Web Site Getting Through to Jack Franks

No positive mailing from Jack Franks about himself yet.

Perhaps he is counting on the young folks knocking on doors and distributing his endorsement door hanger.

In any event, below is the third hit piece about Mike Walkup that arrived in some parts of McHenry County today.

I’d say that the web site has gotten under Lying Jack’s skin.

The third hit piece on Mike Walkup from Lying Jack Franks.

The third hit piece on Mike Walkup from Lying Jack Franks.  Franks does not mention that Walkup led the fight to cut county government’s tax levy by 3.6%.  That is more of a tax cut that Jack Franks has ever delivered.  Note that the “Cut 10” lie is missing from this mailing.

Here's what is on back.

Here’s what is on back.  It appears the web site is getting through to Jack Franks.

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  1. Jack has a serious PANTS
    On FIRE goin on with this

    Even the LYIN rug is on fire !

    Mchenry county, PEOPLE.

    Vote for Mike Walkup TODAY !

  2. Franks is a total Madigan/Clinton Goon. (super delegate for Hitlery Killton and as$ kisser to Madigan.

    That would be disastrous to McHenry county!

    The Dems in Chicago have managed to ruin our state, McHenry County doesn’t stand a chance if Franks is allowed to bring his Chicago style politics to infiltrate our county board.

    Vote Walkup!

    He really HAS lowered taxes.

    Franks won’t answer questions about his campaign promises and his signs with “tax fighter” on them is a joke!

  3. Only out of morbid interest, is there anyone who has met, talked to, or even overheard someone who believes this nonsense?

    Is it even possible anyone is so brain dead they would believe a Democrat State Representative is a “tax fighter”?

    These are the pieces Democrats put out which make it seem as though they have absolutely no respect for the voting public.

    It is just unfathomable to think any voter would believe statements which are so clearly lies.

    Perhaps it is a Pollyanna view but the voting public is smarter than Democrats portray them, right?

  4. Nope. I have seen amazingly stupid people doing amazingly stupid things. I think some of them probably vote. Don’t count on it, Priest.

  5. Actually Priest, sadly I’ve met some
    Of the unwitting voters out there who
    Say . . . Oh I met Jack Franks one time
    At _________ and people seem to like him.

    Of course no facts or info, just a sad
    Kind of popularity mentality.

    Remember the TV show V, Jacko looks
    Ok on the outside, but he is hiding his
    True greedy,manipulative, pathological
    Reptilian side.

  6. Jack Franks does not say the he has never voted to hike pension benefits.

    Because he has voted to hike pension benefits for state and local government, without voting to increase revenue.

    That falls under the category of an unfunded mandate by state legislators and the Governor, on state and / or local government.


    Hiking pension benefits, results in hiked pensions costs to the government employer.

    How have the increased costs been funded?

    That varies depending on the benefit hike and the government employer.

    Options include:

    – Don’t fund the hike (unfunded pension liability increases. Very common in Illinois.)

    – Use budget gimmicks so budgets are not truly balanced (common in Illinois state government)

    – Tax or other revenue hike (fee hike, new tax, new fee, etc.)

    – Become more efficient, and use savings to fund the benefit hike

    – Employee layoffs, and use the savings to fund the benefit hike

    – Don’t replace an employee, and use the savings to fund the benefit hike


    An unfunded pension liability is a government employer, and thus taxpayer, IOU to the pension fund as of a certain date in time.

    The IOU is calculated by an actuary.


    State legislators vote to approve state budgets.

    Illinois state budgets include many gimmicks so they are not truly balanced.


    The state legislature (House and Senate) and Governor are the ones that can can local pension laws.

    Not locally elected politicians.

    That has resulted in state unfunded mandates on local government.

    Restated, when state lawmakers hike local pension benefits but do not cover the cost with more funding, that is an unfunded mandate from state to local government.

    That has historically been a big problem in Illinois, in particular in the Downstate Fire and Downstate Police pension funds.

    Several McHenry County governments have Downstate Fire and Downstate Police pension funds.


    A recap:

    Jack Franks does not claim he never voted for an unfunded mandate that has hiked local government costs.

    That’s because Jack Franks has voted for pension benefit hikes that have become law that have hiked costs on state and local government.

    Those are unfunded mandates.

    In Illinois, a common result of unfunded pension mandates have been unbalanced budgets, increased unfunded pension liabilities, and hiked taxes.

  7. Typo.

    The state legislature (House and Senate) and Governor are the ones that can change local pension laws.

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