Still More Deceit From Lying Jack Franks

Look what a Friend of McHenry County Blog shared with me recently:

"Sorry I missed you!" is printed on this message with Jack Franks' "Cut 10" logo featured prominently on top.

“Sorry I missed you!” is printed (but not hand printed) on this message with Jack Franks’ “Cut 10” logo featured prominently on top.

Lying Jack Franks continues to make the pitch that he will “reduce property taxes in McHenry County 10%.”

The message is a bit milder than previously.

Now it is not an outright promise in the text.

He’s going to make an “efforts.”

But the logo of the campaign–the scissors cutting through a home with the message reading,

Cut Property Taxes NOW 10%


And, the message Franks wants voters to hear is that he will cut real estate taxes by 10%.

I know this is repetitive, but as we get closer to the election, more people come to McHenry County Blog every day.

I ask long-time readers to be patient with my pointing out, once again, that McHenry County’s portion of the total tax levy is only about 10%.

And the new County Board Chairman will not even have a vote on the Board.

(To have a vote, the County Board Chairman would have to also hold a District seat.  Indeed, to keep the present County Board Chairman’s ability to vote on issues is the reason that Republican Mike Walkup is running for both the Board Chairmanship and a District 3 seat.)

The new County Board Chairman will have the power of persuasion, but, with a County Board controlled by Republicans it will not be as effective as Republican Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen, who is both the “ceremonial” head of the County Board and the County’s Administrator.

Lauzen doesn’t think he has enough power, even though he has more power than Franks would, if Franks wins the election.

“The county code states the chairman shall preside over all meetings and conduct other duties as assigned by the county board,” the Elgin Courier article attributes to Lauzen.

The McHenry County Board gives administrative power to Administrator Peter Austin.


Still More Deceit From Lying Jack Franks — 45 Comments

  1. Keep the truth coming Cal !

    Hope people see it on the
    Blog & realize what a POC
    Jacko REALLY IS !

  2. The biggest problem this country faces is massive debt and unfunded obligations.

    Two notable unfunded are pensions and retiree healthcare.

    The unfunded obligations are due in large part to unfunded mandates from politicians such as Jack Franks.

    They love to hand out benefits, but not appropriately fund the benefits.

    Then they can satisfy special interests while not raising taxes.

    But someday the obligations must be funded.

    In the case of pensions and retiree healthcare, that day may not come for up to 80 years in the future.

    So the younger you are, the more you should be concerned about unfunded mandates.

  3. This cycle has been very interesting as a study in how a free people will react to their leadership calling them retarded backwards idiots in the most bald terms.
    Democrat mailers have:

    Called women ignorant backwards idiots who cannot understand The Law or how they are pawns in the government’s desire for publicly paid eugenics.

    Called brown people fabulously stupid believing they are incapable of seeing how Democrats sell them into slavery while telling brown people Democrats truly care about them.

    Called Union members insanely stupid by both taking the memberships money and then supporting people who have explicitly shipped Union jobs overseas.

    Called Constitutionalists stupid by both wanting to change both State and Federal Constitutions to diminish the free Citizen’s protections and saying the Constitution doesn’t mean anything anyway since its old.

    And on and on Democrats insult the intelligence of the voting public.

    It is SO obvious this election will absolutely be a referendum on whether the Democrats cynical horrifying view of the public at large is right or if the individual Citizen will reject their politics of division and hate.

    I’m betting on The Free Citizen.

    We’ll know in just a few days.

    It’s very interesting.

  4. All you’re going to know in a few days is that it was rigged from the beginning.

  5. You are a genital wart on the Dick of society if you read and believe that crap, Cindy.

  6. Moderate, Why because YOU don’t want anyone to read/believe that?

    Seeing you’re a Super Delegate for Hitlery Killton of course you don’t want this to happen, Jack!

    Thanks but NO FRANKS!

  7. Well Cindy seems like election season
    Is getting to Moderate and he tried to
    Take it out on you.

    Now someone wouldn’t be able to post that
    Kind of NASTY language on Jacko’s facebook
    Or both webpages.

