Skillicorn Mailing Rebuts “Corporate Welfare” Charge

Republican State Rep. candidate Allen Skillicorn mailed out this rebuttal to a mailing and at least one robo-call from his Democratic opponent Nancy Zettler about a week and half ago.

This mailing from Allen Skillicorn showed up in mailboxes about ten days ago.

This mailing from Allen Skillicorn showed up in mailboxes about ten days ago.

Skillicorn frames his message as a "Fact Check."

Skillicorn frames his message as a “Fact Check.”

Skillicorn points voters to a web site called “”


Skillicorn Mailing Rebuts “Corporate Welfare” Charge — 16 Comments

  1. When you think about it, it is
    Kinda funny that Nancy Zettler is
    Theoretically using money from
    Sierra Club for the robot calls.

  2. What robocall is Allen talking about?

    The zettler campaign hasn’t done any robocalls.

    But not surprising.

    Allen lies and claims he never votes for TIFs, despite admitting himself that he sometimes votes for TIFs.

    And now he’s lying about Zettler doing robocalls supposedly lying about him.

  3. The Nancy Zettler mailer states, “He has voted OVER 50 TIMES to give away our tax dollars to corporations.”

    Looking at the list of 50.

    One of the 50 “corporations” is The CAKE Village.

    CAKE = Culture of Africa for Kids Everywhere

    “The CAKE Village is a nurturing environment that immerses children in the culture of Africa.”

    The founder is a black female from Nigeria named Lande Sanusi.

    She has a vision to expand the program elsewhere.


    Another of the 50 “corporations” is Bandito Barney’s Beach Club and Bordelo.

    It is a sports bar.


    Another of the 50 “corporations” is Pampered Pets Services Resort & Spa.


    Another of the 50 “corporations is annexing property commonly known as 14N806 and 14N808 IL Route 25 (Criag Bakstad)

    The act of annexing property is labeled by the Nancy Zettler campaign as “He has voted OVER 50 TIMES to give away our tax dollars to corporations.”

  4. Regardless of which corporations are included in the list, he does support TIF’s.

    So, what is the lie that Skillicorn bemoans?

    The problem with Allen is he has no leadership skills; he just grabs onto what he thinks will benefit him at the moment.

    Bumper sticker BS is what he constantly adds to his tool box of self importance.

    He needs to grow up before he serves.

  5. Nancy Zettler included voting to annex property as “he voted OVER 50 TIMES to give away our tax dollars to corporations.”

    That’s misleading.

  6. Nancy Zettler calls an African culture educational facility a “corporation.”

    That’s misleading.

  7. I voted against the subsidy for CAKE, like 99% of the subsidies.

    Nancy and David are confusing parliamentary votes with actual redevelopment agreements.

  8. Parliamentary votes don’t matter? Interesting.

    And what robocalls are you referring to, Allen?

  9. Poor alabama is out in the cold. Didn’t get his robocall like we all did.


  10. Given Allen’s follow-ship style he needed to find out what the big boys were doing after his “preliminary” votes, and changed his to be part of the “club”.

  11. Annexing a property to a village is not a subsidy, so the Nancy Zettler campaign is misleading when stating that, “he voted OVER 50 TIMES to give away our tax dollars to corporations.”

    And now adding to that, he just stated above that he voted against most of the TIF incentives that the Zettler campaign is alluding he voted for.

  12. Actually, he said he voted against one.

    Not most of what a Zettler points out.

    And he wants to pretend that parliamentary votes don’t matter.

    I know for sure you wouldn’t give a Democrat the same leeway.

    And when you annex something to put it in a TIF district or give other incentives, that sure does count.

    Is Allen going to identify the robocall that he’s lying about?

  13. Which TIF financial incentives did Allen Skillicorn vote for?

    GAT apparently.

    Any others?

    Quite labeling annexing property to a village as one of 50 corporate giveaway and then twisting things around and saying he pretends parliamentary votes don’t matter.

    The claim is parliamentary votes are not TIF incentives.

    There is no claim parliamentary votes do not matter.

  14. Republican Allen Skillicorn v Democrat Nancy Zettler for 66th District State Representative.

    Election November 8, 2016.

    The incumbent Republican State Representative, Michael Tryon, did not run for re-election.

    Allen Skillicorn defeated Carolyn Schofield, Dan Wilbrandt, and Paul Serwatka in the March 15, 2016 primary election.

    Paul Serwatka dropped out of the race near the end of the primary election.

    In the primary election, McHenry County voters represented 70% of the vote total, and Kane County voteres represented 30% of the vote total.

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