Dems Take to Facebook Ads

I had heard about ads like this making it look as if Democratic Party McHenry County Board candidates were running against Mike Walkup, but not being a Facebook guy, I hadn’t seen one until a Friend of McHenry County Blog sent the following:

This is a Facebook ad for District 2 Democratic Party County Board candidates Dominique Miller and Jim Roden.

This is a Facebook ad for District 2 Democratic Party County Board candidates Dominique Miller and Jim Roden.

I find it interesting that the Friend of McHenry County Blog who sent this image does not live in District 2, where Monique Miller and Jim Roden are running for office.


Dems Take to Facebook Ads — 12 Comments

  1. Jim Roden is the Chief of the local Viking Lodge.

    Born, raised, and raised his kids here in Crystal Lake.

    He is a long time business owner and Taxpayer.

    And a great guy to have as a friend.

  2. Really?

    1 guy out of 24, plus all those other government bodies -ALL BY HIMSELF – can raise our taxes by millions?

    Yeah, I’d believe these two, for sure…hahaha

  3. Mike Walkup is an incumbent Republican McHenry County District 3 member who is a candidate for re-election in District 3, and a candidate for the inaugural voter elected McHenry County Board Chair (the 24 member county board has in the past elected one of its own for County Board Chair).

    The Facebook ad above consists of the Democrat County Board candidates for District 2 and Mike Walkup (the Republican candidate for district 3).


    Most recently Mike Walkup has voted to reduce the property taxpayer costs for Valley Hi and advocated for lower taxes.

    McHenry County, the government employer of Mike Walkup, is in far better financial condition than the State of Illinois, the government employer of Jack Franks.

  4. No Democrat fought Mike Madigan more than Jack Franks has, and he has the wounds to prove it.

    After he wins tomorrow, and after redistricting in 2020, I am looking forward to his being the Republican nominee for Congress in 2020.

  5. Charles Nelson: Which Jack Franks are you talking about?

    You surely can’t be speaking of the Jack Franks of McHenry County, he who lied about term limits.

    He who sought Blagojevich’s impeachment AFTER seeking patronage appointments.

    He who voted FOR Madigan nine times as speaker of the house.

    I wonder what wounds you’re talking about, unless you mean the wounds on Jack’s lips for his butt kissing and the lies he has told.

    Your Walkup attacks are taking on the characteristics of a stalker.

    Maybe somebody needs a restraining order.

    Or at least a time out.

  6. And there you go Mchenry County
    VOTERS, one of Jacko’s minions
    stating the almost predictable
    And speculated upon game plan.

    Running for Mchenry county board
    chairman is a LITTLE stopover until
    Jacko runs for Hultgren’s congressional

    Jacko wants to go play in the big sandbox
    In Washington, hence all the mega-fundraising
    The last few months.

    Oh Mark please keep us all informed on the
    Continued campaign donations.

  7. Ha ha

    Thank you, I’ll take that
    As a compliment.

    Someone back in April or may said
    something like that too.

    Except there was actually a bit of
    Unintended rhyming going on.

  8. Mr. Paul Greenlee (or what ever your real name is):

    Your attacks on the First Amendment are duly noted.

  9. In each of his 9 terms as State Representative, Jack Franks voted for Mike Madigan to be Speaker of the State House of Representatives (the House Speaker is the leader of the House and the most powerful position in the House).

    Three of the four Political Action Committees (PACs) on which Michael Madigan is the chair have contributed $402,054 to the two Jack Franks PACs spanning from January 16, 1998 to March 15, 2016.


    March 15, 2016 was the day that Jack Franks “won” (he was unopposed) the primary election as Democrat candidate for 63rd District State Representative.

    That same day, and his supporter, Democrat Jeffery Lichte, lost the primary election as Republican candidate for 63rd District State Representative to Steve Reick.

    Jeffery Lichte filed with the Illinois State Board of elections as a Republican candidate for that office in that election.

    On May 15, 2016, Jack Franks announced he was a Democrat candidate for McHenry County Board Chair.

    On July 9, 2016, the McHenry County Democrat Party selected John Bartman to replace Jack Franks as a candidate for 63rd District State Representative.


    Jack Franks PACs:

    Supporters of Jack D Franks, SBE committee ID 19464 (active, in use)

    Citizens for Jack D Franks, SBE committee ID 13681 (retired, no longer in use)


    PACs that Michael Madigan chairs:

    13th Ward Democratic Organization (SBE Committee ID 10; has not contributed to Jack Franks PACs; Michael Madigan is the Democrat Precinct Committeeman for the 13th Ward in Chicago)

    Democrat Majority Fund (SBE Committee ID 23189; the purpose of this PAC is to elect candidates to the Illinois House of Representatives; as previously mentioned, Michael Madigan is also the Speaker of the House)

    Democratic Party of Illinois (SBE Committee ID 6239; the purpose of this PAC is to elect Democrat candidates statewide; Michael Madigan is also Chair of the Democrat Party of Illinois…not just the PAC but the party itself too)

    Friends of Michael J Madigan (SBE Committee ID 665; the purpose of this PAC is to elect Michael J Madigan)


    SBE = Illinois State Board of Elections

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