    Understandable why Cal has taken down some
    Of Moderate’s posts, he deserves it !

  8. The filth who have co opted the Democrat Party and destroyed any good it has built over its life are crawling out from their cesspools in this election.

    Franks is hardly worth commenting on because he doesn’t amount to anything more than a follower of a very powerful, wealthy, destructive force which has taken over the Democrat Party and Illinois.

    Jack, and all Democrats today, are mere shells of people bought and paid for with taxpayer dollars.

    Productive people who contribute to society want nothing whatsoever to do with this modern iteration of Democrat.

    People with any values cannot even approach supporting the immoral destructive force which is the modern Democrat Party.

    There is no low they will not sink to in their pursuit of creative and productive people’s destruction.

    Jack’s daddy sold him into slavery and Jack’s choice was to fully embrace his owners to act as catamite for their desires.

    He now has been cast aside by them for failing to support these slave owners with the proper tribute.

    He is anxious to make up for his sins and regain his place at the side of his master.

    He will absolutely do this at the continued expense of McHenry County but this is still not his idea.

    He is still trying to please daddy while nuzzling into the powerful who have rejected him.

    It is a sick psychology.

    It is hard enough trying to hold healthy people to account in government.

    Trying to corral or reason with a person who would commit any horror ordered on his neighbors for masters who have nothing but contempt for him shows he is unfit to walk the streets free.

    He certainly isn’t worth considering for any position of responsibility.

    Neither are any other of the new anti American, anti values, anti law, anti community Democrats.

    If you think they are worthy please feel free to offer a reasoned rebuttal.

    In the last years there has been no one, not one Democrat who can clearly state any position and then stand to offer any reasoned defense.

    Democrats are only paid for slaves with no mind of their own.

    We need a two party system made up of real Citizens again.

    Slaves need not apply.

  9. **please feel free to offer a reasoned rebuttal**

    I’ll wait for you to offer a reasoned argument that deserves rebuttal.

  10. Oh pumpkin… You’re snark is truly entertaining and it has been a welcome comedic break in this very serious electoral season.

    If anyone ever once felt like you were any more than a clown, Alabama, you would have been explicitly engaged in serious conversation much sooner.

    You are not serious.

    You have offered very little in substantive commentary.

    You are not taken seriously.

    Be the entertainment.

    The world needs excellent jesters.

    We’ve lost too many of late.

    Just stay away from serious political engagement.

    You’re overmatched.

    Alabamashake !

    Keep it coming .

  12. Priest?

    I really enjoyed your 9:53 comment.

    Although, it made complete sense years ago to just rack up the dems – your speech can now include ALL politicians.

    It IS all Kabuki theater.

    The people are angry, and your vehemence shows this in your soliloquy.

    Great job.

  13. **You’re overmatched.**

    Says that guy who calls me a slave.

    And calls it serious, well reasoned political engagement.

    Got it.

  14. So you are self identifying as a modern Democrat Alabama?

    You were showing as a snarky goofball.

    Do you wish to actually prove a modern Democrat may think for themselves?

    Offer a reasoned position?

    Defend this position?

    You may pick the subject matter.

    If you want to offer yourself as somehow capable of moving beyond being the jester in the room and becoming something more you are most welcome and the floor is yours.

    If you are only capable of snark then please feel free to call anyone you feel has an ability to offer the intelligent argument you’ve yet to be capable of and beg them for a lifeline.

    We are breathless with anticipation of your next post.

  15. Well last night I was tired when
    I made my post about Alabamashake.

    Alabama has gone off the rails

    Get back on the right train.

    Remember what’s important here
    Four days away from the election.

  16. Priest – no thanks. I have no interest in discussing policy with someone that says that all Democrats are slaves, but then asks for intelligent and reasoned arguments from the other side.

    Watchdog – no idea what train I’m supposed to get on. But I’ll probably choose whatever train you don’t tell me to get on.

