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  1. ironic and funny ….. asking for a Saint, with a diabolical dybbuk like Franks popping up!

  2. Walkup has spent most of his life as a Democrat, including running for office as a Democrat many times.

    He has never helped any Republican, and is a liberal trial lawyer whose career faded long ago.

    Franks was probably the most conservative Democrat State Representative outside of the Deep South.

    He will make a wonderful convert to the Republican Party after he dumps Madigan.

  3. If Franks was conservative he would explain unfunded mandates.

    In his case, unfunded mandates are state legislation which he voted for that became state law that hiked costs, and additional funding was not provided, to fund the hiked costs.

    The worst unfunded mandates are state laws that hiked pension and retiree healthcare benefits.

    Those benefit hikes cannot be diminished or impaired for current workers, only future workers.

    Thst is due to one sentence added to the State of Illinois constitution as part of the re-written constitution that was the product of the 1970 Constitutional Convention.

    The Constitutional Convention consisted of elected delegates from the legislative districts.

    One of those elected delegates was Michael J Madigan.

    An election was held on December 15, 1970 for the specific and only purpose to vote on the re-written constitution.

    The voters approved the re-written constitution.

    But since there were so many changes to the constitution, not enough attention was given to the pension sentence that was added.

    At no time has there been widespread press coverage that pension sentence allows benefit hikes to pensions and retiree healthcare plans that are already underfunded.

    And those benefit hikes cannot be rescinded for existing workers, only future workers, irregardless of affordability.

    Where has Jack Franks not told that story?

    Underfunded pensions are the biggest problem facing the State of Illinois and many local property taxing districts.

    Rather than addressing our biggest problem, Jack Franks is running to reduce property taxes.

    How will property taxes be reduced if pensions are underfunded?

    If there is existing bond debt?

    If there are existing collective bargaining agreements?

    If there is existing retiree healthcare plans?

    The pension sentence added to the state constitution includes retiree healthcare.

    It is more appropriately the pension and retiree healthcare sentence.

  4. How many Republicans are proud to recall that they supported George Ryan every time they ran?

    I was about the only Republican in McHenry County to point out the George Ryan Culture of Corruption and fight Ryan, long before the Willis family deaths.

    Mike Walkup was part of the group they recruited to punish me for opposing George Ryan.

    Franks voted against Madigan more than any other Democrat in the legislature.

    Now our candidate, Steve Reich, is running radio advertisements linking himself to Jack Franks.

  5. The Governor Bruce Rauner administration has suggested ways to reduce the cost of government.

    Their plan is called the Turnaround Agenda.

    But Jack Franks called Bruce Rauner a union buster and has not endorsed the Turnaround Agenda.

    Jack Franks’ union supporters hate the Turnaround Agenda.

    Especially the IUOE Local 150, which is heavily funding Jack Franks’ friend John Bartman’s election campaign for 63 rd District State Representative v Steve Reick.

    John Bartman is the person that Jack Franks included in his letter to Governor Rod Blagojevich requesting that John be considered for a job at the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

    John received a position at IDOT.

    To what degree the letter influenced the hiring decision is unknown.

    John Bartman was the Chair of the McHenry County Democrat party at the time.

    Bernard Schoenburg of the State Journal Register wrote an article about how several leaders in the County Democrat parties received government jobs around that time.

    John Bartman is currently a member of the union and employed as a prevailing wage monitor for a union prevailing wage monitoring organization known as the Indiana Illinois Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (IIIFFC).

    IIIFFC is a subsidiary of IUOE Local 150.

    IUOE Local 150 is a labor union local.

    IUOE = International Union of Operating Engineers.

    IUOE Local 150 has bargaining units in the public works departments and elsewhere of several McHenry County municipalities and the county itself.

    Democrat Jack Franks is incumbent 63rd District State Representative.

    John Bartman is current Democrat candidate for 63rd District State Representative, as Jack Franks has decided to run as Democrat Candidate for the inaugural voter elected McHenry County Board Chair.

    Until this election, the 24 member McHenry County Board has elected one of its as Board Chair.

    Jack Franks pushed to have the Board Chair position voter elected.

    That referendum was approved by voters in 2014.

    After that referendum, Jack Franks was pushing the County Board to add two more advisory referendums to the upcoming election ballot.

    At that time, Jack Franks told Northwest Herald reporter Kevin Craver that he promised he is not running for McHenry County Board Chair in 2016.

    That was reported in a Northwest Herald article.

    But Jack’s first attempt at changing the leadership position occurred a few years prior to 2014, when he was pushing to change the McHenry County form of government to County Executive.

    That effort failed in no small part to a debate that Jack Franks lost to incumbent Republican 66th District State Representative Michael Tryon.

    Michael Tryon is not running for re-election, rather it is Republican Allen Skillicorn v Democrat Nancy Zettler in a district that represents portions of McHenry County and Kane County.

  6. Charles, let get into this century.

    Walkup has supported Republicans for several years.

  7. “Franks voted against Madigan more than any other Democrat in the legislature.”

    Charles, the only votes of Franks that mattered were his 9 votes to elect Madigan as Speaker.

    Walkup may have been a Democrat; Franks still is one. And super delegate to Hillary Clinton the epitome of corruption.

  8. Really don’t like candidates who change parties only to get what they want.

  9. Wrong Xout42

    This Illinois and to get for McHenry County the State funds that he has gotten, he had to be effective. Fighting your party’s leadership, like Cal did, is self satisfying, but gets nothing for your community.

    Jack Franks brought back more than Schaeffer, Klemm, Hughes, and Brown combined.

    Wrong Back at You: Other than try to get a paycheck or a free perk, which Republicans did Walkup ever do anything to help?

    Other than Walkup, who is and always has been in reality a liberal Democrat.

  10. hey Charlie …. Franks a ‘good’ democrat ….

    he cast the deciding vote for homosexual marriage!

    Are you smoking crystal meth???

  11. Why on EARTH Would They Donate to someone who’s ruining our state and driving people out in droves??

    That can’t be good for Real Estate values, or Real Estate in general!

  12. Cindy, what happened to Semper Fi, Fighting Corruption and Duncan McHenry?

    What will your name be next?

  13. Charlie,

    “To get state funds that he has gotten….”???

    You realize Illinois is bankrupt and can’t afford all of the spending, right???

    But the lack of reply to my comment content and your redirect must mean you agree with me?

  14. Watching? Why would I be those that used to attack me on here? Semper Fi, I don’t know at all. The other two are Denise. My name has ALWAYS been Cindy. It’s my name. Get over it!

  15. The best part of this is that someone is taking a survey about which saint they are.

    Who does that?

    Best post eva.

  16. They’ll make a pile on the flight from McHenry County and all the homesales if the rat wins ……

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