Reick Pulls in Big Checks

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

One was for $38,000 from the Health Care Council of Illinois PAC.

Salaries were also reported paid for Jordan Ryan and Dane Thall.

Others are listed below.

  • 10-25-16 $20,000 – Illinois House Victory Fund
  • 10-27-16 $1,500 – Caterpillar Employees PAC
  • 10-27-16 $1,000 – House Republican Organization, Salary
  • 10-27-16 $21,317.93 – House Republican Organization, Printing
  • 10-27-16 $9,178 – House Republican Organization, Comcast Cable TV
  • 10-27-16 $33,872 – House Republican Organization, Comcast Cable TV
  • 10-27-16 $6,950 – House Republican Organization, Comcast Cable TV
  • 10-28-15  $42,711.68 – Illinois Republican Party
  • 10-28-16 $4,203.68 – Illinois Republican Party
  • 10-28-16 $5,947 – House Republican Organization, Comcast Cable TV
  • 10-28-16 $16,660 – House Republican Organization, Comcast Cable TV
  • 10-28-16 $2,393 – House Republican Organization, Madison TV
  • 10-28-16 $3,728 – House Republican Organization, Madison TV
  • 10-28-16 $4,517 – House Republican Organization, Comcast Cable TV
  • 10-28-16 $16,755 – House Republican Organization, Comcast Cable TV
  • 10-28-16 $4,203.68 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-28-16 $42,711.68 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-29-16 $1,580.29 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-29-16 $1,365.32 – House Republican Organization
  • 10-31-16 $37,800 – House Republican Organization


Reick Pulls in Big Checks — 17 Comments

  1. Shocking- no commentary about the use of the non local money;

  2. I trust similar comments will be made under the articles outlining Bartman’s contributions from Union thugs and stooges.

  3. Probably not – since when has this blog had an iota of journalistic integrity?

    Skinners closest thing to a redaction was a one line addendum to his post about the Realtor PAC typo admitting no wrong.

  4. How DARE the Illinois Republicans support a candidate in the 63rd!

    Years of the McHenry County GOP’s utter failure to run someone against Franks and finally we have Republicans willing to financially support a candidate.


    Republicans need to get their shit together now that the money is flowing from Rauner.

  5. Agreed ’bouttime’

    The local county Republicans have supported Franks for far too long making deals not to have him run someone against them for their support.

    This is why we need to make sure Shepley and Tryon, Althoff and OTHERS should never have political careers again!

    We need to elect people who can stand up against goons like Franks and his cousin Bartman (the Madigan ass kissers)

  6. Moderate: I was referring to you and your other screen names such as alabamashake and that Jim guy.

    Besides, this is an opinion blog.

    You get to state yours and then see it dismantled in post after post.

    I’ll hold Cal’s coat anytime.

  7. Paul – I don’t care about outside money.

    Both sides do it.

    It’s how campaigns work.

    What’s annoying is the hypocrisy of many of the folks on this blog – who constantly complain about outside money for folks like Franks and are silent when Reick, Skillicorn, others get their entire campaign funded by outside dollars.

  8. (and, before I get fact checked, I meant to say ALMOST their entire campaigns.)

  9. Jack Franks has received huge sums of money over 18 years from:

    – Chicago Cook County Democrat fundraisers

    – Labor unions

    – Trial Lawyers.


    Plus he has received a substantial amount of money from some of the 4 PACs which Michael Madigan chairs, and he has voted for Michael Madigan to be Speaker of the House of Representatives in each of his 9 terms (18 Years) in office.


    Michael Madigan is a Chicago Cook County Democrat.


    Read all about Jeffery Lichte on the blog.

    Jeffery Licthe is a Democrat Jack Franks supporter who who filed to run as Republican against Steve Reick in the March 15, 2016 primary for 63rd District State Representative.

    The Democrat candidate for 63rd District State Representative in the March 15, 2016 primary was unopposed.

    His name is Jack Franks.


    All of the petition passers for Jeffery Licthe to get his name on the ballot were from outside McHenry County, with the exception of Jeffery Licthe himself.


    Maybe there is hypocrisy in those who complain about Dan Proft, but don’t complain about Michael Madigan and the Chicago Cook County Democrat machine, the trial lawyers, and the union contributions.


    Maybe there is hypocrisy in those who misrepresent Allen Skillicorn TIF votes and are silent about the a breakdown, by corporation and TIF incentive dollar amount, with an offset of tax revenue generated, of the so called 50 corporate handouts by Allen Skillicorn.

    Maybe there is hypocrisy in Jack Franks alluding he can cut property taxes 10%, and he refuses to reveal his plan until after the election, and doesn’t bother to educate voters about the major unfunded pension liabilities in many of the McHenry Count property taxing districts.

    Maybe there is hypocrisy in Jack Franks claiming he has never voted for a tax hike, but has voted for unfunded mandates which hike taxes, the worst of those being pension benefit hikes.

  10. **hypocrisy**

    You keep using that word.

    I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  11. Correct.

    I used it first.

    And used it appropriatley.

    You, on the other hand, used it second (and third and fourth and fifth) and mostly did not use it appropriately.

    But you do you.

  12. Mark is smart, we can use that in Springfield.

    He is linking himself to Jack Franks in his new radio commercials.

  13. Pardon.

    Steve Reich is linking himself to Jack Franks in his new radio commercials.

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