  17. I’ll bite! Alabama

    Mrs. Radke a.k.a. Watchdog 2.

    What’s important is that Priest’s dismissal of Alabama is resultant from his unwillingness to recognize legitimacy in the revisionist point of view – when it comes to the interpreting the constitution, strict Constitutionalism died with Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter.

    Priest’s backward point of view in thinking that Democrats are not the party of women – despite white, college educated women overwhelmingly departing from the ranks of the Trump and supporting Hillary – is hilarious.

    That he believes Democrats sell slavery (?) whatever that means, is head scratchily odd.

    That he thinks Democrats insult the voting public when time and time again it is Republican state houses and legislatures that limit voting access, which is the largest insult to the voting public itself, befuddles me.

    The one thing he is absolutely correct about, however, is this election is a referendum on Democrats.

    I’m betting that Trump loses, Mark Kirk loses, Walkup loses and top to bottom, the local GOP will be left kicking itself because they trust the leadership of Cal Skinner and other radicals who speak loudly and carry a small stick.

  18. Alabama, it is truly sad to see you self identify as a slave and then capitulate.

    Your intelligence and wit are still respected and your snark will be a continued welcome distraction from the grind.

    Your role as jester is appreciated.

    It will be interesting to see if any self identified Democrat has the wisdom, intellect or knowledge to attempt a defense of the Democrat Party’s racism, misogyny, anti Americanism, division and hate.

    Any subject is open for discussion and anyone intelligent will be engaged in the hope of some person, any person, being able to defend the Democrat state of mind which allows these heinous policies to foundationally exist.

    ANY person of reason and intellect is invited to engage in civil discourse.


    None, to date, has stepped forward to offer any reasoned or reasonable defense.

  19. A “Cut 10 Committee) has been registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections as a ballot initiative committee.

    The D-1 Statement of Organization was filed August 26, 2016.

    The PAC Committee ID is 32233.

    The purpose of the PAC is, “To pass a state wide referendum requiring all taxing bodies to reduce their tax levy by 10%.”

    The Chairman of the PAC is Steven Kling of Hampshire, whom is a Principal at Colliers International, which is a commercial real estate broker.

    Steven’s son, Jacob Kling, was paid as an independent contractor by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC in July, August, and September of 2016.


    McHenry County Blog

    Lying Jack Franks’ Paid Help

    October 19, 2016

  20. Moderate….. are you Jacko “the Little Liar” Franks … or just one of his hired minions?

    Inquiring people want to know!

  21. Cal:

    You bought the Snake Oil.

    It seems you fall for anyone who expropriates your TaxFighter sobriquet.

    Walkup, like Patrick Quinn, campaigned as a taxfighter and in Quinn’s case, ran semminars that, if you would put yourself on his mailing list, he would explain how to appeal your Property Tax Assessment (and shift the tax savings to the taxpayers who did not).

    When elected, he pushed the largest income tax increase in Illinois history, and oversaw the huge increase in the property taxes paid as a per centage of home values.

    Walkup is a liberal Democrat mascarading as a Republican, because the County Board gig pays more than disability.

  22. Hey Cindy,
    Guess what? The link you posted was BS and Brett Baier apologized
    Stop reading Natural News, Satan.

    And OldManWinter, give me their phone numbers, I’m sure they’ll be disappointed who calls. I’m neither Jack or affiliated with any campaign – Republican or Democrat – I voted for McCain and am tired of radical alt right racist, bigots making this party a shadow of what it could be. The GOP used to stand for something.

  23. Hey, yourself!

    I posted NOTHING about Brett Baier.

    That is how STUPID you are, Moderate!

    Your world is full of so much that is not true – what would you know about truth!

    McCain is no one to be associated with unless you are a filthy lying crook.

    Why you think that makes you superior, I wouldn’t know.

    You are intellectualy bereft.

    (Which is why people call you Jack.)

  24. LOL when people on the blog ASK
    ModerateNOT if he is Jacko Franko.

    He keeps his anonymous screen name
    For a REASON .

