part of the deal.

    IMO, a county board member should be limited to representing only 20k population, not the 1/6 of the county population as it is now.

    At this time that would mean 16 county board members, but as population grows that number would increase.

    As part of the realignment, no pensions or health care will be a benefit if elected.

    I’d limit county board members and chair to serving the same time as two terms in office a Fed Senator should serve, 12 years.

    Just as a thought, House members for the IL and the Fed should have their term in office be changed to 4 years instead of 2 years.

    Maybe the constant running for office, promising the world to get elected, would be reduced with that type of change.

    Same old same old needs to be changed, but in a logical controlled way.

  13. This is an awesome precinct letter. Such a different style than I have ever seen. This is really, really good.

    KUDOS Ersel!

  14. Ersel, You Strongly Support Trump and Walkup?

    Sure Hillary and Jack are some of the most self serving candidates in American history and voting for them means same old same old, but wouldn’t it be more honest to say you’ll be pinching your nose and be voting for the least of two evils.

    Walkup if elected will go after eliminating Townships will little or no concern for the financial consequences.
    Weren’t you sitting next to me at the consolidation meetings opposed to that thinking?

    Trump, well let’s say I don’t think he’ll be as fiscally responsible as I’d care to vote for, so I voted for Gary Johnson.

    Sure he has no chance because of partisan politics, but he is the most likely to give us a fiscally responsible gov like he did in NM.

    Fiscally responsible gov IMO is the number one issue that needs immediate attention.

    The Referendums that want voting on taxes and levies although advisory, should be binding as that would solve most tax increases.

    The lack of support for them is understandable if you are one of the elected, because you don’t want your power cut to buy votes, but the voters should be signing major praise for the opportunity to control their future taxation.

    Voting would increase big time if that was law of the land.

  15. The truth does have a certain ring to it.

    Ersel’s post is the voice of a true American patriot that
    can be heard loud and clear.

    Thank you Ersel.

  16. The fight of our lives to actually turn this communist takeover around and the nitwitss are throwing their votes away!

    (Holding their noses? Guess you will be doing that when Hitlery carts you away to the FEMA camp.)

    Anything but a Trump vote is going to be lethal.

  17. I am stunned by how little weight any of Donny’s actions have carried.

    Make no mistake, I am not condoning Hillary on bit.

    But for all the derogatory stuff he’s said not to mention his alliance with russia, lack of transparency to taxes and all the other baggage he’s carrying, so many of you fail to broach the subject of right and wrong for him as quickly you do with her.

    No American candidate has ever denigrated the office of the President (yes, and the current holder of that office too – you anti-libs loved that) on foreign television, yet you self-proclaimed patriots have seemingly condoned it by your blind devotion.

    You call yourself patriots, but support a RINO candidate.

    Amazing how the definition of patriot has changed.

  18. Hey ‘Chico’ maybe you should rethink your geospatial position.

  19. Cal, Senators should have term limits also is my point.

    Think of it, Richie Durbin would not be a IL political hack.

    Damm near heaven.

    Sarcasm again Cindy, take the tin foil off.

  20. Nob?

    You must be very young because you can’t remember what happend when the people voted for Ross Perot.

    That’s how we got the FIRST Clinton!

    This is much more serious.

    If we fail to drain the swamp right now it’s over.

    You will NEVER EVER have another chance to vote for anything.

    You will be riding that high horse of yours straight to Hell.

  21. Term limits are a slippery slope IMO.

    We complain about elected officials becoming hacks, entrenched, bough and paid but we must remember unelected bureaucrats must also be kept in check.

    In addition to the ideas that generally come with new faces, we need experienced and veteran elected officials who will not get ‘fleeced’ by Administrations and employees.

    I’m not sold on term limits, I’d rather do something about lobbyists and those who use government to profit.

  22. Cindy, I’m not so young and voted for Ross as many did.

    HW lied about raising taxes, he in many ways was no different than a Clinton.

    If you check the Treasure Dept website, you will find the 8 Clinton years accumulated less debt than the four HW years and less than W for sure.

    Of course Newt had allot to do with that and together they even faked a balanced budget, which of course there was no according to the Treasure Dept numbers.

    If Hillary wins it will be because of Trump himself, not me voting for someone who is more likely to lead the nation toward Fiscal responsibility.

    Never Ever?

    Wow, get help with that defeatist attitude.

  23. KL, maybe after the term limit is up there can be a vote on retaining with a 3/4 % vote to retain?

  24. Paul: Re: “When will you start playing like you mean to win?”

    When we get a Paul Serwatka to run for EVERY OFFICE ON THE BALLOT!

    Running for office (any office in the United States) has become one of the most challenging things a person can do with their life.

    Why? The MSM and the opposing candidate will literally tear your life apart!!

    I am not suggesting that we ‘throw in the towel’ and accept what has happened but we do need to wake up to the fact that WE are being manipulated.

    We desperately need honest conservatives (with or without a checkered past) to run for office – any office.

    The drive for a third party is a part of that manipulation.

    Remember it took from roughly 1903 until now to complete the “dumbing down” of America – that equates to 28 Presidential election cycles. Do YOU believe this can be turned around in three or four cycles?

    We can’t even get the majority to accept the fact that the software being used in our election machines is open to fraud!!!!

    Until we get better candidates, I will continue to ‘vote for the lesser of two evils’ to cancel out at least one for the votes for the most evil candidate.

  25. At one time the Rep party was the third party manipulation.

    The Libertarian Party was formed during Rep Nixon’s nonsense.

    Tea Party was formed because the Rep party has acted like the Dem party since Nixon.

    Reagan was a Dem who changed titles, but never lost the over spending Dem genes.

    He also opened the door to major over spending which the following President jumped on to buy votes.

    Rep parties problem is the leadership of it’s own party, they’re really Dem.

  26. Cautious voter is pretty wise.

    He/She understands the sad mess America is in.

  27. I probably shouldn’t say this, but my earlier post was sarcastic.

    I am sure if you re-read it you will get it.

    Really, I said “or else” like you have to have a gun to your head to be stupid, which many of the posters here don’t need the gun.

    My original post was really an epitaph to Ersel and the R for R’s sake crowd.

    It was “two thumbs up” like you would give to a special needs kid.

    I have met Paul and he is sincere and a conservative (like I am) voter’s dream.

    I like his politics and he is a real thinker.

    I agree with Cautious, we could do no better than to have Paul’s clone run for every office.

    I agreed with Paul on so much when we talked.

    Small limited government is a great thing, it is too bad that conservatism has been taken hostage by the religious zealots, and the tinfoil hat wearing thugs.

    And that Republicans have walked away from that, so much that the Democrats running in this election have taken up that gauntlet and have held it up.

    Still think Oldmanwinter has lost his mind

    (No, I would like to restate that: he never had a good mind, his pablum is tired and worn and stupid) and Cindy is Duncan. Just sayin.

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