    Why would ANYONE BELIEVE that he isn’t
    Aka Jacko Franko.

    Think about it . . .
    How DID he get his nickname,
    LYING Jack Frank’s ?

  25. @ Charles Nelson, what DISABILITY gig ?

    Mike Walkup has explained this himself
    On the blog.

    It is a policy Mike paid for himself.

    You are throwing out misdirecting untruths.

    Will post the link to Mike’s statement on
    This issue in a bit.

  26. Mrs. Radke, why do you keep posting as Watchdog2 when we all know you are John’s wife?

  27. Below is from a thread posted on
    5-5-16 titled ‘Walkup Comments
    On Chemical Sensitivities’.

    “The addition of the chemical sensitivity
    to photocopy paper on top of the fibromyalgia
    made it impossible to continue. I receive
    disability benefits from a private insurance policy
    that I had paid for over a couple of decades of my

    Private insurance policy, Mike W paid for himself.

  28. Well moderateNOT aka Jack Franks,
    Go make some phone calls & hope
    You will keep your ACT cleaner
    After that NASTY comment to Cindy.

    ‘You are a genital wart on the Dick of
    society if you read and believe that crap,

    Actually, as a PUBLIC PERSON you should be
    ASHAMED that you said that, especially
    This close to an election.

    Here we have it folks, DISGUSTING
    Comment of the week from the
    REAL Jack Frank’s.

  29. I thought it was pretty funny.

    Good thing I’m not running for office, REAL MRS. JOHN RADKE.

  30. Say hi to Jacko for me, but
    Times awasting ModerateNot
    Get back to those phone calls !

    Hope you learn to keep that
    Communicable disease talk
    At home.

    You know . . . Genital warts,
    STDs, scabies at Valley Hi.

    😷. 😱. 😷. 😱

  31. You must have missed the word “likely” from the Baier sourced statement, Moderate.

    You are definitely VERY STUPID!

    (And really easy to frustrate, apparently.)

  32. Cindy,

    Read the follow up piece.

    Baier saying “likely” was what he apologized for.

  33. @Mrs. Radke.

    I see what you did there.

    You might want to watch your words, Valley Hi might be where you retire if your husband can’t find a job.

  34. You are a fool, Moderate. You seem to base all of your stupid arguments on whatever MSM says or does. If you are truly that stupid that you still “watch” teevee there is no point in even talking to you. Likely is not a word to apologize over. It is ambiguous. You have been had by the droning on of the talking heads that you hang all of your decisions on. Get a clue and learn to think for yourself! Oh, I forgot. You can’t!

  35. Won’t be living in Mchenry County
    or Illinois by the time I’m old
    Enough to be in a nursing home.

    So disgusted with certain politicians
    That are not leaders, don’t care about
    People and are only interested in power,
    Money and their own soundbite on TV.

    But, I am concerned about this county
    I have spent 42 years of my life
    Living in and will continue to

  36. Ok, Cindy. At least you read the apology.

    I venture the berth of my political exposure drowns out the pond you sip from. It is you who needs to broaden your gaze.

  37. I think you meant to say dearth, because the space [berth] of your exposure makes no sense.

    (Unless you are Freudianly admitting that you are Jack Franks.)

  38. Attn psuedo-‘Moderate’:

    Here’s your Jacko Franks on Nov. 8th:

    And here’s YOU in reality, ‘Moderate’! (yeah, vote for John ‘Son o’ Cain’ McCain …. that just proves McCain was the designated bankster-loser, and you, Mr. Franks, aka ‘Moderate,’ couldn’t get over your Obama snub when you jumped ship from him to Lady MacBeth’s (Witch Hillary) bandwagon in 08!, after your big Marengo fundraiser for the Obongo:,+Jack+TV+WBBM+Recall+4-8-8.jpg

    And here’s your new business for 2017!:

  39. Who calls an old woman pond scum?

    Only someone very very stupid would do that.

    Sock puppet Jacko is really burning now.

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